Sample Request Letter of Family Health Insurance

Sample Request Letter of Family Health Insurance from the Company. This letter can be used by employees of certain organizations who wanted to secure the health of their family through health insurance policy and wanted to demand from their companies in which they are working.

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Sample Request Letter of Family Health Insurance

The Managing Director,
Rhodes and Trinity Electronic Company,
Buffalo, United States of America.

Subject: Request Letter of Family Health Insurance from the Company

Respected Signor,

I hope good will at your end. I am Mr. Jacob David and working at the post of Technical Engineer in this company from the past six years. Your arrival is blessed and pleasing for the personnel like me as you are proving yourself as a great
worker on human resource. The former MD was concerned only about the achievement of sales target and not interested in the wellness of his employees.

The very idea of yours regarding the health insurance of not only the employee but of his family also is a great step of yours and will be remembered even after the death. We all know that the expenses of hospitals and medicine are soaring higher and higher day by day and making it nearly impossible to treat the illness in better way.

I wanted the health insurance for my family. The detail of my each member is detailed with this application together with all the necessary documents. I would again like to say that this step of insuring the family health of the workers of your company, will earn you good name and bundle of prayers throughout your life.

Thank you so much Sir!

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Jacob David,

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