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Sample Article on Health & Wealth

Health is Wealth Essay for Student


To envisage a disease-free, healthy and wealthy society, globally.


To achieve the goal we will strife harder by providing best possible quality treatment through food together with the range of diseases, human can possibly face or is in existence, reproduce honest reviews of daily life products like clothing brands, beauty industry, shoe cult and other related review .


                The main purpose of developing this work is to guide the young generation in their health, money matters and lifestyles-— in short a groomed personality possessed by healthy body is all that has been expected in the end. Healthy lifestyle is a key to all areas of life and we prefer food as Doctor, for it cures, heals and prevent the human body from certain ailments. The reason why human beings get troubled into different diseases is that they don’t know what, when and how to eat. For weight loose a number of diet plans are made and seldom followed by the concerned persons because diet plans, no doubt help in losing the weight, but leaving the body with many deficiencies that result in many kinds and types of diseases.

                From our extensive reading and ways to treat people and based on their positive feedback, we have come to this conclusion that we must put myself in forward gear in facilitating the ones who are ignorant or have little knowledge about food and the benefits of theirs hidden in their pods, capsules or husks.

                In our consultancy, in accordance to mental diseases, a competent psychiatrist has spared the time to contribute in our team-work and making it trustworthy and applicable for all who show care for their health. For physical diseases, personal expertise, reading and experience in treating the diseases with the help of different food is enough for bodily disorders. For serious diseases, complicated ones, where ultrasound, x-rays and other medical tests are required in connection to eyes, gyne, kidney, heart, lungs etc. a panel of known doctors’, homeopaths’ contacts will be provided on demand in region of Lahore and Pindi/ Islamabad.

For spiritual complaints, proven ‘Ziker’ will be provided to the grieving souls.  For proper treatment, we have hired an 80 years old expert, contact will be shared on need and demand base. We tried to put all types of treatments at one place and behind this work the only motive is to provide the sincerest and best guidelines, free of cost.

For trendy outfits, cosmetics and feet wellness, we are bent to give you the finest ‘tested and tried’ reviews so stay tuned with us!


There are three kinds of disease:

  • Psychological Diseases:

                                The diseases that are related to our mind or brain are termed as psychological diseases. There are psychotic disorders and neurotic disorders. In this category, minor diseases or better be termed as disorders are treatable through counselling sessions and major or chronic diseases need to be treated after proper diagnosis and pills can be recommended in certain cases.

  • Spiritual Diseases:

                                       The diseases that infect our souls are coined as spiritual diseases and are referred in Holy Quran together with its treatment and the way to do them. There are number of spiritual diseases that leads to psychological disorders and physical diseases. Based on this analysis, we can say that this category is the mother of all the other diseases. Irrespective of religion, caste, race and creed or colour, fragile nature of human beings get victim of these diseases that are furthermore be discussed in the next detailed chapters.

Physical Diseases:

Irregularity in food, eating and sleeping patterns leads to malfunctioning of body organs and corrupts it with number of different ailments. To treat bodily diseases one must be judged on overall health quality, substances that lead to diseases and in the end how to remove those diseases.

To keep oneself from physical diseases and to keep a healthy life one must follow the following ten steps for an excellent health:

  • Watch your blood pressure.
  • Pass the urine immediately, don’t stop it.
  • Pass the stool as soon as possible and don’t carry the waste in body.
  • Fart out, don’t feel shy as its stopping cost you a disease.
  • Don’t stop your vomit, spit it out the moment you feel nausea.
  • Sneeze out, don’t stop, no matter in public, by sneezing out you can save your spinal cord!
  • Don’t wipe off the sleep in your eyes, put aside everything and lumber yourself in the cozy pat of sleep.
  • Eat when hungry, don’t eat on moods.
  • Drink till your pacification
  • Do not indulge yourself in promiscuous activities.

We call such diseases- physical ailments. In this category, ‘prevention is better than cure’ applies and it can be done with the help of Food Doctor. Serious or chronic diseases be referred and consulted with doctor (contact will be provided on demand


  • Wear what suits you!
  • Wear what stands you out!
  • Be confident and certain about whatever you wear and apply to yourself!
  • Love the knowledge that you possess and share with others what you behold!

Protein Importance in Fitness Lifestyle

Protein is important for muscle growth and to repair body tissues. Protein can also be used by the body for energy, but only after carbohydrate stores have been used up. But it is also a myth that a high-protein diet will promote muscle growth. Only strength training and exercise will change muscles.

Protein Importance in Fitness Lifestyle

Protein in a fitness lifestyle is very important because protein doesn’t make you fat protein have fewer calories healthy fats and some fibers and carbs which is good for your body and proceed to give you a healthy lifestyle. If you are on a fat loss or muscle build program you need a high protein intake. An average normal person who doesn’t work out just needs 0.8 gm. protein per day multiplied by their body weight. For example, if you have a 70 kg body weight then you just required 0.8×70 = 56 grams per day.
If you are a healthy person you just want fitness so you just need 1 gram of protein per day, for example, your body weight is 70 so 70×1=70 grams of protein per day this is your daily requirement.


If you are on a fat loss and muscle building program in this program you need a high protein diet you need 1.6 to 2 grams of protein per day multiplied by your body weight for example you have 70kg bodyweight so just multiply with70x2=140 this requirement if you are on fat loss or muscle build.


FISH 100-gram salmon fish contains 26-gram protein
CHICKEN 100 gram contains 23-gram protein
BEEF 100-gram beef contains 20-gram protein
EGGS 6 gram protein per egg
NUTS 3 gram half ounce
CHEESE 14 gram in half cup
YOGURT 23-gram protein per cup
BEANS (chickpeas) 16 gram per cup
COTTAGE CHEESE 14 gram half cup
CHIA SEED 3 grams per tablespoon

QUINOA SEED 8 gram per cup
PEANUT BUTTER 4-gram protein per tablespoon
EGGS 6 gram protein in 1 egg
NUTS 3 gram half ounce

Protein is simply defined as a large chain of amino acids present in it. Protein has done many functions in our bodies like muscle tissues repair and building more muscles to maintain our body PH level and fluid levels
also good for your hair growth your joints and doing much more work in your body. Hence, this is the importance of protein in a healthy lifestyle.


In a simple form WHEY protein is a source of protein made up of all kinds of dairy products like cheese milk eggs etc.

TYPES OF WHEY PROTEIN: There are four types of whey protein.

  • Whey protein concentrate
  • Whey protein Isolate
  • Whey protein hydrolyzed
  • Casein


Whey protein is concentrate is a blended form in which isolate hydrolyzed and sometimes casein is present in it. Its absorption rate is 1 hour depending upon your body’s metabolism rate.


It’s beneficial for all fitness lovers if you are a beginner and if you are just joining a gym and you want to gain some muscle so you go for whey protein concentrate and if you are too skinny then go for some mass gainers and increase your carbs intake too.


Whey protein isolate is further refined in form with fewer carbs and sugar also lactose and gluten-free. Its absorption rate is too high 30 to 40 minutes.


It’s beneficial for those who want to gain some lean muscle mass and if you are following a fat loss program then this is very good for you.

Also for those who have digestion problems then this is also good for you. If you are a beginner and you have some digestion problems so you can also use it.


Whey protein hydrolyzed is the best form in which amino are present in small chains and further refined form from isolate, also lactose gluten-free, and fastest digestive protein in the market. The absorption rate is high than all the proteins 25 to 35 min depending upon your body.


Beneficial for all hard lean muscle gainers and if you are following a fat loss program then this is the best option you have.

The best time to use it after a workout is one scoop and if your diet is not too good then use one more scoop in lunch.


Casein protein is a slow digestive protein its absorption rate is 7 to 8 hours.


This is beneficial for all hard muscle gainers and if you are on a fat loss or muscle building program this will help you to recover muscle at night when you are on sleep this protein recover your muscle.

Best time to use in the night.


As you know in the busy lifestyle we don’t have time to fulfill our protein intake so we buy whey protein from supplement stores to achieve our fitness goals like muscle building or fat loss.


Whey protein is easy to use just 1 scoop of whey protein gives you 20 to 25-gram of protein. Mix one scoop with water or milk in a shaker and just drink it.


So just one scoop of whey protein gives you 20 to 25-gram protein and some blends like nitro tech give you 30 grams of protein don’t use protein 2 scoop at the same time cause the body to waste extra protein. At one time your body just absorbs 30 to 35-gram protein. So don’t use 2 scoops at the same time and save your money.


So these all are the important information about major protein which helps you in muscle building by reading this you have enough knowledge to proceed with your fitness journey and achieve your goals in fitness-related to protein.

Advantages of Dry Fruits

The following is an article on the advantages of dry fruits. For healthy life all nutrients are very essential to maintain and development of body.

Advantages of Dry Fruits

Because of the many health benefits and other advantages that different dried fruits bring, they are frequently referred to as superfoods. Dry fruits, including berries and nuts, contain a lot of antioxidants. They are also abundant in other nutrients, and certain dry fruits are said to offer special qualities such as preventing ageing, sharpening the brain, and much more. Superfoods are food products that outperform other food items in terms of nutritional content.

Even little amounts of a superfood may provide an abundance of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins. There are several dry fruits that may and should be included in a person’s regular diet. Some of these are good, but some are much better. Most dried fruits are high in minerals, proteins, fiber, and vitamins, and they are also sweet and delectable. Dry fruits are a great and nutritious replacement for regular meals. Dry fruits boost energy and stamina, and they are high in fiber, which implies improved digestion and general health. If you are a vegetarian, nuts are an excellent source of protein and iron. Dry fruits are also high in calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potash, phosphate, proteins, riboflavin, vitamins A, C, E, K, and zinc. This includes strong bones, muscles, nerves, teeth, and skin. This includes protection from anemia, heart disease, high cholesterol, immune system boosting, and much more.

Not all dry fruits are superfoods, and excessive eating of them is harmful to one’s health. A handful of dry fruits each day is more than enough to satisfy one’s daily requirements. Dry fruits are either sun-dried or artificially dried; in both situations, water is removed from the product, which may result in nutritional and mineral loss in some cases.