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Circular of Leave without Intimation

Sample letter format of a circular of leave without intimation. Circulars are meant to remind or give me news to be followed in the near future or it is given to warn the persons for their certain actions. These easy formats are regarding the taking of leaves without intimation.

Circular of Leave without Intimation

Greetings! How are you? We hope and pray the goodness for you in your lives. We are one and together we run the system as our company’s motto brags! We are caring and believe in the weaknesses or the emergencies of our workers which they face in their respective lives but it is to intimate that no further leave will be entertained if got without prior intimation to the governing body. If the same act is repeated in future please think of yourself as not a part of this system!

Best Regards.

Office Note Regarding Office Leave without Informing by HR

Dear Employee,

This is not a good sight to see that employees taking the intensity of work at office, lightly. We have observed that you are not coming to office from two days without giving any prior notification of your leaves. We here at company, believe in the employees who commit to their challenging work with all honesty and never take surprising leaves without notifying the office management. This is considered extremely un-professional and childish and does not comply with rules of company. This office has some rules to obey and some disciplines to maintain so the environment is not distorted by any means. In any case of emergency as per the policy of company, employee need to inform other day of being absent and if employee doesn’t coordinate or go by company rules then separation with company is the sole situation we find better. Warning letter will be issued to you, if same behavior seen again.

Robert john

HR Head

Circular of Leave without Intimation for Teachers


Good day! We hope you all will be satisfied in your lives and departing the true essence of knowledge in its true spirit. Teachers are the backbone of all educational institutions and we are mindful of their hectic routine and mental pressure. Granting and taking of leaves is a common activity and is valued everywhere, but without intimation to the high ups is not a good thing and will not be entertained in positivity in the near future. Your healthy compliance in this connection is required by the administrative staff. Thanks.

Circular of Leave without Intimation for Students

Greetings! How are you all? Young minds are fresh and receptive in their nature for their brains are like blank slates on which anything good or bad could be written or imprints upon. Teaching is a river which flows into sea and knows no reverse path so we recommend you not to take un-necessary leaves and especially without intimation to the teaching or administrative staff. We hope you will take care of this reminder in the future. Wishing you days filled with knowledge and wisdom to be imparted to you by your teachers!

Best Wishes,


Sample Letter Regarding how to Enhance Learning Abilities

Sample Letter regarding how to enhance learning abilities in young ones. It is seen in the current educational environments that students and especially the young learners are losing focus and possess lower ability of retaining the material of any kind that is related to their books or school. This need to be fix in time or deadly consequences may arose out of it in the near future. This format is a help for the concerning parents.

Sample Letter Regarding how to Enhance Learning Abilities

The Dean,
Smirk Sky Highland School for Boys,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Circular regarding how to enhance learning abilities in young ones

Respected Sir,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be trailing in the rain of love and shower of blessing in your life. I pray the same bounties for eternity. Let me introduce myself to you, I am Laura Fernandez, the educationist and belonged to Group of Intellect. We work on the enhancement of learning abilities in young learners. We request you to keep in alignment with the following strategies.

1- Always keep in mind that your effort in developing the child in his academics must be from N-1 to N-2 i.e. from one level of knowledge to another.
2- For better digestion, teach children one concept must be taught at one time.
3- Repeat consecutively the taught stuff and let the pressure be handled by children, this time, the revision one.
4- Basic or core subjects must be taught and revised on daily basis. Teach them through Phonics as it help them in building new words and also remove dictation errors.
5- Always make them in alert positions: hands on the table, focus on the teacher, head straight and shoulder must be straight too.
I hope you will keep the suggestions in your mind, the next time you will face the class. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Ms. Elena Bather,
20 th June, 2018.

Circular Format on How to do Personality Grooming 

Sample letter format of circular on how to do personality grooming on all levels. Bringing groomed personality is a hard nut to crack, but it is the most cherished attribute on the other hand. Well developed and polished personality is a trait that one must possess to get a better future and better life. This format is a good choice for those who wish to have a poised personality.

Circular Format on How to do Personality Grooming

Operational Manager,
Sky lark Foundation private limited,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Circular on how to do personality grooming on all levels

Respected Sir,

Good Day to you sir! I hope you will be fine and enjoying the life in the best befitting manner as you are a lucky one and blessed too to take part in making this world a better place to live in. I am here to extend forward the suggestions that I deem perfectly be in accord with your institution and work. Being the head of the organization I prefer to have all the persons of my all branches and franchise to attain a groomed personality. Here I suggest few tips to be act upon by you ion the behalf of all the employees so that you can impart the training to them after taking self-training from the head trainers. Here we go!

1-Use of courteous words is mandatory as words spoken by you are the reflection of your thoughts and character that’s why you must use the polite words in the provided list in annexure A.
2-Put an extra effort in community work and utilize at least one hour on daily basis for the betterment of the persons who deserve our time and knowledge.
3-Develop patience and show tolerance towards other’s mistakes and give them time to settle down in life or try to help them in their cognitive loopholes. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Mr. Jacob Danny,
20 th June, 2018.

Circular Regarding Safety of Automobiles by Chairman

Sample circular regarding safety of automobiles by chairman. Having own conveyance is a blessing and one should be thankful to God for this precious luxury and need. In this heat wave, where human being are affected to greater extent, the automobiles also had suffered damage. To avoid accident or any untoward situation, necessary care should be taken care of and this format can be a good help for those who take care of their vehicles.

Circular Regarding Safety of Automobiles by Chairman

The Manager,
Dena Nash Automobile Company,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Circular regarding safety of automobiles by chairman

Dear —————-,

Good day! How are you? I hope you will be fine and fir in your life, despite all the odds the life threw on us, from time to time. For your own health and fitness, I hope you had gotten all necessary precautions on your own or can be circulated to you by your near and dear ones. There will be very few who would suggest you on how to take care of your vehicles in this extreme summer season. Don’t worry, I am here with good news as I will tell you how to take care of your vehicle. Spare sometime and check the following things into your kind consideration. Here we go!

1- You must not fill your petrol tank to maximum, keep it up to half and leave the rest of the space for passing of air. This will save you from fire explosion in your car/bike.
2- You must check the water level in radiator and carbonator on daily base as your vehicle is consuming more water than normal. This will extend the life of your car battery.
3- Regularly get your car washed followed by car polish and spray on the plastic body parts of your interior and exterior. This will save the luster and life of your car paint.
Thank you for your valued time, patience and kind attention.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jackson Joe,
20 th May, 2018.

Sample Circular Regarding How to Save Yourself from Heat Stroke

Sample circular regarding how to save yourself from heat stroke this summer. Equinox is a state where sun is directly at par with the earth and due to this minimum contact, the temperature of the earth rises to greater extent that leads to heat stroke and to some extent can be the leading cause of death nowadays. This format is a set of suggestions so to save oneself from the adverse effects of heat on young and adult.

Sample Circular Regarding How to Save Yourself from Heat Stroke

The Chairman,
Lucas Steel Mills Corporation limited,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Circular regarding how to save yourself from heat stroke

Respected Signor,

Greetings! How are you? I hope you will be sailing in the titanic of wealth and health and I pray to Providence to give you the same in the future. Heat is exuding and gnawing at the energy of each and every individual, thus draining them with its fiery leash of heat. Everyone is suffering from this extreme heat. I do care for my employees so I gathered certain doable fitness saga to help you to cater this issue. All you have to do is to follow the following set of precautionary measures to save your dear life from the galloping heat.

1- You must stay indoor for most of the time and especially between 12 to 5:00 pm as the atmosphere is layered with trapped heat.
2-  You must cover your head before exposing to direct sunlight, for younger children, cover their head with soft and moist cloth so the excess heat will be sucked by the moisture if the towel/cloth.
3- Drink water after mixing it with milk and salt, as per choice, as it lowers the heat of body to some extent.

Yours Faithfully,

Mr. Jonathon wiz,
20 th May, 2018.