Congratulation Email to Friend on Getting Job

Sample Congratulation Email to friend on getting good job. Friends are important part of man’s life as with them one can live a life full of colours and love. Turning an ordinary day into something special is the aura of true friends and such wonders can be done via email where a man can feel his presence in his friend’s life on getting good jobs!

Sample Congratulation Email to Friend on Getting Job


Subject: Congratulation Email to friend on getting good job

My love of life!

I hope you will be in the best basket of blessing and endless blessings of the Almighty. I cannot express my feeling of bliss for you at the moment! I read your email few minutes before and felt frantic jubilation. I am really very happy for you my dear. Stay blessed ever!

I remember the childhood we shared and then sufferings of ours in different dimensions and fields; mine were subjective in nature in which your support was immense to build my moral character and yours were objective in sense, in which, unfortunately I was of no help to you because of distance. I can imagine with relief now that your objective issues will die their natural death on the arrival of your good job. With this money, you can solve maximum of your financial and related mental issues. It will take only a year to spend money on such matters and then the wide gate of happiness will transfer you from this world to the world of bliss and gaiety. I am always praying for you and your family. Be happy and make others happy too. Love you once again.

Mr. Jacob
June 1, 2016

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