Job Application for Health Consultant

Sample Letter format of job application for Health Consultant. Health is wealth is an old golden saying that befits to this day as well. Persons who wish to charm the area of health with their consultancy can use this template.

Job Application for Health Consultant

The Manager,
Human Resource Department,
Lively Care Hospital,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request for Health Consultant Job

Respected Sir,

I am a final year Smith Medical School student engrossed in interviewing for a full-time Health Consultant position with your prestigious Consulting cluster.I believe that the Consulting cluster has the idyllic ethnicity in which to chase my
goal of becoming an ardent health consultant.

My professional experience and Smith Medical School education train me to be victorious at the Consulting cluster. Leading a high-level venture to enlarge a Health Industry as a new media industry for Television Networks Europe will give me priceless global learning experience. My desire to heal the people all around the world will soon be prized if I get this golden chance.

While at DBF Consulting as a consultant, managing global information regarding various health projects gave me experience in the consultative and client service loom. I have the flexibility in both verbal communication and culture to function successfully in many diverse contexts.

Finally, as a writer and creator of my own book on health as wealth, I have developed the capacity to think ingeniously and entrepreneurially. I resolutely believe that I will be a good fit in the Consulting cluster mutual,entrepreneurial, and cerebral culture. I am wound up at the prospect of functioning for The Lively Care Consulting Cluster upon graduation. I have enclosed my resume for your kind review. Thank you for your time and contemplation. I am looking forward for a favourable and positive response from your side.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Etna Gale
1 st March, 2017

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