Membership Cancellation Letter Format

Sample Cancellation Letter Format for annulment of membership from club. Sports is very much linked with health. Many clubs gave the facilities of sports that leads to health fitness. Cleanliness plays vital role in the continuation of membership in any club. Poor conditions leads to cancellation of the memberships. Cancellation Letter Sample of Membership can be used by clients who wished to discontinue their membership from the club.

Membership Cancellation Letter Format

The Manager,
Star Polo Club
New Delhi, India.

Subject: Annulment of Membership from Club

Respected Sir,

With much concern and feeling heart I am here to put down my words. I came here as a member of your Sports club from hardly one year. The chain of promises from your side about the advanced facilities and the state of cleanliness and adding aesthetic beauty to the ground never saw its end. I passed the time with much tolerance and patience and regularly paid the fee that your club charged on monthly basis but the sorry sight is that I could not see any change or good new happening in the current scenario of the club other than the lofty increase in monthly fee!

With much regret I am leaving this club and you are requested to cancel my membership card as I went sick of the dirt and the old rusty sports items laying rotten here from times unknown. Do not mind my harshness but this what the reality is. In order to gain money many extra efforts are put up in maintenance of the clubs so that they keep earning out of it but you paid no heed towards it. Farewell.

Mr. Patil Dev
December,15, 2015

Membership Cancellation Letter Format
Membership Cancellation Letter Format

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