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Application for Merit-Based Scholarship

The following is a request letter by a student to his vice-chancellor regarding being appointed to receive a scholarship so that he can continue his studies without any worries.

Application for Merit-Based Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor,

Institute of Delhi,


SUBJECT: Requesting Merit-Based Scholarship

My name is Haroon Vicky, and I’m writing to apply for a merit-based scholarship to help me finance my BA (Hons) History studies at the Institute of Delhi. Being given the opportunity to study further in this subject at the Institute of Delhi is a fantastic opportunity that I aim to grasp completely and without hesitation. Throughout my past education and job experience, I have constantly demonstrated that when presented with an opportunity, I will work as hard as I can to best represent myself and thank those who have given me the opportunity to do so. I have scored 95% in my intermediate examination and I feel like a perfect candidate to receive the scholarship, also mentioning that i have done my intermediate on a scholarship as i scored a distinction in my matric examination.I have demonstrated throughout my academic career that I am a very hard worker, as seen by my high grades.

Studying at your prestigious institution has long been a goal of mine, and being able to do so on a scholarship would be a great time for me and my family. I respectfully urge that you consider me for a merit-based scholarship. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours Sincerely,

Haroon Vicky

Application for Need-Based Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor,

Institute of Mumbai,


SUBJECT: Requesting Need-Based Scholarship

With due respect, I introduce myself as Vishal Jutt, a student at your esteemed institution’s History Department. I’d like to bring to your notice a problem, which is that I’m a decent student overall, I had the greatest CGPA last year, and I am still in first position this year. Sir, I have worked very hard to be here, and studying at this institution is the best chance I have ever had. I’d like to state that I live in Chandigarh and come from a poor household. I’d like to work hard and advance in my career. I am grateful to you if you consider me with this chance. Sir, I would like to request that you please award me a need-based scholarship from your financial assistance service for needy students.

Sir, I am in desperate need since I need to pay my tuition for the upcoming semester and my parents and relatives are unable to do so. I don’t want a financial crisis to derail my entire future. Please consider my request, and please know that I will be eternally grateful to you for this great gesture.

Yours obediently,

Vishal Jutt

Impact of online education on student

Impact of Online Education on Student

The pandemic of coronavirus uprooted from 2019 so in that reference the name of this pandemic goes hit as Covid-19. The situation is truly depressing and tragic for thousands of thousands of people around the world. The virus’s main stroke is the social distancing which leads to the shutting down of working organizations ranging from construction companies to educational institutions.

 Coming towards on closing of educational institutions, teachers and students suffered a lot! The situation is new for everybody, but shifting from face to face teaching to offline teaching was truly a challenge. Students and teachers weren’t adapted with this kind of teaching and learning. Watching something or spending hours on social media platform is different as it counts in passive mode, you can lift off your eyes off the screen, or do some other task. Teaching and learning is an active activity that involves and demands the presence of all five senses. Teachers took training on how to handle technical issues which could be possible to meet in online session, bought good quality of hand free, earpods , bought whiteboards, after equipping themselves with all the needful, they taught the students on how to download the apps, how to use it, how to fix pods, how to click and what not!

After spending months on online teaching, students do get used to the new normal learning, but it disturbed their mind peace, their discipline got ruptured, physical activity minimized to almost zero level. All the time they were bound to their cells, half of the day was spent in taking online classes, and the other half is spent in uploading the work on designated sites.

The impact of online classes became clear to the teachers once they came back to school after lockdown lifted for two months. The students were lethargic, not in a mood to speak, sleepy all the time, not ready to accept the change that made the task of teachers even harder as the high ups demand normal behavior of students in an abnormal situation which is impossible. Elders must learn to unlearn the illogical expectations!

Request Letter to Dean Regarding Corruption

Sample request letter to dean regarding corruption in education department. Corruption is a crime that could never be compromised on as is a parasite in its very nature. It feeds upon the blood of the host and if the parasite of corruption comes in the education sector then it will definitely eats away the whole education system. Brilliants will be eclipsed by the dull, but tactful. This format is a help for the persons who wanted to eradicate this parasite by putting complaint against it.

Request Letter to Dean Regarding Corruption

The Dean,
Allied International University,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting dean regarding corruption in education department

Respected Sir,

How are you sir? I hope you will be busy enough in forming the formations and extending the revised policies to the concerned persons. I am Andrew Rip, student of 5th year. I am here to report an eye witnessed issue in front of you. Yesterday I went to administration department for getting the admission form of my younger sister. I had applied on her behalf for the freshmen level. I came to get the form, but it was said to me by the residing authority that the admission forms are no longer available for free. I wasn’t in touch with the new policies as very busy in my studies and related researches so I paid 500 for the form and came back home.
Today in the cafeteria, I was by the way talking with my fellow on the admission form changed policy, but to my shock, there was none such! Admission forms are selling like hot cupcakes! Please take a serious notice of it or our future generation will have to pay the heaviest price for
this corruption. Thank you.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Andrew Rip,
3 rd August, 2018.

Request Letter for Renewal of Syllabus

Sample request letter to chairman regarding renewal of syllabus. Education is key to success as we all know. Quality of syllabus determine the quality of education. Syllabus should be at par with current situations and should not be compromised. This format is for the ones who wish to get a changed syllabus for the future generation.

Request Letter for Renewal of

The Chairman,
Allied International School System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting chairman regarding renewal of syllabus

Respected Sir,

How are you? I hope you will be gleeful in your life and mesmerized by its quick changing gears. I welcome you as new chairman of our school system. I am Ms. Martha Joy, an English Language teacher of class 5 th standard. I am serving this post from the past ten years and the course line of the syllabus is still the same! Sir, we live in a modern era and we should teach our child the current teaching and content, bookish knowledge is of no use to them as they are better at ease in using modern appliances and gadgets. Their mental levels are far better than ours. This a modern generation befitting for the modern era. I tried all of my expertise in getting the syllabus more innovative and easy to comprehend, but dear sir, I am now fed up from this old syllabus and books. They no longer fascinate me so how could it be interesting for my students?
It is my humble request to you that please change the syllabus for the betterment of the students as well as the teachers. Kindly put the change in syllabus after every 5 years and is important for keeping the students abreast with the current teachings and genres. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Martha Joy,
3 rd August, 2018.

Request Letter to School Educational Director for Minimizing Strengths 

Sample format of request letter to Educational Director for minimizing strengths in classes. Quality education depends on number of students in each class; lesser the number; higher the quality or vice versa. This format is helpful for the finding souls.

Request Letter to School Educational Director for Minimizing Strengths

The Educational Director,
Easter Formation Higher Education School System,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request letter to Regional Director for Minimizing Strengths in Classes

Respected Madam,

We, the staff of Easter Formation Higher Education School System, congratulate you on your promotion from Regional Coordinator to Educational Director. We are blessed to have you as our new ED as in the past you heard our views and took appropriate steps in order to minimize our complaints,

we hope the same practice will be practiced in the future as well. Madam, it is no wonder that Finland had the most literacy level than the entire world. We searched and met their teachers in order to know the reason behind their breath taking success! Two things came up into our notice: first they have less school hours clubbed with a feast of very little home work for the students; secondly, their course of syllabus is very appropriate; not too long nor too short.

We want excellence for our students as well. We want them to enjoy life, live a healthy life free of any burden and a groomed poised personality. We want them to be cultured and more civilized so we came here to ask you to kindly cut short the number of the students at all levels as minimizing the syllabus and limiting the time span is not possible.We will be thankful if you take prompt step in favour of it. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Entire Staff,
3 rd June, 2017.

The Meaning and Purpose of Comparative Education

Here we are describing the importance and value of education, Aims and objectives of education multiple definitions of education how education make a person perfect

The Meaning and  Scope of Comparative Education


Important Points:

  • Definitions of Education
  • Aims and Objectives
  • System of Education
  • The defects of our Education System and reforms needed
  • Conclusion

Before discussing education system and its defects, It is important ts state a few definitions of Education so that the meaning of Education is made clear.


1- Education makes us good citizens and we prove useful for ourselves and for the society we are a part of.
2-Education tells us about the vicissitude of life and teaches us how to lead a successful life.
3-There are certain crimes and objectives of life for which Education is imperative.
4-In the words of John Devy: Education is such a re organisation of experiment
which enhances the meanings of experiment new experiments in a better manner.

Aims and Objectives of Education:

There are different views about the aims and objectives of Education.
The basic aim of Education is to produce good and able teachers who should polish the abilities of their students and later compare these abilities with the available national resources and in the light of this comparison they should introduce changes in their style of imparting Education.

The aim of Education is to enable one to have understanding and practical approach with which one could exercise power and authority over one’s world.
In the words of Ibn-e-Khaldun one should first acquire power of Faith and then acquire knowledge and should try to ascertain the truth.
In the words of Shah Waliullah The objective of Education is to contemplate to find out the reality and the truth.
Renowned American Scholar John Devy gives his point of view .The aim of Education is to enable one to continue his educational pursuits.

Our Education’s System: Education is a must for every member of the nation. The process of Education continues from the cradle to the grave. The secret of the survival of life lies in the Education.The nation which lacks Education dies soon. Education which is acquired through personal experiences lasts long.Today Educational institutions are busy in the Educational and academic activities and are busily transferring the cultural heritage to the younger generations.The system of Education of every country reflects its requirements. Each country has its own ideology according to which the system of Education is modified.Pakistan is unfortunate in the sense that in spite of a clear goal, no arrangements have been made to achieve this goal.Our Education system is not fulfilling the national requirements.There is no denying the fact that Pakistan came into being to uphold the islamic teachings in our education system has led to the separation of an integral part Each Pakistan .This shows that our education has collapsed miserably, it may be mentioned here that we inherited the present system of education from the British.It is a fact  that the British had no interest in our education system .

The English setting aside our old and useful system of Education farmed a new Education system which was aimed at alienating the Muslims from their religion,culture and civilization . The new English system of Education was shaped to mentally paralyses the Muslims.The second aim of this system was to produce a team of white-collared who could serve their British rulers in every possible way. The British somehow succeeded in producing such educated elite who were like their British rulers in mind and manner. Allama Iqbal could foresee the dreadful consequences of this system and portrayed them in his poetical masterpieces.

The defects of our Education system and the reforms needed:

Our Education system needs immediate changes, but before any changes could be suggested, it is important to review the defects in our system of Education.It is, however, imperative to have Islamic injunctions as the very basis of our Education system so that the younger generations could mold their Educational pursuits according to Islamic needs.

Educationists ought to chalk out a comprehensive plan so that it could be made clear in what proportions should the students be given the Education of science, commerce, medicines, arts, technology, education, administration etc.
In our education system,no attention is paid to the mental and moral training of the teachers who are,in fact,the architects of the nation.As such,it is necessary to establish a training institutions for women should also be established so that the concept of co-education could be abolished.

Educational institutions should be made autonomous so that the educationists could solve the Education related problems in a free atmosphere.Organised efforts should be made to enhance the literacy rate.English medium institutions do not fulfill the national requirements and accordingly such institutions should be abolished to create a compatibility in our education system.

The defective system of examination, lack of Libraries,declining standard of education, increasing corruption among the teachers, non-availability of research facilities, insufficient boarding and lodging facilities for students are some of the problems needing quick solution.

It is a pity that students are given only three hours to solve the question paper in examinations.It is very difficult for an intelligent student with vast knowledge to condense two years learning in three hours.

The Government should put a ban on the test papers and guides available in the mark so that the students should turn their energies and attention towards prescribed textbooks to attain thorough knowledge.These guides and keys, no doubt, help the students pass the examination but such students can never have a command over the subject.

The Meaning and Purpose of Comparative Education
The Meaning and Purpose of Comparative Education

Educational Value of Games and sports in life

Important Points: 

  • Healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind.
  • Development of mind and body is related with educational performance.
  • An integra part of the process of education.
  • Different kinds of games and sports.
  • Develop skills and abilities.
  • Healthy and positive effects of games and sports.
  • Proper attention is required in Pakistan.

Healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body. In a weak body,there cannot be a healthy and active mind. And for a healthy body,physical exercise is must.Without physical exercise.our body will grow weak,lethargic and dull.The aim of education is the all round development of a personality. It cannot afford to neglect the physical aspect of a student. Development of mind and body are equally important in any good education.
Want of proper physical exercise in the form of games and sports develops many mental problems. Mere intellectual attainment is not enough.Good health and sound body are also a must to face the challenges of life. Therefore,games and sports are an integral part of college education as well as we can chose it as a career. Education will remain incomplete without physical training and exercise.
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy is a famous saying.After studies,some kind of physical exercise,games and sports are necessary.They refresh body and mind and provide recreation. A game of Football or Volleyball in the open air is very refreshing. A game of hockey or a match of badminton will help a student regain his lost mental and physical energy. There will be greater intake of oxygen,better blood circulation and digestion because of these.In the open,where games are played there is fresh air,openness and presence of nature.They have a very healthy influence of nature.They have a very healthy influence on the players.Running,Jumping,kicking,Swimming etc.Provide vigorous,endurance,cooperation and team spirit.The players are more disciplined and fit than others,Sports and games along with education prepare us to stand up and face the challenges of life.

Games and sports are a valuable form of education.They develop our skills and abilities to the maximum. They teach discipline,obedience and cooperation.Every game has its own rules and regulation.They are binding on the players. All players have to follow them.There is penalty on their violation. One can never win the match without following the laws of game. He has to abide by the judgement of the refree.It teaches a player how important it is to follow the rules and regulations. Games and sports help us in producing very disciplined citizen,leaders and professionals.They teach how to cooperate with one another and achieve success. It is a playground or gymnasium where team spirit,cooperation and endurance can be thought best ,games teach players how to ignore individual interest.Games also teach fair play and faith in equality and justice.They enable us to take defeat and victory in a cheerful spirit.

Games also allow an outlet to our suppressed energy.It helps us a lot in remaining peaceful and non-violent,when our energy is suppressed,we become irritative short-tempered,violent and aggressive.Sports,persons will not indulge in violence,hooliganism and acts of lawlessness.Games also provide us the best use of leisure time.

Pakistan needs good and great players and sports persons.They are in great demand to participate in national and international events.Pakistan record in this respect has been very poor.The boys and girls should be caught at the very young age and trained in  different games and sports.There should be no school or college without a proper playground attached to it.Mere mental education is of no use without physical education.They should go hand-in-hand as an integral part of education.They are complementary to each other.