Job Application for Call Centre Employment

Job Application for Call Center Employment. Jobs are necessary for the survival as it provides the living to all the human beings and many persons do prefer part time job in the call centers. This easy formats can help them in this.

Job Application for Call Centre Employment

The Manager,
Wild Wood Mobile Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request of job for call center

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that I am a student of sophomore level and I am not a native, but I am fond of learning and excelling in my academic career, but my parents are unable to cater with all the expenses of mine so I am compel to find a part time job. Kindly give me this job as is befitting for me as it is in the evening and my evenings are free. Thank you.

Best Regards,
Mr. Smith Martin,
16th December, 2017.

Sample Application Format of Job for Call Center

Manager Human Resource Department,
Tele Solutions,
Lahore, Pakistan

Subject: Job application for call centre employment

Dear Sir,

I came across the advertised vacancy and I would like to apply for the position of call centre assistant. I have previous experience in the same position. I have been pursuing higher education and have been busy doing that for the last year, before that I worked as a junior in the online complaints section. My duties and work experience have been listed in my resume herewith. I have
the ability to work long hours with perseverance and can work late in the evening as well.

The previous company where I worked used to collaborate with companies based in Canada and Australia, working there I learnt the tricks of trade in a competitive international market. I will bring
that experience with me if my application is successful.

Yours Truly,
Sheheryar Aslam
4 th December, 2017

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