Discount Offer Letter to Customer

Special Discount Offer Letter Format.This letter is being used by those companies like ChenOne, Stylo, Borjan, Hushpuppies, Levis etc who offer huge discounts on specific brands to their special, regular and loyal customers. Easy format of discount offer letter is here.

Announcement of New Discount Offer Template

Respected Valuable Customer,

We are always happy to give surprises to our loyal customer. Hold your excitement as it’s time to unleash it. We are giving you 50% off on our exclusive luxury clothing launch. Yes, you read it correctly. We are glad to take care of our loyal and true hearted customers. Our brand always value its customers and always look forward in providing best services and products to best customers.
Please enjoy this coupon as it is valid till 1 st March only. Don’t worry, we have more exciting gift hampers and vouchers are coming for you but for now do avail this opportunity and buy your favorite dress from our newly luxury launch.

Warm Regard,


Discount Offer Letter Sample

Dear Sir/ Madam,

It is to inform you that our company is offering you a discount of 30-50% on brands like Levis, next and accessorize on specific items. You are a loyal customer and you have proven to be an asset for our company. Customers like you have always been an encouraging and positive element which makes us even stronger when it comes to the quality of the product. Now this is our time to pay you back for being our loyal customer so far.

We have always aimed at providing best quality products to satisfy our customers and to make them loyal. This is why we are offering you discounts so that you can avail more services and products from us and we are sure that this will satisfy you even more. This initiative will make our relationship more productive and long. We are hoping that you will be our regular customer in the future as well and you will spread the word amongst all your friends and family members so that they can also become a part of this discount availing customers’ campaign.

You are one of our valuable customers and it is an honor for us to count you amongst our most loyal customers and we hope to get a positive response from you. We hope that this discount offer will make you happy with our company and our products. Moreover, you can also call us if you have any queries or problems regarding availing the discount coupons.

Thanking You,

Levis International.

Discount Offer Letter Sample
Discount Offer Letter Sample

Discount Offer Letter to Customer

Miss Haniya Nazeer
765, Sarwar Road, Cantonment
Lahore, Pakistan.

Subject: Discount offer letter to customer

Respected Madam,

We hope you are in the best of health and spirits. You have been a loyal customer of ours for the last five years and serving you is a source of utmost pride for us. We believe your interest in our products is a reflection of the hard work our staff puts in to make what is at the end of the day a unique and loved item.

The changing season brings with it new colors and unique experiences. It is this winter that is to be welcomed by all of us with delight and merriment. We are now offering an introductory discount on clothing and bedding available at our flagship store. The discount is available for an entire week on new items but to loyal customers only. Hence you are requested to bring along and present your loyalty card.


Mr. Anjum Latif
Ittehad Cloth House
November 1 st , 2017.

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