Cover Letter for Newspaper Editor

Sample Cover Letter for Newspaper Editor or Job Application for Newspaper Editor. This sample can be used by professionals or people who want to apply for the specific seat. Mention your skills and experiences. You can alter it according to your requirements.

Cover Letter for Newspaper Editor

Mr. William John
The Hiring Manager,
Dawn News, Malaysia.

Subject: Job Application for Newspaper Editor

Dear Sir,

I found that your prestigious group of newspaper require a talented and experienced Newspaper Editor, and some criteria was also mentioned at the website. I am eager to apply for the specified post and I consider myself a perfect match for the job nature. I have over five years of experience in this same field and currently, I am working as a Senior Editor in renowned  organization.

I do have good writing and leadership skills which will definitely influence the management. I can lead the team to cover all types of news at regional, local and international level. I can manage digital and social media, having capabilities to work at latest machines.
I can maintain the infrastructure for the entire team. Having good interpersonal skills I can deal with whole staff and can distribute what costumer is seeking for.

I can also deal with Online Editing on social websites. I have great command over uploading news, editing, stylizing, proofreading and I have grip over my grammar I am interested in expanding my professional skills by working for a company like yours that really values loyalty, sincerity and acknowledges hard work.

Enclosure contains my CV and testimonials which will further elaborate my experiences. Getting a chance to prove myself would be appreciate able. I will prove to be the best candidate for the post. Thanking you for your precious time.


Bob Marley.

Sample Job Application for Newspaper Editor

Mr. Green Mill,
Falcon’s News Agency, Canada.

Subject: Job Application for Newspaper Editor

Dear Mr. Green,

I am writing to express my deepest interest to work in your organization as a Newspaper Editor about which you mentioned in your newspaper on 3rd December, 2014. I am a creative person having high command over technical and commercial writing, reading and typing skills. I have excellence over my knowledge which makes me able to work with your team .

I am attached with the News Agencies for a huge part of my life. Since 10 years I am in this circle. I have not only worked as a Editor in spite that  also worked as news reporter, journalist and marketing officer. I understand the entire thing actually. I know how to tackle social problems and maintain the standard of news. My knowledge would be an asset for you indeed.

For any further information of mine, give me a call at my given number. An interview would be the best choice. Many thanks for taking out your time and entertaining my application. Seeking towards a good response.

Yours Truly,

Neil Bohr.

Sample Job Application for Newspaper Editor
Sample Job Application for Newspaper Editor

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