Simple Job Application for Teachers

Simple Job Application for Teacher, If any person who want to apply as teacher in private, semi-government or government schools/colleges or institution he/she have to write his job application which should  include the qualification, experience, skills of the person. Simple templates are provided below.

Simple Job Application for Teachers

The Principal,
Cambridge School System.

Subject: Job Application for School Teacher

Dear Mr./Mrs.______,

I get to know about vacant position of School Teacher within your esteemed place by the advertisement you posted in news paper. I am competent along with eligible enough to apply for the mentioned position. I am freshly graduated from ABC and I have experience of teaching primary and secondary classes as I am teaching as part-time since previous two years.

My experience has polished my skills and I can prove to be the best choice against the position. I hold diploma of Teaching and Computer as my secondary education. I am capable of teaching Science and English in an efficient manner. My proficiency in English writing and fluency makes me strong contender against the position.

Serving your organization would be sort of immense pleasure for me and incredible chance for me as well. I hope you will consider my application and provide me with a chance to prove myself. I have attached my resume along with documents for your kind review.

Thanking You.


Sheena Singh.
Contact: 000-999-99.

Easy Sample of Job Application for Teacher
Easy Sample of Job Application for Teacher

Easy Format of Job Application for School Teachers

The Headmistress,
Elma School System.

Subject: Job Application for School Teacher

Respected Madam.

It is stated that I come to know about job vacancy in your school through some reliable source. I am willing to apply for teacher at your place. I recently completed my Graduation from ABC and I want to start my career with teaching. I think I am capable person to deliver knowledge and skills what I have to students of primary and secondary classes. I can handle massive strength of class along with providing quality study time to all.

My English communication and writing is up to the mark. Documents and resume is attached so that you can have a look upon it and find my qualities and capabilities. I assure you that I will prove to be one of the best teachers in your institution. I hope that you will provide me with a chance.

Thanking you ahead of time.


Teena Khana.
Contact: 000-999-999

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