Job Application Letter for Call Center Agent

A sample format of job application letter for call center job. Can be used as sample job application letter for call center agent, customer relation officer, call center supervisor and many more. An easy format of job applying can be used by people by changing your experience and skills.

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Application Letter for Call Center Agent with Experience

Glasboro Organization.

123 street, ABC area, Lahore.
12th May,2014.

Subject: Application for the post of call center representative.

Mr. Aon Malik,

I have come to know through the advertisement of your organization on 11th may, 2014 in ‘The Nation Newspaper’. The words were reflecting that you need experienced staff for your call center, as representatives and customer relation officers. I am an experienced call center representative looking to work in an environment that will give me ample chance to use my expertise in the call center industry.

Your organization would be the right place where I can contribute my skills and knowledge to maximize its efficiency and profits.It would be a great opportunity for me to apply in your organization as a Call center representative. I have an experience of 5 years in the same field and recently I am working in a recognized call center where I have learned a lot. I am expert in taking inbound as well as outbound calls from customers regarding products and services. I am able to tackle difficult persons and can solve their issues as well handle frustrated callers.

Furthermore, I have always achieved my targets and proven track record of increasing sales.I consider my strongest points to be my impeccable and hostile phone manners along with presentable communication skills.I consider the eligibility criteria for the post to be present in me and it would be a great honor for me to work with your worthy organization. Enclosed is my resume and documents you can have a look on them and can contact me for further meeting.

I am obliged that you have go through my application and thankyou for your precious time.

Yours sincerely,
Rafay Khan,

Application Letter for Call Center Agent with Experience
Application Letter for Call Center Agent with Experience

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