Application for Merit-Based Scholarship

The following is a request letter by a student to his vice-chancellor regarding being appointed to receive a scholarship so that he can continue his studies without any worries.

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Application for Merit-Based Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor,

Institute of Delhi,


SUBJECT: Requesting Merit-Based Scholarship

My name is Haroon Vicky, and I’m writing to apply for a merit-based scholarship to help me finance my BA (Hons) History studies at the Institute of Delhi. Being given the opportunity to study further in this subject at the Institute of Delhi is a fantastic opportunity that I aim to grasp completely and without hesitation. Throughout my past education and job experience, I have constantly demonstrated that when presented with an opportunity, I will work as hard as I can to best represent myself and thank those who have given me the opportunity to do so. I have scored 95% in my intermediate examination and I feel like a perfect candidate to receive the scholarship, also mentioning that i have done my intermediate on a scholarship as i scored a distinction in my matric examination.I have demonstrated throughout my academic career that I am a very hard worker, as seen by my high grades.

Studying at your prestigious institution has long been a goal of mine, and being able to do so on a scholarship would be a great time for me and my family. I respectfully urge that you consider me for a merit-based scholarship. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yours Sincerely,

Haroon Vicky

Application for Need-Based Scholarship

The Vice-Chancellor,

Institute of Mumbai,


SUBJECT: Requesting Need-Based Scholarship

With due respect, I introduce myself as Vishal Jutt, a student at your esteemed institution’s History Department. I’d like to bring to your notice a problem, which is that I’m a decent student overall, I had the greatest CGPA last year, and I am still in first position this year. Sir, I have worked very hard to be here, and studying at this institution is the best chance I have ever had. I’d like to state that I live in Chandigarh and come from a poor household. I’d like to work hard and advance in my career. I am grateful to you if you consider me with this chance. Sir, I would like to request that you please award me a need-based scholarship from your financial assistance service for needy students.

Sir, I am in desperate need since I need to pay my tuition for the upcoming semester and my parents and relatives are unable to do so. I don’t want a financial crisis to derail my entire future. Please consider my request, and please know that I will be eternally grateful to you for this great gesture.

Yours obediently,

Vishal Jutt

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