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Apology Letter to Boss Sample

This letter is only for offices on the account of apology letter for being late from the Office, Company or Factory. This letter can be used to apologize for coming late in school, college etc. You can mention here late arrival reason according to your desire. Easy format is here.

Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Late Coming

The Manager Human Resource,
Farhaj Group

Subject: Apology Letter for Coming Late in Office

Respected Sir,

It is stated with due respect that I came late to office on the morning of ______________ because I had met with a minor road accident. The day was misty and due to lack of sufficient light I could not see the bicycle coming towards me and rammed straight into it. The boy fell from the cycle which landed on top of him. I quickly came out of the car to inspect what had happened to him. Even though the boy was not severely injured I thought it best to take him to the doctor as a religious as well as humane obligation. It took me a lot of time to reach the hospital and when I did I had to assist the boy in walking. He had twisted his ankle and was having trouble in walking.

The hospital procedure was too lengthy and tiresome to be dealt with. The doctor also took a great deal of time to examine him. After the doctor had inspected the wounds of the child he asked me to procure some enlisted medicines from the nearby store which costed me yet another fifteen minutes. After the ointment had been carefully applied to his throbbing ankle the boy went to sleep. Since I could not leave the young boy alone I was obliged to call his family members. As soon as his family members arrived I rushed to the office. But by the time I reached office I was fairly late from the designed office hours. On the account of my previous office record of punctuality I expect a lenient concern from your gracious self.

Thanking in Anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Sharoz Afzal
Assistant Accounts Officer

Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Late Coming
Sample Apology Letter to Boss for Late Coming

Apology Letter to boss due to Negligence in Work

Respected Sir,

It is to state with due honour and reverence that I extend my apology for being clumsy in my work and not paying my full attention towards the job as earlier. I know you had not uttered a single word even after locating my non serious attitude towards my work, but in my heart I know my weakness and I regret badly. I promise not to repeat such stance again in my life. Accept my apology please. Thank you.



Warning Letter For Employee Sample

Warning letter for employee sample, written to staff members in order to warn them officially for various reasons. Warning letter for coming late, for short attendance, for improper work and many more. Easy template of employee warning letter to be used.

Sample Employee Warning Letter

Human Resource Department,
The Packaging Company,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Subject: warning notice for employees

Respected Sir,

Please be informed that a warning is being issued to all employees and should be communicated to them as such in a memorandum by your office; no smoking is to be tolerated in the factory area during work hours.

It has recently been brought to our notice that an employee risked the life of others and the safety of the workplace by smoking close to a high voltage industrial unit. Had someone not intervened he would have jeopardized the safety of all and sundry. In the future if such an incident is found, reported or brought to our notice we shall strict action against the accused and may terminate his employment as well. There is no scope, nor has there ever been for such criminal negligence in our company. We sincerely hope a second warning will never be needed.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Pasha Khan
3 rd December, 2016.

Warning Letter Template

Mr. Mathew,

Please be informed that this letter serves as an official letter from the office. We are writing because of your irregularity seen in the office. Authority of the office held the meeting to monitor the performance of the employees and your performance has been very unsatisfactory. You have been comping late to office and not providing efficient work. Please show some interest and regularity or your job would be terminated by officials of the company. This is your first warning letter. Next time there would be no warning letter just termination letter would be sent to you. You can reply to the e-mail.


Warning Letter For Employee (Late Comers)

Date: 12th June,2014.

Mr. Philips,
Accounts Officer,
AVO Organization.

Subject: Warning Letter

Dear Philips,

This letter will serve as an official warning to you. You are unable to keep you attendance record up to mark. The limit of allocated leaves has exceeded. Your attendance is not sufficient and it definitely have influence on your work. The major reason with your attendance is arriving late to office.

I expect you to take necessary steps to  correct the issues with you otherwise this would never be beared up and it may cause the management to take strict actions. It will damage your privilege and affect your job and allowances provided to you. Your official timings must be appropriate.

Please write down to the management soon in this regard. Your initiative would be a better choice for you.

In case of any queries, email at the address given below.



Warning Letter For Employee Misconduct Sample

Date: 3rd May,2014.

Mr. John Sims,
Marketing Officer,
AVO Organization.

Subject: Warning Letter

Dear John,

This letter is issued to you as a warning letter, it has been reported against you that you have misconducted with the lower staff members. You have also been negligent towards the specific duties assigned to you. This action of yours have showed carelessness and irresponsibility.

Management want you to write up about the reasons of your misconduct and give your explanation. If you will be unable to explain, then further strict actions would be taken, which may influence upon your job.

In case of any queries, e-mail at the address given below.



Warning Letter For Employee Misconduct Sample
Warning Letter For Employee Misconduct Sample

Warning Letter For Employee Poor Performance

Date: 14th July,2014.

Mrs. Iqra Khan.
Admin officer,
Tulip’s Organization.

Subject: Warning Letter 

Dear Iqra Khan,

The letter will be an official warning to you. This is issued to you for the purpose of your poor performance. You are unable to keep your record maintained. The current report issued by you isn’t properly made. As well since the last month you have not done any of your tasks properly.

It is a huge issue and administration is about to take serious action upon it. You are expected to write the explanations of the problems mentioned above. Otherwise higher authorities will not bear up your poor performance and it might lead to your termination of job.

In case of any queries, email at the address given below.



Warning Notice for Marketing Officer by Manager

To: RD Officer( Name)
From: RD Manager

Subject: Warning Notice 

This is to inform you that this letter will serve as official warning Letter to you. All the Donations and Cash amount from Donation Boxes should have to be submitted within a day. Any cash amount from collection should not be in department after one day. Otherwise Management is authoritative to take strict action. Be really careful for the next time.Cash deposit timings are in accounts department

In Morning: 9:00Am – 9.30Am
In Evening: 3:00Pm – 3:30 Pm



Warning Notice Email for Employee




Subject: Irresponsibility of  Mr.Hafiz Khan (Sr. Structural Engineer) In Work 


With reference to the above mentioned subject, kindly be informed that it has been observed that Mr.Hafiz Khan (Senior Structural Engineer) is not following the proper procedure to handle the projects and to reply to the client for their emails.

It is kindly requested you to take the necessary action as per the company rules and regulations and in accordance to issue him the warning letter if the same will be repeated again in future strictly action will be taken according to the rules and regulation of our Company.

Your utmost cooperation for this matter is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,

Eng’r. Shadi Hassan                    Eng’r. Rehan Bajwa
Projects Director                         Head of Civil & Structural Department

Internal Memo For Late Comers

Sample official memo for late comers of marketing persons or other office management staff. It is with reference to explanation of early leaving regarding office tasks or late coming due to Donor visit  collection or other reason. It can be used for all office department persons.  You can use as Internal memo for late comersAll Visits/ Duties/ Assignments should be in pre-planed arranged form in case of any emergency with employee.

Internal Memo Format Letter

Ms. Huma Rana.
Incharge Resource Department,
Rehman Foundation.

Subject: This is with reference to explanation of late coming / early leaving during working hours from:

  • Mr  Jamil Shah
  • Mr Rashid Nawaz
  • Mr Nasir Munir

This is office internal memo , if any staff member has to go out of institute on duty, for any collection, visit etc, They should go with your permission/ information in advance and you are requested that if this time coincides with their arrival and departure please inform Mr Saqib Hassan about their late arrival and early departure so that he may be able to make necessary entry and do not place any red mark.

We have proforma for such assignment/ duties which you may fill in and send it to me through Mr Saqib. This will streamline departure and arrival time not only for Officers of Resource Development Department, but also other sections as well.

This time  their late arrival and departure time is condoned but should be properly streamlined in future.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Rehman Foundation.

Internal Memo Format Letter
Internal Memo Format Letter

Office Memo for Late Arrivals


2nd March 2015

Office Memo

The Arrival time for all admin & management staff is 8.30 am, however it is observed that many members of admin staff are not coming on duty by 8.30 am. There will be no deductions for February 2015 on the basis of yellow marking however it will be strictly applicable from March 20115 on wards.

The staff is once again reminded to arrive 5-10 mints before designated time.

HR Department.

Sample Proforma For Late Comers

A sample of proforma for late comers, to be filled by late comer and authorized by higher authorities. Reasons of approval of late coming reasons are mentioned.

Information Scheduled Working Hours:

All Visits/ Duties/Assignments should be pre-arranged with written record unless emergency prohibits. Please submit request to Hon. CEO through department Head.


Period of Assignment:
From:____                                                                                                                   To:_____

Specify Reason, Please:____________
Staff Member’s Name and Signature:____________
Signature of Department Head:______________
Not Approved Reason:_____________

Late Comer Memo For Marketing Persons


Mr.  Aslam Zahid.
Manager Marketing Department,
Roshni Association.

Subject: This is with reference to daily schedule of late coming / early leaving /Arrival & departure timing /during working .

It is ordered by management for marketing employee to come office at time and mark their attendance, make their daily schedule of visit & submit in front of manager. If any employee will not follow time schedule he/ she have to pay penalty & notice will be issued to him/her one have to tell his visit and meeting schedule by phone call, and should strictly achieve target given by management.

This order is hard & fast rule and must be obeyed. A proper daily  visit plan must be submitted. One have to mark attendance even before taking off should have to be present in office before half an hour of office off timing. Three (3) late arrival & departure attendance will be considered as one leave. Strict action will be taken in case of any ignorance regarding memo.

Manager Human Resource.


Late Comer Memo For Marketing Persons
Late Comer Memo For Marketing Persons

Internal Memo for Late Comers

Dear Member,

It is seen by the duty in charge of Daily Attendance that you are not performing your duty well as coming half an hour late on the job from the last five days. If you are not on time it directly means that you are not doing quality work that is expected from you. It is the first notification served to you as reminder, but next time you will be taken seriously by the administration. Good Luck!

Best Regards


Memo of Fine For Late Comers

To: ( Name and department)
From: (Name and department)

Subject: Memo of fine for late comers

This memo is to remind all employees that the customary working hours within our firm are 9am to 5pm. We expect from all workers  to arrive on time and show punctuality and not leave early at the end of the day, before the ending timings of office.It is essential for all employees to be aware of timings and follow the rules and regulations of their job timings.
Early departure does negatively affect your personal review. Statements regarding your working hours can either be positive and lead to an increase in your salary at review time, or negative and lead to no raise or even to disciplinary action.In case of non observance of timings penalty would be charged from the employee and it may lead to warning letters in future.
We regret to pass this letter and consider that in future we should not have to.
Human Resource Department.

Coming Late at Office Email Memo





kindly be informed that it has been observed that Eng’r. Muhammad Khalil Rana  (Head of Electrical Dept) & Mohamed Raza (Secretary –Electrical Dept) are not following the company rules and regulations, daily they are coming late at office around or after 10:00am and also the same has been repeated in the second shift too.

It is kindly requested to take the necessary action as per the company rules and regulations and issue them the warning letter if the same will be repeated again in future strictly action will be taken according to the rules and regulation of our Company.

Your utmost cooperation for this matter is highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Deputy Manager of Engineering Dept

Memorandum for Late Comers Students

To Whom It May Concern,

It has been noticed that most of the school students, especially those who attend higher and secondary school classes, have been arriving late. The school starts at eight a.m. sharp and the morning assembly is to be attended by all students. It is intolerable that some students do not consider it essential to arrive until after the assembly has ended and the national anthem has been said.

It is hereby being notified that in the future attendance will not be marked for those who arrive after the school commences. Strict fine policy shall be administered and students will not be granted permission to participate in extracurricular activities if it is found that they are negligent in their duties or not punctual. The qualities that this school values and inculcates in its students are foundational. We respect discipline and expect nothing short of this from those who study here.

The Principal,
Good Hall School
Faisalabad, Pakistan.