Job Application for Business Analyst

Sample Job Application for Business Analyst, person who runs the analysis of a organization, designs processes , assess business models. Such person should have to be very active and smart enough. Format of job’s application for  business analyst is given, can also be used as a Cover Letter of Job Application for Business Analyst. Changes can be done as per use and requirements.

Job Application Letter for Business Analyst

Mr. Akbar Khalil.
Manager Finance.
ABC Organization, Lahore.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Job Application for Business Analyst

I have come to write you in accordance with your advertised vacancy for the post of business analyst. Enclosure contains my resume for your kind consideration. I have recently done BA (Hons) course in Business Economics at Punjab University. I am currently doing internship in an organization. I have always wanted to pursue a career as an economist within an international environment and have been able to tailor my studies to that end. I have always been good at my subjects and practical knowledge as well.  Economic Data Analysis and Economics of Business Strategy are at my finger tips.

I have eloquent communication skills and experience of handling work under stressful conditions. My IT skills are up to date (including MS Excel and Access) and I am competent in a wide range of business data analysis operations. I can manage good relations with other companies and clients and being an active member during my practical knowledge I learnt to maintain the capabilities for the required position.

I am eager to join your organization, as the post would be ideal for me and as per my passion and interest. Opportunity given to me would be a source of pleasure and I would provide all my services for organizational growth and benefit. I will prove myself to be loyal and pure. I am looking forward to have a good response.

Yours sincerely,

Sidra  Mateen.

Job Application Letter for Business Analyst
Job Application Letter for Business Analyst

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