Memo Assigning a New Officer In-Charge

This memorandum is directed to our floor Manager and team leader so he can take the job of new officer for time being or temporarily.

Memo Assigning a New Officer In-Charge

Dear Staff,

It is written to highlight an important issue. As you are well familiar with the situation we had after fire at our Texas branch, things are shambles for management right now. We have to arrange all the supplies and resources for the re-functioning of Texas branch but we are emphasizing on first getting the employees back to work in small office. As you know about this predicament, we have decided to make you a new officer in charge for the small occupied office in Texas. Your performance on the duty is up to mark and your projects completion is as pure as the driven snow. You’re unblemished and flawless work has made us appoint you as in charge of new office in Texas. I would like to discuss more about this with you in person. Please come to my office, whenever you are free.



Memorandum Example Assigning a New Officer-In-Charge

Respected Team Members,

This memorandum is written to inform you about a complicated situation. Our office in Ontario has lost its Finance Manager due to his resignation. His medical condition was not quite good so he had to leave the office on last minute resignation. As this uncalled situation was unpredictable so we have to make some intrepid choice right now. We urgently need a finance manager in Ontario and for that, we request you to take this position for an interim term of two months. Your experience in finance department has given us surety that you can handle this job well until we find right candidate for this job permanently. We want to discuss more of the details with you before you consider this request. I want to discuss some important parameters of this job with you. I would like to give you written memorandum to give you full authorization
his job temporarily.

Warm Regards,


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