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Sample Membership Renewal Letter

Sample Membership Renewal Letter

Dear Member,

I am writing from Spa and Salon. We are the town’s most talkative spa with maintained environment for our customers. It is to inform you that you became our member on 24th December 2018. It is the time that your membership is going to be expired so it is to bring in your attention to renew your membership again for another outstanding year. You will be benefited with many other facilities as being the premium member. You are always our priority. We hope that you did not have a bad experience in the whole year at spa. If you do have any problem or complaints with our spa, you can always inform us immediately and we will take prompt action. As being the most talked about spa and salon of town. We have our recognition and reputation to maintain. We promise you another fantastic year. Please renew your membership.

Warm Regards,


Membership Renewal Letter Template

Dear Member,

First and foremost, we thank you for being a member of our gym club for over a year. We hope that you enjoyed exercising at our gym club. It is the time that we inform you about your membership is going to be expired at 4th February, 2020. This is very important for us to value our members and provide them with best facilities. We have provided you almost all the facilities of the club previous year. We are going to update some of the terms and conditions. I am attaching the terms and conditions with this paper. Please go through this one time so you would know value the rate of our membership has also been increased. We always put first our members and all the feedback. If you need any modifications in membership, we will be happy to assist you. Please renew your membership before the expiration so your slot won’t be filled with another member.

Warm Wishes,



Request Letter to get Membership of Library

Request Letter to get Membership of Library. Library is a rich source of knowledge at a one place and has almost covering all data relevant to particular subject. This is a sample written format how to apply for membership of library.

Request Letter to get Membership of Library

The resource person
Library Complex for students

Subject: A request letter to get membership of a library

Sir, I am fond of reading books, it’s my hobby to sleep with books. Fortunately, I was member of your library under the age group of I2 years to 16 years for a period of 6 months. It was marvelous experience of my life. This experience inserted a wish inside me to become the permanent member of your library.
It is stated that I am doing my BS Honors from high school of Social Sciences and now I have to do a research thesis for my final semester based on “Adult perception towards religion”. To make my research more authentic and pure from plagiarism, I need access to a library. Kindly permit me to get a membership of the library complex. I would like to avail the facility of the library during the hours of Saturdays and Sundays.
For this, I also have the letter issued by my school of social sciences to give me a student membership of library for a year. I have followed the required procedures to get the membership of this library complex for students. I am attaching all paid receipts with this letter along with all my school documentation and identity card. Still if you need any other material please inform me. I would provide you.
I would be anxiously waiting for your positive reply as soon as possible for the membership of your library. I shall be very thankful to you for the act of this kindness. Thanking and anticipation!

Yours Sincerely,
Miss Carry Elbert,
BS HONS Student

Cancellation Letter of Gym Membership

Sample cancellation letter of Gym membership. Physical fitness is not mandatory for actors, sportsman or army personnel, but it is equally important for every tom, dick and henry. Fitness tips and help is provided to all in the gyms irrespective of male or female as they both deserve health for a wonderful life ahead of them. Gym memberships are small but has to be regularly paid on monthly basis for the expenses they bear and cancellation will not give the surety of refund of fee without prior notice.

Sample  Cancellation Letter of Gym Membership

The Manager,
Solid Steel Gymnasium
Mumbai, India.

Subject: Cancellation letter of Gym membership

Respected Sir,

This is to inform you that I am writing this letter to you in order to cancel my gym membership as I am now moving to New Delhi and it would not be possible for me to stay back here and join the gym for my fitness. I have given the fee of three months in advance which is six thousand in total and I was terribly busy in shifting the things from here to there and those three months got wasted as I could not manage to come and do any sort of exercise.

I am not renewing my membership which is due on the next month as the problem I cracked you earlier. I am giving you leaving notice one month before and it will suffice your policy. I think there will be no issue in refunding me the fee and cancelling my membership for good. Kindly let me know if there is any other formal document to be signed by me as proof or to avoid any unpleasant event in future. Kindly let me know about my cancellation and refund of fee via contact number mentioned on the registration form. Thanking in advance for your cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Rahul Raichand
26 th August, 2017.

Membership Cancellation Letter Format

Sample Cancellation Letter Format for annulment of membership from club. Sports is very much linked with health. Many clubs gave the facilities of sports that leads to health fitness. Cleanliness plays vital role in the continuation of membership in any club. Poor conditions leads to cancellation of the memberships. Cancellation Letter Sample of Membership can be used by clients who wished to discontinue their membership from the club.

Membership Cancellation Letter Format

The Manager,
Star Polo Club
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Annulment of Membership from Club

Respected Sir,

With much concern and feeling heart I am here to put down my words. I came here as a member of your Sports club from hardly one year. The chain of promises from your side about the advanced facilities and the state of cleanliness and adding aesthetic beauty to the ground never saw its end. I passed the time with much tolerance and patience and regularly paid the fee that your club charged on monthly basis but the sorry sight is that I could not see any change or good new happening in the current scenario of the club other than the lofty increase in monthly fee!

With much regret I am leaving this club and you are requested to cancel my membership card as I went sick of the dirt and the old rusty sports items laying rotten here from times unknown. Do not mind my harshness but this what the reality is. In order to gain money many extra efforts are put up in maintenance of the clubs so that they keep earning out of it but you paid no heed towards it. Farewell.

Mr. Patil Dev
December,15, 2015

Membership Cancellation Letter Format
Membership Cancellation Letter Format