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Sample Application of Cancelling School Bus by Parents

Here briefly describe on sample application to Admin Manager or transport in-charge for cancellation or discontinue of school bus service by parents. You should write a reasonable cause. You can change these formats as your requirement.

Sample Application of Cancelling School Bus by Parents


The Manager Admin.

Dear Sir,

This application is directed to the administration of the School. I am the mother of Karen Jacob, class 4. I am writing this application to inform the administration of the school that my daughter no longer needs the services of the school bus. We have bought a new car and I will pick and drop my daughter at school. There is no problem with transportation for us anymore. My office timings are the same as my daughter’s school timing so it would not be a lot of problems for me to pick and drop her. Therefore, I no longer need the school bus anymore. My membership in the school bus has been made from the start. We have a great and safe experience with the school bus in past times. We did not have any problem with the services of the school bus. Please cancel the membership of the school bus of Karen Jacob.

Yours Sincerely,

Karen’s Mother

School Bus Leaving Application by Parents


The transport In-charge,

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I am Eon Will and I am the father of the Georgia Eon. I am writing this letter to inform you that we no longer require the school bus services at Grand Watson School anymore. My daughter is a student at the school and studying in 7th grade. She has been using the bus school services for a long time. My wife’s office timing has changed to my daughter’s school timing and now they are flexible in giving her time to pick daughter from school as well. We can now pick and drop our daughter easily from school. This is to inform you that we want you to cancel the membership of the school bus.  I don’t wish to get charged any more for the school bus.  It would be good if you cancel the membership right now as the new month is going to start soon.

Thank you for the bus schooling services all this time.

Yours Truly,

Eon Will

Cell no: ————–

Complaint Letter of Bus Driver to Management

Sample Complaint Letter Format of Bus Driver to Management. Complaints are commonly found everywhere whether it’s the home or the office environment. Students are usually deemed as highly energetic and their energies sometimes creates a lot of aches for the drivers to which they are the passengers. Such format can be used by drivers who wanted to file their complaint to the management.

Sample Complaint Letter of Bus Driver to Management

The Principal,
Aryans Cathedral High School,
London, England.

Subject: Complaint Letter of Bus Driver to Management

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to state that I am driver of School Bus no. 879 functioned for the route of West and North direction. I am here with a number of complaints against certain issues and wanted them to be in notice of yours as well. Following is the list of problems that I am currently facing:

? Late coming of students causing me problem of time
? Inapt service of the bus as is not on time!
? Placing student of opposite route under my charge
? Internal cleanliness of seats not up to the mark
? Inadequate fuel supply

Sir I am fed up from these situations that I am encountering on daily basis. Kindly see to all the situations and undo a great amount of burden from my head and shoulders. I hope a favourable action from your side and kindly expedite the process as early as possible. I will be much grateful for yours this kind step towards the betterment of my mental as well as physical health. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. James Michael
February 22, 2016

Complaint Letter of Bus Driver to Management
Complaint Letter of Bus Driver to Management

Application for Change of Child’s School Bus

Sample Format Application for Requesting Change of Child’s School Bus. This letter format is being used by Parents and Students if they want to change the school bus.This application can be used for schools, colleges, academies, and universities.

Sample Application for Change of Child’s School Bus

The Principal,
New Delhi School,

Subject: Application for Requesting Change of Child’s School Bus

Respected Madam,

With due respect it is to state that my son Mr. Shahrukh Chakrwati studied in class 5 of section Tulip in your school. In the school due to some reason at internal school level my child was transferred into another school bus due to, I think some route issue or whatever. I want to put back him in his previous bus because he is feeling very disturbed because of this change as his friends are in the previous bus. So please I request you to kindly change the school bus of my child in favour
of his better mental health.

Yours Truly,
Vijay Chakrwati
October 20, 2015