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Request Application for Issuance Medical certificate

Below sample Request application Format for the issuance of Medical Certificate. You can use these sample issuance of a medical certificate from a doctor, institute, medical center, hospital etc. You can change these sample as per your requirement.

Request Application for issuance medical certificate


The Medical Specialist,

Doctor’s Hospital.

Dear Sir,

Subject: Request Application for issuance medical certificate

Dear Dr. Jennifer,

I am Ian, I was your patient of eyesight for a few weeks. You prescribed me medicine and told me to rest for 2 weeks at home whenever I start the medicine. I work at a multinational company called Winzip Insurance as an Administrator and I need a medical certificate so I can apply for a leave of 2 weeks. For leaves over a week, my company requires a medical certificate. Without the issuance of a medical certificate, my leave would not be approved. Please issue me a medical certificate stating that I need a rest of 2 weeks and during that time I won’t be able to come to the office. 

Kind Regards,


222, B- Baker Street, Lahore

Sample Medical Certificate Issuance Request

Doctor’s Hospital

Subject: Medical Certificate Issuance Request

Dear Dr. Emily,

I am Gabriel, 15 days ago I had an accident and I was put under your care. During that time, I had to miss University because for the initial 5 days I was admitted to the hospital and later on I was prescribed bed rest to let my injuries heal completely. Now that I’m fully fit, I’d like to resume going to my university. I was marked absent during the time I missed University and fined as well. In order to waive that fine, my university has asked me to get a medical certificate issued by the doctor I was getting treatment from. I request you to please issue me a medical certificate stating I met an accident and you prescribed me bed rest of 2 weeks so I can resume going to University and get the fine waived.

Kind Regards,


Sample Letter to Employees for Health Insurance Policy

These letters are to introduce health insurance policy to the workers of the office. It can be applied to banks employees, firms, business companies. These easy formats are for office workers, teachers of high school, workers, and private office workers. It can be provided in the situation where employees are being introduced to new health insurance policy.

Sample Letter to Employees for Health Insurance Policy

To: All Staff Members

From: HR Department

Atrophy International.

Respected Employees,

This is to bring in your kind attention that our company has decided to introduce Health Insurance Policy for the employees. As you all are well familiar with the fact that our country is becoming a very expensive country to live in and medical treatment is quite exorbitant. We have advised our policy makers for the health insurance policy. It is a factual point that only company affords to give its employees’ health insurance Company, when employee contributions towards work target and sales have been remarkable. This time we have decided to share the contributions with employees. This announcement is for all the employees of the office. This health insurance policy would cover most of your monthly medical treatments. It includes major and minor treatments. It also includes your spouse and children health treatments insurance.

Warm Regards,

HR Head

Memo Announcing Health Insurance for Employees

Dear Staff,

I hope all of you are in good health. I am directing this letter to all of the employees working under sales department, only those employees are able to receive this letter. Therefore, the subject of my letter is to inform you about the new health insurance policy being introduced in the company. As this company is six years old and employees who have been working from six years with this company have often pointed about health insurance policy. We have devised the health insurance policy for all the employees working under sales department. We are planning to cover most of the employees of the office but this will be done gradually. Right now, employees who are single can take health insurance for themselves and their parent and employees who are married can take this opportunity to cover the medical treatments of themselves and their spouse and children.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Admin Department

Request Letter to University to Organize Health Seminar

Request Letter to University to Organize Health Seminar. It’s a health ministry, schools, colleges, hospitals authority and doctors responsibility to conduct seminar on health to create awareness regarding different health issues. This is a request format letter to university to organize the health seminar.

Request Letter to University to Organize Health Seminar

Mr. William Barge,
The University of Health and Sciences.
Sweden, England.

Subject: Request letter to universities authorities to organize health seminar for students

Respected Sir,

I, Mr. harry, chief executive of Medical Research centre writing this letter to request you to organize the health awareness seminar at university level. This is a need of hour to give awareness to young people through the research data of our expert medical team about most important health issues like diabetes, ulcer, cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular problems, and role of psychological stress in developing and maintaining the medical issues.
In this seminar I would like your students’ team to highlights the precautionary measures that people can take to save their health from such miserable problems. The treatment area of this problem would be discussed by the other team of doctors. No doubt in this seminar we would also focus the signs and symptoms of these different health issues.
I would appreciate you, if you invite psychological experts too in this seminar to give importance on role of stress in maintain health issues. Our budget of conducting this seminar is about $4000. The registration of students would be $100 and registration for experts and professional would be $200. The seminar would be followed by tea break and then buffet lunch. The date of seminar would be announced 15 days prior to seminar. The advertisement would be through invitation letters via email and though media.
I know you always give your best. I really like your motivation that’s why I am once gain giving you a responsibility to conduct health seminar.Thanks and anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Harry
Chief Executive of Health Ministry

Medical Aid Appeal Letter

Medical Aid Appeal Letter. Have you ever thought that without medical help survival of human being became very difficult? Proper facilities of medical care is utmost important for the well being of a human beings or any nation. In the time of crisis specially health crisis on time medical care can ensure the life of a person and negligence may lead to loss of a once life, which is irreversible loss for any one. Following is the sample letter for medical aid.

Medical Aid Appeal Letter

Mr. Vice President
Health care Ministry of Indonesia
Dutch East Indians

Subject: Medical aid appeal Letter to health ministry

Respected and Prestige Sir,

I, Mr. Coolly, from Disaster Management NGO, am writing this letter to make appeal from you as you know that Sumatra has faced major earth quake last week. It has been unfortunate crisis time and we need your assistance. However, it is now our duty to help our people in time of need. Time has arrived! Make sure to help out the people in the city, who are looking forward for your services with care, concern and determination. We cannot recover their loss but can improve the quality of their life through our medical care and with some positive counseling.
I can imagine it is tough for you as your team is already helping other people of Indonesia who suffered from this earthquake. But it’s a humble request to provide your support and medical assistance to culminate this endeavor. Your expert team is one of best medical team in the world now it’s a time to show your efficacy to people of our nation and other countries as well that we are best. Nothing can stop us to helping our people. Through our great services we had to set a high standard for world. Thanking you in anticipating and paying heed to my appeal.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Coolly
Date 12.06.18

Sample Job Application in Pharmaceutical 

Sample job application in pharmaceutical company. After education, getting proper and in field job is a plus point and this format is like a North Star for those who wish to try their luck in the realms of medicines.

Sample Job Application in Pharmaceutical

The Director (Sauna Polk,)
International Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
New York, United States of America.

Subject: Job Application in pharmaceutical company

Respected Sir,

Greetings! I am Mr. Dave Peterson. I get to know about this job from your sales manager who is in New York office currently. He educated me that the Chicago office of International Pharmaceuticals Limited is keenly seeking to hire excellent individuals for your upcoming enlargement program.

I have three years of research experience, counting internship as a research trainee previous year with the New York City office of National Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I was in charge for the enterprise, implementation and scrutiny of ABCDs, cellular based tries, plus propagations assesses and bioassays, and cell philosophy techniques including upkeep, calculation of growth belongings and cell banking.
Being a student of International School of Pharmacy Legacy (ISPL), I am poised that my amalgamation of practical work experience and compacted educational will empower me to be fecund in your interest. Having gaoled with a leading firm in the communal healthcare field, I apprehend the level of proficiency and communiqué required for long-term accomplishment in this
field. My experience and professional slant to research will deliver you with a highly productive associate upon accomplishment of your expansion program.
I would escalate the opportunity to discuss how my schooling and experience will be supportive to you. I will be emailing you tomorrow morning to get time for talk about the prospect of arranging an interview. Thank you for your time and deliberation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Harry Scot.
14 th September, 2017

Sample Letter to Cancel the Insurance Policy

Sample letter format to cancel the insurance policy.  Insurance companies save the persons by providing a safe and secure future in shape of any financial threat. Many times it becomes very difficult to pay the installments of insurance of certain times as it falls in the way of financial depression of the entitles person. In such states cancellation of the policy is the best thing to do.

Sample Letter to Cancel the Insurance Policy

The Supervisor
Cancellation department,
Lifelong Insurance Company,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Sample letter to cancel the insurance policy

Respected Sir,

It is to state with humility that I had signed an agreement with you three years back in shape of insurance policy. My policy number is LA-908734521 and the date of commencement was 31 st December, 2015. I had paid the premiums of $200 per year for $20000 at the maturity time that supposes to be fall in 2030.

When I took the policy I was sailing in the best financial flow and it was very easy for me to pay the above said meager amount per year or annually, but fate has its own unseen winds and routes that cast you into total oblivion when struck! The same scenario happened to me a week before as my company faced the worst of worst financial depression that made my heart sink. I am now in no position to continue with this policy and so I decided to cancel the insurance of my life and wanted you to kindly refund me the total amount as soon as possible.

With this request piece I had also attached the photo copies of paid receipts of installments as a token of proof. I am eager enough to hear a pleasant wave from your side at the earliest. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Carton King,
3 rd May, 2017.

Letter to Insurance Company for Medical Claim

Sample Letter Format to Insurance Company for Medical Claim. Insurance Companies are great way in providing the financial security and the related facilities to their policy holders. Medical Claim clause is another facility they provide to give mental respite to the affected person. Persons who wanted to claim their medical expenses from their respective insurance companies can use this sample to help themselves.

Sample Letter to Insurance Company for Medical Claim

Mr. Tom Andrew
House No. 312, Street no. 94, West Avenue.
California, United States of America.


Mr. Jacob Fernz,
Manager, Summit Insurance Company.
California, United States of America.

Subject: Letter to Insurance Company for Medical Claim

Respected Sir,

With due respect and honour it is to state that I am transporting this letter to demand repayment for the appropriate medical operating cost I have incurred due to pneumonia. I was admitted in the hospital named City Care Hospital for five days. I had spent a lot of money on the treatment so that I can get back my health and according to policy you are liable to pay me the required amount.

With this application I am enclosing all medical bills pertaining to my treatment and hospitalization as well as the amount I am requesting for compensation for your scrutiny and favourable action on your account. I hope you will give me happy tiding within ten business days or so. If you need any further information, you are free to call me at 6655 163 4587 or at tomloiusadnrew-1@live.com. I will be glad to contribute any more information you require. I will be brimmed with gratification if you consider my plea for medical claim and do the needful as soon as possible.
I value your time and hold up.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Tom Andrew,
14 th December, 2016.