Sample Job Application for Student Counselor

Sample Job Application for Student Counselor . Mental guidance is now seek forth for better physical as well as mental health and for that reason many schools has initiated and created a job for student counselor who can wisely guide the student in their career whether academic or professional.To apply for such a job is a challenging job. Good luck to those who dare.

Sample Job Application for Student Counselor

The Chairman,
Zelda Secondary School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Sample Job Application of Student Counselor for Secondary School

Dear Mr. Betty,

The need for student counseling in my opinion is a must thing in order to cater their multi dimensional problems relating to their adolescence changes, mental issues, problem in communication with others, having issues in telling their problems due to introvert personality, controlling of aggression due to lack of patience and much more related and the most complicated turbulences of young persons.

I am a qualified student counselor and possess varied experience both nationally and internationally. I am well aware of the social, biological and physical facets of individual beings. I wanted to choose this field because in my younger years I do not have a single person who can guide me why and where to gear the steering of my life ahead towards! I badly missed the opportunity and then I decided to fill this void in myself by filling the lives of others with candid enlightenment.

With this application is attached my curriculum vitae and copies of my all requisite documents for further and timely inspection. I hope to hear wave of good vibes in form of a positive answer from your side at the earliest. Thanking in

Yours Truly,

Mr. Stephen Marshal
3 rd May, 2017

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