Cover Letter for Photographer

Sample Cover Letter for Photographer or Cover Letter for Photographer Assistant. It can also be used as a Job Application. Being a photographer, you must have right perfection skills along with creativity. Where ever you apply attach pictures you have captured. Also mention your abilities and capabilities. Template given below.

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Cover Letter for Photographer

The Hiring Manager,
English Magazine, Canada.

Subject: Job Application for Photographer

Dear Sir,

I saw your advertisement regarding open vacancies for Local, Regional and Event Photography in your worthy organization, on social media. It caught my interest that I have technical knowledge in this field since two years. I do not only take photography as my profession but it is my passion as well. I have been capturing since I was at College and have got a huge collection of captivating pictures.

I understand that clicks at professional level demand high proficiency and perfection. I did my Graduation from National College of Arts in Film and Arts. I did diploma in Professional Photography by Nikon. Talking about my skills, I do know how to deal and handle professional cameras, picture editing, light adjustment, darkroom and light room photography. I can find the right angle to shoot.

I did internship as an photographer’s assistant in Wedding Photographers and there I learned a lot and polished my skills.I bring my skills and professional demeanor to every photo shoot.I am up-to-date with current photographic trends. I hope that my knowledge and practice would make me a strong candidate.I have attached my resume and sample photographs for your kind review. I hope you will consider my request.


Emy James.

Cover Letter for Photographer
Cover Letter for Photographer

Job Application for Photographer Assistant

Dear Sir,

I am writing to apply for the position of Photography Assistant in your organization as mentioned in your advertisement in ‘The News’ on 8th Jan, 2015. I am interested in this position as I have freshly graduated in this field and I am about to start my career as Professional Photographer.

I possess good skills for being at the mentioned place, I am motivated person with valor and enthusiasm to work and learn everything new. I can impart my abilities and knowledge to work with great conscience and efficiency.

Getting a chance to work under your kind consideration, is not less than a blessing. I can work under various time frames, styles, and conditions. My resume is attached along with some shoots of mine. I shall be highly obliged to you if I get a chance. Thanks for your time.


Johnny Freak.





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