Sample Claim Letter for Health Insurance

Sample Claim Letter for Health Insurance of mother after her death. Seeing your loved ones dying is a matter of sheer pain, but it is customary with human race as we all have to die one day. This letter is for those who are interested in getting themselves out of the pain and get courage to see ahead of life by claiming health insurance from the insurance company.

Sample Claim Letter for Health Insurance

The Livonia group of international Insurance,
Peace Street, Britain

Subject: Claim for health insurance of mother after her death

Respected Sir Carrick,

With due deference, it is to apprise you that lately Ms. Liza Tom had
expired. She was my mother and we knew that she had got plan of health insurance from this prestigious company. Her insurance reference number. is lpg120080. She had paid premium amount of $ 30000 and as per policy she is now liable to get double of this amount. All the necessary documents are attached with application together with the file you gave her at the time of policy. We will be highly grateful if you refund the claim at your earliest.
Thanking in eagerness.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Edward Saw,
1 st September, 2017.

Format 2:-

Sample claim letter for education insurance after father’s death. Keeping pace with this outer world demands determination and poised character. Character is built by education. Insurance companies knew this and the thinking elders got education insurance for their off springs. Such letter is feast for the yearning ones.

Sample Claim Letter for Education Insurance

The Elite Insurance Company,
Mexico, United States of America.

Subject: Request letter of claim for education insurance after father’s death

Respected Sir,

It is a matter of utter pain to get the amount of father after his death! My father Mr. Arthur Mill had died few days back and he had taken education plan from this marvelous company. He wanted all of us to get higher education and for that reason he paid the insured sum for ten complete years. He paid $ 50000 and as per policy he had to get double of $50000. Kindly process this file as soon as possible as I had completed all the requisite formalities and signatures on important documentations. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Jane Mill,
6 th September, 2017.

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