Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle

Sample sales certificate for cultus. It is necessary for registration of vehicle, Its very important document for transport company You can use this for any vehicle like mehran, cultus etc.

Sample Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle

For Registration

Address: 13- Pakistan Steel Industrial Estate, Bin Qasim, Karachi

Tel No: 021-3473456-57 Fax No:  021-4567899

Sales Certificate:

Invoice No:   VI- 15005678                                         Certificate No: 1500000789

Dated:       24-2-2015                                                    Dated:          24-2-2015

Certified that we have delivered one unit brand new Suzuki Cultus SF 410 VXR EII 993 CC year of manufacture 2015. Model 2015 bearing following Engine and Chassis Number:

Engine No:   PKF 602008                                           Chassis No:   SF410 PK 508851

The vehicle has been assembled by us and all Government dues such as Custom Duty, Sales Tax etc. Where applicable have been paid on the above vehicle.


See section 16(1) of motor vehicles Act. 1939 document to be furnished by maker or authorised assembler in case of transport vehicle other than motor cabs.

Certified that      Suzuki Cultus SF410  VXR E11 993 CC

bearing the above Engine and Chassis No. has been designed for maximum weight as following

Maximum Laden Weight:                                   Maximum Weight Front Axle

Maximum Weight Rear Axle:                            Maximum Weight and other Axle

Tyres Front Wheels:                                            Tyres Rear Wheels



Circular Road LHR


Customer/ Dealer Name Master Motor Engineers

Signature: __________ Phone No: _________

CNIC No: ———————

Signature of Makers of Authorized  Pak Suzuki Motor Co Ltd


Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle
Sales Certificate Template for Vehicle

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