Job Application for Sports Teacher

Sample Job Application for Sports Teacher. If any person want to apply for the position of sports teacher also known as games teacher he/she have to write a job application first showing the skills and qualifications he/she have. Easy format of Application is provided below can also be used as cover letter for sports teacher.

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Job Application for Sports Teacher

The Principal,
Cambridge School System.

Subject: Job Application for Sports Teacher

Respected Sir,

With keen enthusiasm I am eager to apply for the position of Sports Teacher vacant in your institution about which I come to know through a well founded source. Cambridge School System is one of the renowned institution in country and to be a part of this team would be phenomenal enough for someone. I am Graduated from British Learning and as I had interest in Games and Sports I did diploma in respective field. Apart from this, since my school I have been a brilliant player of cricket and badminton. I find sports to be the most crucial element in life of a student and to teach this subject with all my efforts is my greatest passion.

In my recent job in ABC I am coach of Badminton Team which have got the First Prize in National Competition. I believe my prowess are able to guide students about sportsmanship and its significance. Being versatile teacher, I am able to teach games at primary level too. I consider my qualities eligible to apply for the post and I appreciate if you will provide me with a chance to serve your institution.

My enclosure contains my resume and certificates which will add details about my experiences. I hope that you will be heedful regarding my application and a chance of interview would be worthwhile. for any other queries you may feel free to contact me. Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Sheena Patel.
Contact: 000-4344-44.

Job Application for Sports Teacher
Job Application for Sports Teacher

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