Free Training Offer Letter

Free training offer letter by institute. Training is a procedure, in which someone get teaching, developing in, gets skills for a specific task. It starts with specific aims and goals of building a capacity in targeted person. It would be followed by specific selection. This is a written sample format how to write a letter for someone who has been selected for free training program by the institute.

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Free Training Offer Letter

Miss Danny
Senior Psychologist
UNO Internationals

Subject: Free training offer letter by institute

Dear Madam,

Respectfully, it is stated that we are very glad to announce that our team has selected you for a free training of capacity building leading towards the designation of head of HR department. We find you honest, devoted and determined towards your work in last three years. With specific duties towards your work, you also maintain a healthy relationship with your juniors and seniors as well. Your performance and feed back of work forced us to take such decision.
Now you have to sign our new agreements according to this training. Let me define some basic criteria for this training;

1-  The time duration of this training is 3 months.
2- The timings of training are 2 hours on daily bases 8 am to 10 am.
3-  Mr. William will lead this training.
4- 14 other selected psychologists would get training with you.
If you need any other information feel free to contact us. We need some document from your side, I emailing you the list of that required papers. Please check it and submit them in or documentation department.
After passing through the training of capacity building leading towards HR Head of department your salary would be revised also with your designation. We would wait for your positive reply.
Best of luck no doubt it’s a great opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Harry
Director Head of Training Programs

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