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Sample Article on What is better a Movie or a Book

The following is an article on What is better a movie or a book. Searchers can use this according to their needs.

Sample Article on What is better a Movie or a Book

A book is known to be a man’s best friend. Reading a book is probably one of the most therapeutic things to do when you’re anxious or just bored. While reading a book can be pretty entertaining, watching a movie can be much easier and less time-consuming. In my opinion, reading a book is better than watching a movie because movies are short and precise and do not cover every little detail that the writer has published in a book. For people who are busy in their daily lives or have jobs, movies can be very convenient and easy to watch. It takes at least 2 to 3 days for a good reader to finish reading a book and if you’re in your professional life then reading a book can be quite hectic too. But there are a lot of people who find peace in reading books and therefore prefer it over watching the movie. Another big disadvantage of watching a movie is that you watch a movie on a mobile phone or television which can cause great distress to your eyes and affect your eyesight too. Reading a book can have a negative impact on your eyesight too but only if you’re reading it in dull light. There are a lot of people who prefer reading the book and then watching the remake of that book as the movie. This is because they can have complete clarity of everything the writer has tried to portray. Our generation prefers watching a film over reading a book because it’s a better source of entertainment. You can watch a film in a cinema with your friends and discuss it later but this is not the case with books. You can’t read a book as a group and discuss it. I still think that reading a book is better in so many other ways. The precision of character, their emotions, and their lives are given in the book can never be portrayed in a two-hour movie. Furthermore, books allow you to enhance your imagination and think out of the box. Almost 55% of our generation prefers watching a movie, 25% prefers reading a book and 20% prefer doing both. It’s heartbreaking to see how technology has taken over the world and if people do not start giving attention to reading books then there might be a time where we will be living in a world without books and a world without books means a world without imagination.

Request Letter for Renewal of Syllabus

Sample request letter to chairman regarding renewal of syllabus. Education is key to success as we all know. Quality of syllabus determine the quality of education. Syllabus should be at par with current situations and should not be compromised. This format is for the ones who wish to get a changed syllabus for the future generation.

Request Letter for Renewal of

The Chairman,
Allied International School System,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting chairman regarding renewal of syllabus

Respected Sir,

How are you? I hope you will be gleeful in your life and mesmerized by its quick changing gears. I welcome you as new chairman of our school system. I am Ms. Martha Joy, an English Language teacher of class 5 th standard. I am serving this post from the past ten years and the course line of the syllabus is still the same! Sir, we live in a modern era and we should teach our child the current teaching and content, bookish knowledge is of no use to them as they are better at ease in using modern appliances and gadgets. Their mental levels are far better than ours. This a modern generation befitting for the modern era. I tried all of my expertise in getting the syllabus more innovative and easy to comprehend, but dear sir, I am now fed up from this old syllabus and books. They no longer fascinate me so how could it be interesting for my students?
It is my humble request to you that please change the syllabus for the betterment of the students as well as the teachers. Kindly put the change in syllabus after every 5 years and is important for keeping the students abreast with the current teachings and genres. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Martha Joy,
3 rd August, 2018.

Request Letter for Free Books

Sample Request Letter for Free Books and Uniform from School/College. The students who are deserving and are not able to acquire the essential school amenities can write up this request letter to the principal. Mention the needs, clearly and in efficient way. Easy format is provided below which can also be transformed into application.

Request Letter for Free Books

Mr. Kim Green,
Vice Principal
Stars College System.

Subject: Request for Free Books and Uniform

Respected Sir,

I am writing to inform you about the serious family constraints I am facing. Sir, I belong to a poverty-stricken and needy family and in this era of inflation it is not possible for my parents to retain possession of my & sibling’s needs. I am much eager to continue my education and for this I am unable to attain my family support.

I got admission in this College upon merit basis  and I’ve got higher grades throughout my educational tenure. Sir, I am not able to buy syllabus books and uniform and without these things I am not able to attend my classes. Therefore, my purpose of writing is to request that kindly provide me books and uniform from college as a help of mine so that, I may join classes without any hurdle.

Sir, please accept my humble request and I hope that by viewing my testimonials and educational results you’ll definitely consider my plea. I hope that you’ll be a source of my help at this hour of need. I assure you that my performance will be upgraded evermore.

Thanking you I remain.



Format 2:

Sample Request letter to School for Uniform and Books. In the current scenario, school expenses costs a lot on the pocket of parents of the respective child. In order to shed the burden, many parents demand grant of school uniform and the books to be taught in the course. Such letter format can help such parents in making request to the schools.

Sample Request letter to School for Uniform and Books

The Principal,
Monolete School of scholars,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Sample Request letter to School for Uniform and Books

Respected Sir,

It is to state with much humbleness and gratitude that I am father of Mr. Tom Sawyer who is currently studying in your prestigious school in 9 th standard. As you know, my son is very good in the studies and he is getting A+ (plus) grade throughout his academic career and you had bestowed upon him many medals and certificates of excellence.

In his whole academic career you had seen no late fee or some other financial issue so far but now I am suffering from the worst time period of my life as I had met an accident and as per policy I couldn’t get full salary on medical leave. I do not want the fee concession but I want you to please arrange school uniform and books so that my son can continue his studies. I assure you that as soon as I get back to my work, I will pay back the money that the gracious school will spend on him for his better future. I will be thankful to you if you will see to this matter with kindness. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Copes Sawyer,
June 12, 2016