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Complaint Letter for Over Charging in Online Products

Sample complaint letter for over charging in online products. Online shopping is trending nowadays as it frees the customers from go and choose and then spend time on buying and using fuel in covering the distances. Online shipping is free of cost above certain payable amount, but many stores operating online are charging their customers more than the actual off line stores. Complaint could be send to such to cater such issues.

Complaint Letter for Over Charging in Online Products

The Admin,
Dante Boccaccio International.
Bhagalpur, India.

Subject: Complaint for over charging in online products

Respected Sir,

It is humbly stated that I am a regular customer of various online shopping stores. I purchased all women associated products including health care, make up, jewelry, shoes, bottoms, lingerie, traditional dresses, sweaters, jumper, shrugs and hand bags so to say. I am purchasing so from the past ten years and never encountered any problem either in the quality or quantity of the product I ordered from online stores of known or not known stores of brands. In my search of something new I came across your brand as listed as Add in the suggested in the bars.

I got fascinated by the range of stuff you people have and the way of your presentation is classic I must say. I ordered three items in a go and checked out happily. Few day ago I was, as per my nature visiting another site on the internet and came to know that the things I ordered are same over there, but were much cheaper. I ordered the same from that store as well to scrutinize the quality. Now, I had received both the packages and to my horror they are ditto same! The only difference is the price. You people charged thousand more than them! This is ridiculous. I want my money back….the extra rupee that I spend or replace the items with the other ones having the exact actual price. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Deena Sing
26 th August, 2017

Sample Letter for Online Stitching Order

Sample letter format of Online Stitching orders. Fine stitching is an issue nowadays and it gets the remedy with online stitching facility.

Sample Letter for Online Stitching Order

The Online Management,
E-Bay Get up,

Subject: Sample letter format of Online Stitching order for brother

Respected Admin,

It is a gliding tide for me to hear a precious word from you that you are having facility of stitching as well! I am sending you my brother’s cloth and two picture attached with this application via email. Measurement of his height is given here in detail. I wanted you to have the design of collar to be copied from picture A ( the guy in blue suit) and the kurta style to be ditto same from picture B ( the guy in white suit). We are hoping to get the suit in this week as per your policy and words. Thanking in anticipation.


Ms. Poonam Rai,
27 th May, 2017.

Online Stitching Order Letter for Mother

The Online Management,
La More Modern Get up,
Bombay, India.

Subject: Sample letter format of Online Stitching order for Mother

Dear Admin,

Diwali is approaching stead fastly and we are getting short of time as we have to move to Baghla pur to attend the ceremony with our family residing there. I wanted a very classy suit for my mother for this special occasion and I am unable to send you the suit by courier so I am sending you the Serial number of the suit to be stitched and the picture of the suit to be stitched like.

Kindly comply and I will pay you in full as soon as I get the parcel from you. Thank you and please hurry in doing so. I will be very grateful.

Yours Truly,
Ms. Teena Singh,
27 th May, 2017.

Sample Letter Format of Online Stitching Order

The Online Management,

Subject: Sample letter format of Online Stitching order for son

Respected Admin,

There is a cultural show to be held in the school and for that reason the school demands a cultural suit as well. I was much worried from where to get such dress and suddenly in few minutes before your offer pop up in front of my eyes. I am now sending you a suit piece with detail measurement and it should be stitched in Kashmiri style. Kindly take your time, but it must be delivered by 13th of next month. I will pay you in cash or as you like. Kindly inform me via email if you encounter any problem. Thanking you in anticipation.

Ms. Rina Sawer,
27 th May, 2017.

Cover Letter for Face book Page Advertisement

Sample Cover Letter for Face book Page Advertisement. This format is helpful for the online job awaited persons.

Cover Letter for Face book Page Advertisement

The CEO,
Face Book Advertisement Department,
Wales, United Kingdom.

Subject: Sample letter format of job for Face book Page Advertisement

Respected Sir,

This world is shrinking day by day and rupturing into a global village as meeting and finding anyone in the world is now no miracle. People are now earning money by advertising their stuff on the Face Book pages and there is always a need for a person who manages advertisements on the pages linked with Face Book. I recently had read an advertisement in this connection and now approaching you at my earliest. I hope many will have contacted you for this awesome job and you might had short listed the talented stuff from the rest of the lot, but the point is no one will ever match my skill in managing the multiple
pages and the respective advertisements published on them.

I am currently working in Polished Stones Company as head of department in Sales Management department and in one year under my charge the sales target rose from 100% to 200 %! It was an astounding thing to digest for the higher faculty, but it is recorded on my credit. I will continue working with same zeal and zest if you hire me for newer ideas and intellect behind my ideas. I am well-versed in creating and evolving creative ideas and graphics. I believe in doing the doable in a very uniform and managed way as it minimizes the chance of fuss and hassle. I am very much positive that I will definitely receive a pleasant answer from you people. Feel free to contact me on 1111-2222- 90087. Thanking you in anticipation.


M. Spark Joy,
14 th April, 2017.

Job Application for Article Writer

Sample Job Application for Article Writer. This application may be used by those people who are applying for a job for the position of article writer in a particular firm or online. He/She can be mentioned all expertises in this  writing job application.

Job Application for Article Writing

The HR Manager,
Monsanto International Firm.

Dear Sir,

Your job advertisement for the post of article writer in the newspaper caught my attention. I am considering your job offer because I am a professional content writer. I have done my masters in English literature and I have work experience of 3 years as a content writer. I have excellent command over English language, grammar, vocabulary and sentence formation.

I am a very dedicated and capable writer and I always meet deadlines of the projects. Moreover, I can also work for extra hours if required. My writing speed is very high and I can work for flexible time daily as I am a very motivated writer because writing is my passion. I have been writing articles for the last 4 years and I have perfect command over it. Some of my professional articles have been attached here with this application and you can evaluate my samples.

I am highly motivated to offer you my services for this specific job and for this I have attached my CV and cover letter along with my sample work so that you can review it. You can contact me anytime and let me know when I can join your prestigious company. I assure you that you will find me an asset for your company. I will be waiting for your positive response.

Yours Faithfully,

Somal Rohat
Cell No: 039998-67899

Job Application for Article Writing
Job Application for Article Writing