Job Application for Warehouse Supervisor Post

Sample Job Letter for Warehouse Supervisor. Brands nowadays are becoming tougher to the toughest as the competition arises day by day. Many people opt to go abroad or get themselves transferred to other cities for publicity or better opportunities. Warehouses are meant for brands in change of seasons and to run the store under check and balance the supervisor is needed. This application can be used by people who are interested in getting jobs of supervisors.

Sample Job Application for Warehouse Supervisor Post

The Manager,
Navaratri Clothing House for Children,
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Job Application for Warehouse Supervisor

Respected Sir,

With due humbleness and gratitude to Providence that he made me see the advertisement focusing on vacancy for Warehouse Supervisor published in Daily Times. I will take my start by telling you my various job experiences and the quality of work I did on different platforms. I worked for three years as supervisor in Bombay Boots Company and then I was shifted by them to the head branch of their chain. I stayed there for another three years. The reason why I quit the job and applied here is the salary package and the related facilities as free medical (for family as well) and mess.

In my six years of service I was never late and showed no attitude towards the high ups or the job’s requirements. I was given the Excellency Award thrice for my best performance based on my checking and keeping the material save and sound. I was known for my discipline and high check. I hope I will not prove myself here too if your Excellency opt me for the job. With my curriculum vitae are attached my experience letter and awarded certificates for your kind concern. I will be very thankful to you for your positive response.

Yours Sincerely
Mr. Akshay Chohaan
Cell No:0000000000
Address: ———————-

Job Application for Warehouse Supervisor Post
Job Application for Warehouse Supervisor Post

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