Recruitment for the Post of Driver Job Sample

This  is sample format of Recruitment for the post of driver Job. It can be used for government vacancy for peon or security guard  Request for Relaxation of Age for Recruitment of Driver Job.Format is given below.

Recruitment for the Post of Driver Job

The Chief Minister,
Government of the Punjab,


Subject: Relaxation of Age for Recruitment of Driver in District Police Office Muzaffargarh.

Respected Sir,

It is submitted that ban on recruitment in Government vacancies was imposed for considerable long time. I remained waiting for lifting for the same and consequently became coverage by four years approximately. I am matriculate and passes driving license. I  belong to a poor family of district Muzaffargah, During these days of demeans & in the absence of regular income. It is quite impossible for me to support my large family.

It is therefore requested that kindly order for my appointment as driver by relaxing the period of overage as a special case.

With profoundest Regards.

Your’s Obediently,
Farhan Raza s/o Raza Aslam
Basti Lane Wali P.O Baseera
Qurashi Police Station
District Muzaffargurah


Recruitment for the Post of Driver Job
Recruitment for the Post of Driver Job


Sample Application for the job of truck driver. Various truck drivers work autonomously but in order to get brighter chances they have to get to some company for levelled income and security as well.

Sample Job Application for the Post of Truck Driver

The Managing Director,
Automobiles leasing rental Company,
Buffalo, United States of America.

Subject:  Job Application for the Post of Truck Driver

Respected Sir,

Dear Mr. Dredge:

I am smearing for Truck Driver station currently available at ALRC International. Operating my current Class a CBL, first-rate driving best ever and the knack to troubleshoot joint complications of trucks, I could momentously back to your organization.This is to inform you that I have the very experience in driving trucks for a massive range for purposes is gigantic as I have had the chance to drive trucks that have the proficiency of holding more than four tons of heft. I have the essential understanding of fortifying goods and supplies on a truck and the wellbeing protections that need to be taken into justification. I am also dexterous in functioning machinery that is required to load and unload hefty merchandise and gifted to deliver repairs services for the truck.

Moreover, I am able to maintain daily logs for customer signs and payment throngs and make it a point to keep them restructured at all times. My gen of using the GPS and even maps along with my aptitude to work assiduously even on elongated shifts will demonstrate to be a benefit for your company.

I look frontward to meeting with you in individual to discuss my aptness for working as truck driver for ALRC International. I will plea you after few days to continuation and will be available at (000) 147-746861 if you need any supplementary information about my license or authorisations.Thank you for your stint and contemplation.

Mr. Jeffry Coles
14 th July, 2017


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