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Templates of Job Application for various professionals, teachers, students, volunteers, official employees (experienced or freshers) are provided frontwards. Covering a wide range of simple written samples, easy to modify and free to download. Find your desired category, change it as you wish and here you go with your unique Job Application.

Sophisticated vocabulary is used along with creative style which makes your Job Application to look extraordinary and makes you a better contender. Discover the entire range below. Kindly use search box to find the required query furthermore, written templates on demand are also provided.

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15 thoughts on “Job Applications”

  1. Request letter
    for upgrading of present post..,

    Present I’m working as a electrical helper.,
    I want to need upgrading like electrician.

  2. i want to know how to write an application to chief minister for recruitment on any kind of post, being poor citizen of the country who has no money for giving as a bribe nor has any approached to high authorities. Please let me know.

    1. Sample Letter of Requesting Chief Minister for a Government Job

      Respected Sir,

      In humility, please be acknowledged that I am a poor citizen of this country, but well educated. I belong to a very poor family and in no state of giving bribery or struggle for a good reference in connection for getting the job in any of the government sector. Sir, I am a needy soul and wanted you to please recruit me in any of the government sector for any sort of job and spare me from my grief and harsh clutches of poverty and burgeoning inflation that is arising day by day. Thank you so very much for your time and attention in reading to this script. Waiting for your positive feedback.

      Best Wishes & Regards,

      Yours Sincerely,

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