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Thanks Letter after Meeting

Sample thanks letter after meeting. Necessary changes can be done according to need.

Thanks Letter after Meeting

Dear Humma,

I hope you are doing gear.It was sublime meeting you and learning about your upcoming activities. I really appreciate the time you took from your schedule.

Thank you for allowing me to discuss with you our upcoming theatre play proposal. I hope you found our proposal interesting  and that you could see how we have incorporated different benefits and mileage for our sponsors. All the details have been mentioned in the proposal. Apart from this any other activity/benefit that you might want to add can also be catered with consideration.

As been mentioned in our meeting, Roshni is beautifully knitted in a Domestic story by writer and director Zara Khan (LSE). It is a melodramatic play which talks about self-awareness, change from within and patriotism with its subtle and major chunk of humor and puns. This is an original urdu play which we are planning to stage for three main cities i-e; Islamabad, Karachi & Lahore. Attached here with is our company profile along with proposal of our theatre play “Roshni”. Kindly acknowledge.

As it also been mentioned in our meeting, we are Arts and Entertainment based company that designs and execute private and client  based projects with equal zest. Our expertise can be segregated into two main divisions; Media Productions and Corporate/Client based projects ranging in various forays of events and entertainment such as feature-length films, theater plays, web-series, TVC/DVC/music videos, documentaries, corporate events, concerts & activities including conferences and seminars, corporate tours & merchandising, brand activation and any other client based projects. We have a bright talented team of experienced professionals who have excelled performing in both private and government sectors.

We, at Creative Group, value you and your organization and vigorously work to find ways to better satisfy. We look forward to your forthcoming activities to facilitate you with our supreme quality of work- we are known for. If you need any further assistance or have any query please feel free to contact us. Stay Blessed.

Warm Regards,

Jopha Robert | Director Communcications
Contact: 021-111-345345

Sample Application Formats of Short leave

Sample Application Formats of Short Leave.These formats can be used for different reasons according to need. For picking guest from airport.Guests arrival is blessing indeed but sometime due to clash in timings one had to file a leave in office for picking guests from the airport. Such formats can help such people on short notice.

Format 1:-

Sample Application Formats of Short leave

The Manager,
Golden Gas Bank Private limited,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Application of Short Leave for Picking Guest from Airport

Respected Madam,

With utmost respect and care I am here to file my request of short leave of two hours only from my office work. I need to pick my mother in law from the airport as her plane landed late and got a time clash with working hours. Kindly do consider the sensitivity of the case and grant me short leave. I will be back in time. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Andrew
April 8, 2016

Format 2:-

Short Leave Format for Donating Blood. Emergencies are part of life and to save someone’s life with blood donation is a great deed. Such formats can help such people on short notice.

Sample Application Format of Short Leave for Donating Blood

The Manager,
Star dust Company Private limited,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Application of Short Leave for Donating Blood

Respected Madam,

With paramount veneration and caution I just received a call from my friend crying out call of help of blood donation for his mother. My blood group matches with her and she is blood cancer patient so she needs an urgent blood to fight for dear life. I hope you will consider my request and will grant me short leave of three hours to get there. Mr. Ottoman will take care of the matters in my absence.I will be very grateful to you.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Antonio
April 8, 2016

Format 3:-

Short leave Application for attending Book fare.For book lovers book fares are real treats and short leaves are in high demand in those days. Such format can help bookworms to get their spare time.

Application format of Short Leave for Attending Book fare

The Principal,
Marmot Public school,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Application of Short Leave for Attending Book fare

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to state that I want to have a short leave of two hours. You know very well that I am the biggest lover of books and today is the last day of annual book fare. Kindly grant me the short leave so that I can collect the priceless books that I cherished from ages placed in the book fare stalls. I hope you will consider my request and grant me the leaves. Thank you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Iago
April 8, 2016

Format 4:-

Sample Application format of short leave for attending PTM. Parent Teacher Meetings often has timing clash with other organizations. This format can help parents to get their spare time for PTM.

Sample Application of Short Leave for Attending PTM

The Manager,
Manacle Piping Corporation,
Mexico, United States of America.

Subject: Application of Short Leave for Attending PTM

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to state that I want to have a short leave of one hour. The reason behind this short leave is the Annual Result Day of my dear son. His mother is not feeling well due to back ache and the responsibility of attending parent teacher meetings solely rests upon me. I will be back in time. I hope you will consider my request and grant me the leave. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. David Cooper
April 8, 2016

Application of Short Leave for Attending PTM
Application of Short Leave for Attending PTM

Apology Letter for Cancellation of Business Meeting

Apology Letter for Cancellation of Business Meeting Sample.This letter can be used by all those people who are currently employed in any kind of business and due to some reason they fail to attend a business meeting which has been scheduled. Necessary changes can be done according to your  need.

Sample Apology Letter for Cancellation of Business Meeting

Mr. Ali Khan,
Marketing Manager.

Subject: Apology Letter due to Meeting Cancellation 

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to apologize for not being there for the scheduled meeting last yesterday.Although my past record shows that I am a punctual, regular and well-motivated employee, but I could not attend this meeting which held yesterday. I tried very hard to reach at the right time for meeting but unfortunately, I failed to come as I had some emergency at my home. My wife just got sick and I had to take her to the hospital immediately as she might have got some serious issues if I did not take her to emergency ward. I could not leave her alone there because there is no-one else who can take care of her.

I apologize for not being there for the meeting and I assure you that I will arrange a new meeting so that we can have a detailed discussion about the marketing pricing strategies. I have also notified all the other employees about this rescheduled meeting which will take place on 8th May, 2015 in conference room. We will also discuss about the promotional packaging of our products in that meeting. I will make sure that all the important matters will get discussed in this meeting so that we do not get losses. I hope you will accept my apology and will allow me to reschedule this meeting.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

Raza Khan
Resource Officer

Sample Apology Letter for Cancellation of Business Meeting
Sample Apology Letter for Cancellation of Business Meeting



Apology Letter for Ending Partnership

Apology Letter for Ending Partnership Sample.This apology letter can be used by all those people who have been involved in any kind of partnership but due to some reason, he/she has to end this partnership. Format is given  below.

Sample Apology Letter for Ending Partnership

Dear Mr. Ahsan,

It is hereby to get noticed by you that I am moving abroad permanently with my family due to which I will not be able to continue with our partnership business anymore. We have had this partnership to the best. But now I have to disburse this partnership act. Therefore, it is being stated that all the outstanding payments and obligations after I end the partnership are not associated with me anyhow. All the assets and liabilities have already been divided among us therefore, there is no further ambiguity related to such matters.

The partnership between partner A( Raza Khan) 60% and partner B (Mr Ahsan) 40% is hereby disbursed on 10th may, 2015. I apologize for ending this partnership all of a sudden but this is not in my hands. I have to move abroad immediately and this is why I am disbursing this partnership. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful business experience I had with you and I feel sorry to end this partnership as I would really miss those mesmerizing times.

I also want you to change the business’s name as it is associated with me. After ending this partnership, I will not owe anything and neither will you owe me anything. I would like to wish you all the best for your future professional partnerships. I also apologize once again for ending this partnership so soon and without any early notice. I hope you do understand my problems and you will co-ordinate with me accordingly.

Yours Faithfully,

Raza Khan
Partner A

Sample Apology Letter for Ending Partnership
Sample Apology Letter for Ending Partnership


Sample Apology Letter for Friend

Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend. If you could not attend his/her marriage ceremony. You can send him/her apology letter for excuse.You can write best wishes for married life in this letter. Format of apology letter is given below.

Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend

My Dear Friend,

I hope you and your family doing well in the best of health and spirits. I am very sorry and embarrassed that I could not be attend at your marriage ceremony. As you know I was much excited to handle the whole function.

Due to some urgent official work I had to fly out of country and I was not in the town on your day of marriage so could not join the function. I deeply missed the function and it would have been great to see you getting married. I felt happy when heard that everything went fine on the day.

Marriage is once in a lifetime moment in anyone’s life and hope that you will get all pleasures of it.I will come to see you and bridle soon. Many best wishes for your married life.May Allah bless you and your family.

Give my prayers to everyone else in the family.

Yours Truly Friend,

Ahsan Hamza

Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend
Sample Apology Letter to Best Friend

Letter to Parents for School Fees Submission

Letter to Parents for School Fees Submission. This letter is applicable for all those parents who have got their kids admitted in  School. This letter provides all the necessary details about the timings and fee submitting process.

Letter to Parents for School Fees Submission Sample

Dear Parents,

The fee submission date is 10th may 2015 and the scheduled timings are 1pm-3pm. The students who are enrolled in junior section will be able to get their fee submitted at North Bank office while those students are in senior section will be able to get their fee admitted in South Bank office. The parents should start coming at 12:30 so that they can get into respected queues and there is no hustle. The fee for junior section is Rs. 5000 while the fee for senior section is Rs. 10000. All the parents will be given refreshments as they will have to wait for their turn. Moreover, the parents should bring their NIC and their children’s roll number slips along with them.

We also request all the parents to stay calm and humble as the process may take a bit more time and they will have to wait a little bit there.The School management decided that all the parents  submit the child fee on time after the due date school will fine extra charges and stay positive and polite throughout the fee submission process.

Thanking you,

School Administration

Letter to Parents for School Fees Submission Sample
Letter to Parents for School Fees Submission Sample

Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director

Sample Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director. If any employee/Manager or member from any organization want to arrange any meeting with the Finance Director for discuss the staff issues or other matter. He/She sample request letter is sent to the higher authorities to get the meeting time. The format is given below.

Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director Sample

The Finance Director
ABC Company,

Dear Sir,

I am glad to see the progress of our company due to the hard work of our entire staff. Most of the staff is quite co-operative, organized, hardworking and well behaved. But, I have seen some of the staff members who are not paying attention to the financial statements of our company. They lack interest in financial matters which is discouraging many other members. So, I would request you to arrange a meeting so that we can discuss about this highly important matter. We will be making some rules and regulations which willhave to be followed by each and every staff member. Moreover, we will also set targets so that they become ambitious and they start working hard in achieving those goals and targets.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely

Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director Sample
Meeting Request Letter with Finance Director Sample

Request for Meeting Appointment Sample

Sample Format for Meeting Appointment . Request for Meeting Appointment Letter and E-mail is also provided. If any Employee, Individual, Officer needs to get an appointment from any other Manager, Director, CEO, Executive body he/she needs to write a request letter or e-mail first in order to get appointment time. It also reflects the ethics. Essential thing for working individuals. Online appointments for fixing a meeting is another dynamic of time saving and electronic in touch. It can be used for dealing the time for appointment solely. Formats are given below.

Sample Request for Meeting

The Food and Beverages Company,

Subject: Request for a meeting

Respected Sir,

It is stated that I represent the Barcelona Food Colors Associates, a company that provides the best and the healthiest alternative food colors to industries the world over, we have not yet been introduced and I would like to hold a meeting with you in this regard. Our company has been rated among the top ten in the region and no side-effects or complaints have been made regarding our products. I have come to know that your company requires food colors that are approved by relevant authorities and are also vegan.

Our company may have the solution to your predicament. You may write to me and schedule the meeting at your convenience or call my assistant for further guidance. We at Barcelona Food Colors Associates shall look forward to doing business with you.

Yours Truly,
Mr. George Reggie
27th May, 2014.

Request for Meeting Appointment

Dear Sir,

This is the manager of corporate bank writing this letter for the appointment of meeting. We have looked into the details of your company and we are looking forward in dealing with the package you have offered. This is the letter for settling of the appointment. Please let us know when you are available next weekend so we can have a proper meeting and discussion on the progress of both of the companies. Our bank is glad to work with your mobile company and believe that with the provided scheme, it can break the internet and people will be benefited from it very much.

Warm Regards,


Appointment for Meeting

Product Sales Manager
Nestle dairy Products

Subject: Appointment for Meeting

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. Caritas James and supplying fresh dairy milk to your company from last two years from my farm. I am providing milk to you at rate of 2 dollars per kg. As you know all companies has revised their rates of dairy products I would like to request you to revise for rate of per kg with me too. You know I am giving you pure milk of Australian cows at very low price.
Please schedule my meeting with your relevant department so I can freely discuss my matter. I expect you will consider my request and give me market rate for my milk. Otherwise I will discontinue my contract with you because I have good offers from other companies. I am attaching that letters with this letter.

Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely
Mr. Caritas James

Request for Meeting Appointment Sample

The CEO,
Forensic Center

Subject: Request for Meeting Appointment

Respected Sir,

With high spirits and humble in attire I beg your pardon for approaching you through email and at such an odd time. I hope you will not mind my air of approaching you but highly esteemed sir I am in real problem and could not manage to come at your office as you are heck busy in your work and could not spare time for personal meeting.

I had sent you my C.V and had a good introduction with your manager but I wanted to have a meeting time to be fixed by you for a responsible job in Forensic Centre. I am fully eligible for the seat and wanted you to spare some time for me in regard of job.

Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Yazdan Shah
October 16,2015

Request Letter for Meeting Appointment Sample

The Managing Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Letter for Meeting Appointment

Dear Sir,

I hope to find you in a good health. I was good experience and exchange of ideas on our telephonic conversation yesterday regarding the partnership of business. Working with you and your team would be beneficial for both of us. Joining Falcon’s Association as our Business Partners would be a huge plan for future. We discussed regarding all the requirements and plans but I consider that being more format a chance of meeting would be worthwhile.

The entire plan along with terms and conditions is thoroughly planned to be executed and before doing it so a formal meeting is necessary. Please go through your schedule and provide me with the detail that when we can accomplish this task. Make sure the meeting to be held within this week. We hope that this working tenure will prove to be good asset for all of us. Waiting for your response.

With Best Regards,


James Kin.
Kin’s Association.

Short Meeting Request Letter

Dear Sir,

I am Hina Chaudhry to request a short  meeting with you to discuss some official issues. Please let me confirm your available days and timings and I will adjust accordingly. Meeting is utmost priority of business. I hope you are getting my point.
I appreciate your consideration and hope to see you soon. Thanks for your time.
Yours Truly,

Email Meeting Request Letter

Dear Abdul Raheem Sahib,

Hope you are doing well. I am Uzma Rana Manager marketing, with reference to our discussions regarding fix bank deposits for sponsorship of blind students at Rehman Foundation. I wanted to have a short meeting with you for further proceedings in this regards.

Thanking you again for your concern and coordination.

Best Regards,

Request for Meeting Appointment

Dear Mr. Khan,
Shoukat Khanam Welfare Trust.

Dear Sir,
Hope you are enjoying good health. I am really grateful from the bottom of my heart for showing your willingness to accommodate Kinnaird’s students for community service work. Regarding the community service volunteerism, I would like to put forward a request; we are having an average number of 800 students this year who have to serve community for 100 hours in summers and we have to allocate them to different welfare organizations including your prestigious organization. In this regard a tentative plan we made is that this time we will be sending our students in 3 groups and in different time slots. A rough structure of plan is like :
  1. Each group will consist of maximum 20 students.
  2. The first group will work from 1st June till 26th June 2015.
  3. The second group will work from 29th June till 24th July 2015.
  4. And the third group will work from 27th July till 24th August 2015.
  5. Every student will work 5 days a week i.e. Monday to Friday, and 5 hours a day, so that they will be able to complete their community service requirement within 20 working days
Therefore you are requested to arrange any particular time for meeting. So that we can get to know about the further plan and can discuss more thoroughly. Your help and cooperation in this regard will be highly obliged.
If you come up with any better idea, please feel free to suggest.
Waiting to hear a positive response from you.
Best Regards,
Community Service Coordinator.
Kinnaird College.
Request for Meeting Appointment
Request for Meeting Appointment

Sample Request for Meeting Appointment E-mail

Dear Anila Azmat,

Hope to find you hale and hearty. As per our discussion regarding fund raising campaign. I consider arranging a meeting would be a better idea. So that I may convey & discuss more effectively. We do have ticket books, envelops, boxes and other ways for the execution of plan.

Please suggest some time in the coming week when we can meet and discuss the things and inform me about the suitable date at least two days before so that I can make necessary arrangements for my transportation. Moreover please try to adjust the meeting between 9 am-1 pm. Furthermore, I’ll call you for more assistance.
Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.
Sana Khan.
Manager Marketing.

Meeting Email for Attending Workshop

Subject: Behavior Problems in Children

Dear Ms. Saba,

Hope you are well. Lahore Children’s Centre is hosting a Workshop on ‘Behavioral Problems in Children’. A write-up of the content, speaker’s profile and details is provided in the attachment. The registration for the workshop is closing on Tuesday, March 17th, 2015. We would like to arrange a short meeting with your administration regarding importance of workshop and participants who are interested to join the workshop with their signature and registration invoice.

This workshop would help teachers/Female Employees to understand the underlying reasons for aggressive behaviors. Teachers will also learn different strategies that they can use to deeper insights ? higher outcomes reduce behavioral problems in students and help them in dealing with anxiety and stress at school.


Tooba Jahangir
Practice Manager

Request for Meeting Time

Dear Mr. James Green,

Hope to find you good. Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards our cause.
As per our discussion in LUMS dated 13-2-2015, I would like to arrange a meeting in 2nd week of March regarding Financial Issues in our organization and I hope you will surely spare some time from your busy schedule and let me confirm the meeting date. Currently, I am going abroad and in first week of March, I will be back. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly obliged.
Waiting to hear a positive response from you.
Best Regards,
Taylor Stephen.
Vice President
Care Foundation.

Sample Detailed Meeting Appointment Letter

To Whom It May Concern

I am Jahan Khan President of National Honor Society. The newly elected chapter of our NHS has made one of its prime missions to help and serve the community. The NHS promotes services leaderships and character. Our students are striving by make these values the values of their daily lives. We strive to build and foster a productive effective learning environment designed to fulfill the highest potential of each student both academically and socially.

We would like to create a long term relationship with your institute. Our students could assist you in raising funds,collecting donations, organizing workshops or seminars. The scope is very wide and our students motivation is even wider.

We would like if your Marketing manager or senior communication coordinator spare some time for detailed meeting  and NHS President Jahan Khan will be able to explain you in details the motivations of his visit and I am looking forward to positive response on your side.

Yours Truly

Romuald Delater

School Coordinator

Sample Meeting Appointment for Job

The Hiring Manager,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Meeting Appointment for Job

Dear Sir,

I hope to find you hearty enough. I ‘Jimmy Kin’ have applied for the vacancy of Communication Officer in your prestigious organization. I have provided my Curriculum Vitae and other testimonials before and I received call and It was told that I have to wait till meeting appointment letter. Currently, I have not got any response from your side.

I fall on the requirement criteria mentioned by you. I consider that a chance of meeting would be good enough as I am eager to join your organization and by meeting I will be able to further elaborate my personality. I shall be looking forward to you.


Eva James.

Sample Meeting Appointment for Job
Sample Meeting Appointment for Job

Sample Meeting Appointment Email

Dear Raheel Ahmed Sahib,           ASSALAM-0-ALAIKUM

Hope this finds you in the best of health. I am extremely grateful to you for supporting  the cause of special children of Roshni Association.  We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of your kind  & generous contribution towards the welfare of these heavenly souls.

Further to our discussions in Pearl Continental  on 15th February 2015, we would like to request you for a meeting, during 1st week March on any convenient day, sparing some time from your very busy schedule. I am currently in Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah returning to Pakistan during 1st Week of March InshaAllah.

May Allah be pleased with you for caring for the welfare of special children.

With Regards,

Farhan Anwar
Vice President
Roshni Association

Short Email for Meeting Appointment

Hope you are doing  good. This is president of the Irtiqa society of SICAS. We recently had some Rising Sun representatives visit our school and leave some materials such as ticket books standees envelops documentary etc. I am unable to contact the specific people therefore I would like to notify them that we have begun their fundraising campaign from the past Monday and it would   be appreciated if they contact me on my cell number and arrange a proper meeting for further assistance. I have great ideas for your organization, kindly visit SICAS in order to be given the feedback. Thank you.

Your Sincerely,

Muneeb Ahmed

Sample Email for Lawyer Meeting Appointment

Mr A.K Awan
1331, Fane Road, CDE

Dear Sir,

I shall like to consult you at your office in connection with a case that, I want to institute against a party not paying back my loan.
I shall be obliged if you will inform me about the meeting time and day when I may consult you. Expecting to get an early reply.

Yours Faithfully,
Rehan Associates
Phone No: 043-45672345

Email Request for Doctor Meeting Appointment

Dr.Nusrullah Khan
Model Town Lahore.

Dear Sir,

With reference of Dr Qadeer Khan, I shall like to consult you at your clinic concerning a stomach ailment(disease).
I shall be grateful if you will inform me at the earliest by telephone or by post the meeting time and day when I can consult you.

Yours Faithfully,
Rehan Raja
Phone No: 042-3456789

Easy Format of Letter for Meeting Appointment

Mrs. Saneha Singh
HR Manager,
ABC Limited.

Subject: Request for Meeting Appointment

Dear Madam,

Hope to find you hale and hearty. I am writing to inform you that as per our telephonic conversation I had emailed you my resume and documents for apprenticeship. As you have confirmed me now, moving on to next step I think so that a meeting would be worthwhile so that I may discuss all the things including timings, schedules and project details. Whenever, you feel easy give me the time of meeting. I shall be highly beholden for this.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Meghna Parek

Meeting Request letter for New Business Project

The Managing Director,
Rhodes and Schwarz Company,
West Avenue, Germany.

Subject: Meeting Request for New Business Project

Dear Sir,

I am the Sales Director of National Arms Company and I met you at the Business Conference or Event last month. A representative of our sales team, Mr. Skinner,will be in Ontario between 15 th February and 27 th February and would like to meet you on any of those days for 20 minutes if possible between 10am – 12pm.

The person entitled has done research on your company and believes he has a reciprocally beneficial business scheme he would like to thrash out with you as new venture between us.

Would it be fitting for you, or someone you entrust, to meet Mr. Skinner on one of these days? I will call you in a few days to discuss any details or questions you may have and arrange a substitute time if essential.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Caesar King,
7 th February, 2016

Sample Request of meeting Via Email

In this world of electronic media dates of meeting are fixed via email and it is the easiest way to approach anyone for any purpose.

Sample Request of meeting Via Email

To: aced 3$41@live.com

My dear Anaya Singh.

How are you my dearest friend? I hope you will be fine. I am your friend, no doubt but I am your co-partner in business arcade as well. The purpose of writing this letter is too fold: one is my invitation to you for my birthday party and the second is to decide certain policies. For the upcoming products of our company. Officially, I am inviting you for this meeting on Monday 15 th august 2017 at 4:00 pm sharp. Don’t forget to bring my present for the birthday (on
serious notes). Looking forward to your arrival and can’t want to see you after such a long time! Love you loads and miss you.
Ms. Sahsma Rai,
2 nd August, 2017

Thank You Letter For Meeting

Thank You Letter For Meeting format. For people or staff members who want to write to another company or organization after meeting, to thank them for their precious time. A simple format for company as their employees spend some hours with special children and its a social responsibility to help the cause of special children and engage the institution activities.

Thanks Letter For Meeting Sample



Subject: Thank You Letter For Meeting

Dear Ms. Uzma Ahmad,
It was a great pleasure to have a meeting for exploring opportunities to work with employees of Sabri Group. As discussed we will start from your junior staff in groups of 5 members. We will entertain your junior staff in different departments.
I will share the proposed activities later. As for as your senior staff concern, most probably we will engage them in training and development of staff. I would be a great step for your organization as well as for ours. Thank you very much again for your time and meeting.
Warm Regards,
Muhammad Ahmad.

Sample Thanks Letter For Meeting


Mr khurram Khan

Subject: Thank You Letter For Meeting

Dear Mr khurram Khan.,

I on behalf of our whole administration department want t cordially thank you for your precious time, which you have given to our organization and made our meeting possible. It was such a wonderful step ahead with you. This meeting was of great benefit for both the companies as many of the important issues related to progressive dealings.

Further details including the quotations for the upcoming project is attached, kindly go through that so that we may be able to move forward.We wish to do more better projects in future and will be seeking for your response. Hope to maintain a prolonged relation.

Wish you best for future programs.

Mohsin Amjad
Manager Finance.
ARY Association.

Sample Thanks Letter For Meeting Email

Dearest Ms. Saima

Hope you find this message in your good health. Firstly i would like to thank you for giving me your precious time and it is honor for me  to send my students in your organization. So i am sending you a list of students who are very keen and enthusiastic to work in your organization for community service. Please find attached a list in which necessary details are given. Please do not entertain any student without college reference letter signed by me and college’s id card. There are few more students who are willing to volunteer after Eid. I will be grateful if you could accommodate them as well. I will talk to you abut that after wards. I have highlighted a name of student in the list who is having some timing issue. She will report to you. Please see if you can accommodate her.

Moreover from now on wards all the official correspondence will be done through this email id so kindly save it in your contacts.

Best Regards,
Sample Thanks Letter For Meeting Email
Sample Thanks Letter For Meeting Email

How to Write Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting describe specify what was   discussed and decided in a meetingpermanent record of the meeting for future reference. Include an overview of the structure of the meeting. Minutes are very important because its the conclusion of whole meeting.

How to Write Meeting Minutes Sample Format

ØGenerally, minutes begin with the organization name, place, date, list of people present, absent and the time.

ØAll the agenda for the said meeting.
ØAll official decisions must be included.
ØThe reports given and the person involve
ØThe vote tally may also be included
Ø  The date, time and place of the next meeting.
Ø  Assignments and the person responsible.
Ø The minutes may end with a note of the time that the meeting was adjourned.

 Importance Of Meeting Minutes?

ØConfirm any decisions made
ØRecord of any agreed actions to be taken
ØRecord of who has been allocated any tasks or responsibilities
ØProvide details of the meeting to anyone unable to attend
ØServe as a record of the meeting’s procedure and outcome

What Tasks Are Involved In Taking Minutes

¥Make A Short Summary About The Meetings Agenda
¥Make A List Of All The  Details Beforehand
¥Recording The Body Of The Minutes
¥Concluding The Minutes
¥Distributing The Minutes Among The Attendees

Forms Of Recording Minutes:

¥Video Recording ¥Audio Recording ¥Hand Recording 

The Body Of The Minutes:

¥Name of the organization
¥Date and time the meeting
¥Those present and those who could not attend
¥A list of the agenda items/topics
¥Summary of discussion for each agenda item
¥The actions people committed to
¥Summary of any decisions made
Styles Of Minutes:
vMinutes of Narration – These include some of the discussions and important details. This style of minutes is considered a legal document.
vReport – This is a full record of all discussions that includes the names of all speakers, movers and seconders of any motions, written in a narrative style.
vMinutes of Resolution – These are limited to the recording of the actual words of all resolutions that were passed. Movers and seconders are not recorded. Each resolution that is made commences RESOLVED THAT. This style of minutes is also considered a legal document.

Essentials Of Taking The Minutes:

¥Record simple short statements which capture decisions passed and actions agreed upon under each of the agenda headings
¥Keep it brief & to the point
¥Circulate within a week
¥Impersonal tone
¥Reported  speech


¥Typing meeting minutes on a laptop can make the process quicker and easier.
¥Make a note of who is present. If necessary, pass around a sign-in sheet.
¥Use the meeting agenda as an outline for the minutes.
¥Details do not belong in meeting minutes. Do write down any motions and decisions made and the key findings of any committee reports.
¥Use bullet points to make the minutes easier to read. Each bullet statement should represent a different finding, discussion, or decision.
¥Make a note of issues that were tabled until future meetings.
¥Transcribe or review minutes as soon as possible after the meeting, while your memory of what happened is still fresh.
¥Before you submit the meeting minutes, proofread for types.
How to Write Meeting Minutes
How to Write Meeting Minutes