Letter Regarding Shift Transfer/Job Transfer

These sample letters are written for people who have emergency and need to transfer their job to another state.

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Letter Regarding Shift Transfer/Job Transfer


The Administrator,

ABC Company,

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to request for a job transfer from this position to Washington Company at a similar position. I want you to just finalize my transfer to the head office of this company in Washington at similar position. I want to take this transfer due to my family issues, I am having some domestic problems right now. My family is going through some major personal problems. My sister marriage has broken off and I need to be at my house for support at this time. As there would not be just my mother and father at the house, so I cannot just take days off and see them but I have to be with them 24/7 for looking out of them. In this regard, I need your assistance to finalize my job transfer to one of your head office in Washington. This would be very helpful for me. Thank you.

Yours Truly,


Sample Letter due to Shift Transfer/Job Transfer


The Director Admin,

Lagaies Group.

Respected Sir,

This letter is meant to inform you about an emergency. I am writing to request consideration for a transfer of my branch manager post to a similar position at office in Ontario, Canada. It is an emergency for me to be there for months because of my sister immigration to Canada. She is very young and my family has asked me to take care of her. She is going to stay in Canada for two years to complete her high school studies so as a guardian I have to be with her for 2 years. Therefore, it is not possible for her to come all the way to this state due to her high school. This is my kind request to you to please permit my transfer so I can do my job there with full proximity. I am very confident that I would be a valuable asset to the staff of Ontario. I will be thankful to you.

Yours Sincerely,



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