Congratulation Letter to a Friend

Congratulation Letter to a Friend on getting medal in graduation ceremony. Passing an examination with distinction is a great thing and it must be appreciated by all and sundry. Achievements and appreciation goes hand in hand and it acts as catalyst for the bearer. This format can be a good choice for the yearning souls and can help them in their hustle.

Sample Congratulation Letter to a Friend

Ms. Lucy Luka,
East Avenue, Cherry Wood Lane,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Congratulation to a friend on getting medal in Graduation

Dear Lucy,

I am at loss of words right now as I watch you live on the Tele
vision receiving your Gold Medal in Linguistic. My eyes swelled with tears of happiness and I went in the flashback mode: recalling the blissful moments of yours; going to school having two little ponytails and swaying them here and there; running towards me holding 1 st Position Award in your hand and humping in my lap with untold happiness and excitement of yours.
After 14 years, I felt the same. The only difference is your size. You
have grown up now! For a mother, daughter is her second reflection. I wish your mother could be alive to see your wonderful success. I was not physically present at your graduation ceremony, but I watched moment by moment live show of your ceremony. I took long break from my meeting schedule and enjoyed your success to its fullest. You will exactly feel the joy when you will put yourself at my place!
On your brilliant success, I have bought a new Sports car for you as a
dream gift of yours and I hope you will enjoy your first ride with your
friends and don’t forget to take your grandparents with you. Loads of love for my lovely cute friend. Take Care.

Ms. Elizabeth Roy,
6 th February, 2018.

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