Cover Letter for Government Job

Sample Cover Letter for Government Job or Job Application for Government Job. To apply for any Government job either in USA, UK, India or Pakistan you need to be talented and should have to write your cover letter in an effective manner so that the Hiring Staff might get attracted. Mention the capabilities you have and also the skills you are good at. Template is given below for your use.

Cover Letter for Government Job

The Director,
Government Department, Canada.

Subject: Job Application for Government Job

Dear Sir,

I am writing to show my keen interest in the advertised ‘Government Jobs’ available in the Government Sector. To apply here is really a golden opportunity for me. I have passed Civil Service Examination in 2014 and did my Graduation from British Institute. I have good academic background along with many distinctions which you can view in my enclosed Curriculum Vitae. To apply in Government Sector is my wish since long and after viewing my capabilities I guess that It will definitely be considered for granted.

I am an active person and have abilities to tackle tasks and assignments given to me before time. I consider that my attitude towards my works in sincere and I really take my job in first line. Previously, I worked with a private firm as a Assistant Manager. I have learnt a lot in my professional field and I want to apply my skills, knowledge and mastery in the serving the Government of State. My competence and talent makes me able to adjust in any field. I can work with any department and keeping my eagerness to learn more makes me a good contender for any suitable position.

I am good at computer skills, official documents writing, making reports and data entry, supervision and leading team, communication skills and I can work under stress conditions too. I understand that a lot of people are going to apply for this chance but if I get a chance of interview I can introduce myself in a good manner. I meet all the requirements mentioned by you and I hope that my application would be considered.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Collin Effendis.

Cover Letter for Government Job
Cover Letter for Government Job

Sample Cover Letter for Government Job

Respected Sir,

I am excited to write this letter to you for services. I stumbled upon the jobs services under government sector on your official website. There is a post of clerk in one of your city based office. I believe that this post is suitable for me as the requirements needed align with my past experience of work. I have been working privately under the same work designation and also gave some civil service exams to conduct myself according the government jobs. I am very work
driven person and acquires management skills. Confidence and dealing with people have never been a problem for me. I meet all the qualifications for profession.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,


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