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Request Letter for Changing an Order

Request letter for changing an order from customer. Making choices and then breaking them is a human nature as rules are meant to break. The replacement procedure is either due to the faulty design or the faded colour or both. The online stores extend the facility of replace and return policy that accommodate their business rating and customer satisfaction. This letter can be used by persons who wanted to replace the products they bought.

Request Letter for Changing an Order

The Manager
Steel mills and craft industry
Mumbai, India

Subject: Request of Changing an Order from Customer

Respected sir,

It is to state with much humility that I am Mr. Chauhan Tara and recently purchased a big stock of Spanish tiles for my house which is in process of construction. I wanted to take the entire stock of tiles and my wife also wanted to have the Spanish tiles, but in another colour as she is going to pay the amount. I resign my choice and favoured her as he is all in all in my home and if you are married you can very well imagine and understand my state apart from joke.

I had ordered the same tiles, but in orange colour this time and I hope it will not bother you as it fits in your return and change policy which says the customer is allowed to file a case within fifteen days and cancel the ordered item, but must go for another product of the same stock. I did the both and fulfilled your requirements. As far as my shipping address is concerned it is the same and the billing option is cash on delivery. If there will still be any problem then kindly let me know via telephone as given in the address. Hoping to hear good news from your side. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr.Chohan Tara
26 th August, 2017

Complaint Letter for Over Charging in Online Products

Sample complaint letter for over charging in online products. Online shopping is trending nowadays as it frees the customers from go and choose and then spend time on buying and using fuel in covering the distances. Online shipping is free of cost above certain payable amount, but many stores operating online are charging their customers more than the actual off line stores. Complaint could be send to such to cater such issues.

Complaint Letter for Over Charging in Online Products

The Admin,
Dante Boccaccio International.
Bhagalpur, India.

Subject: Complaint for over charging in online products

Respected Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a regular customer of various online shopping stores. I purchased all women associated products including health care, make up, jewelry, shoes, bottoms, lingerie, traditional dresses, sweaters, jumper, shrugs and hand bags so to say. I am purchasing so from the past ten years and never encountered any problem either in the quality or quantity of the product I ordered from online stores of known or not known stores of brands. In my search of something new I came across your brand as listed as Add in the suggested in the bars.

I got fascinated by the range of stuff you people have and the way of your presentation is classic I must say. I ordered three items in a go and checked out happily. Few day ago I was, as per my nature visiting another site on the internet and came to know that the things I ordered are same over there, but were much cheaper. I ordered the same from that store as well to scrutinize the quality. Now, I had received both the packages and to my horror they are ditto same! The only difference is the price. You people charged thousand more than them! This is ridiculous. I want my money back….the extra rupee that I spend or replace the items with the other ones having the exact actual price. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Deena Sing
26 th August, 2017