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Complaint Emails to Contractor for Submission of Documents

Necessary Documents for Contractor

The specific documents required from a contractor can vary depending on the nature of the project, the contractual agreement, and local regulations. However, here is a general list of documents that are often necessary for contractors:

  1. Contract Agreement: The signed contract outlining the terms and conditions of the project, including scope, schedule, payment terms, and other relevant details.
  2. Insurance Certificates: Proof of insurance coverage, including liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, as required by the contract or local regulations.
  3. Bid/Proposal Documents: If applicable, the original bid or proposal submitted by the contractor outlining the cost, scope, and details of the work.
  4. Project Plans and Specifications: Detailed project plans and specifications outlining the scope of work, technical requirements, and quality standards.
  5. Work Schedule/Project Timeline: A detailed schedule outlining the planned start and completion dates for various project milestones.
  6. Permits and Approvals: Copies of permits and approvals obtained by the contractor before commencing work, as required by local authorities.
  7. Subcontractor Agreements: If subcontractors are involved, copies of agreements with subcontractors and their insurance information.
  8. Invoices and Payment Requests: Invoices for completed work or progress payments, along with any supporting documentation.
  9. Change Orders: Any change orders or variations to the original contract, including approval documentation.
  10. Certificates of Compliance: Certificates or documentation showing compliance with industry standards, building codes, and regulations.
  11. Safety Plans and Reports: Documentation related to safety plans, inspections, and reports to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.
  12. Warranty Information: Information on warranties for materials and workmanship, as applicable.
  13. Closeout Documents: As-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, and any other documentation required for project closeout.

It’s important for the contract to clearly specify the required documents and for the contractor to adhere to these requirements. Additionally, local laws and regulations may impose specific documentation requirements for construction projects. Always consult the contract and relevant legal guidelines to ensure compliance.

Request for Submission of Outstanding Documents

Subject: Urgent: Request for Submission of Outstanding Documents

Dear [Contractor’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. We appreciate the efforts you’ve put into the project thus far. However, we have noticed that there are some outstanding documents that have not been submitted as per the agreed-upon timeline.

To ensure the smooth progress of the project and to comply with our contractual obligations, we kindly request you to submit the following documents at your earliest convenience:

[Documents List]

The submission deadline for these documents was [original deadline], and as of today, they are overdue. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to delays, so please inform us immediately if there are any issues or concerns on your end.

Prompt submission of these documents is crucial for us to maintain the project schedule and ensure its successful completion. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

Please send the documents to [specified email address] by [new deadline, if applicable]. If you require any assistance or have questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Company]

[Your Contact Information]

Complaint Email to Contractor for Submission of Documents

Subject: Urgent: Non-Submission of Required Project Documents

Dear [Contractor’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express our concern regarding the delay in the submission of essential project documents, which were expected by [original deadline]. As of today, we have yet to receive the following documents:

[Documents List]

Timely submission of these documents is critical to maintaining the project timeline and ensuring compliance with our contractual agreement. The delay is causing disruptions to our overall project schedule, and we are facing challenges in moving forward without the necessary documentation.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to delays. However, it is imperative that you provide an explanation for the delay and a firm commitment on when we can expect the submission of the outstanding documents.

Please treat this matter with the urgency it deserves, and ensure that all required documents are submitted by [new deadline, if applicable]. If you encounter any challenges or require additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at [your contact information].

We value your cooperation and prompt attention to this matter to ensure the successful continuation of our project.

Thank you for your immediate action.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Company]

[Your Contact Information]

Easy Email to Contractor for Submission of Documents

Subject: Gentle Reminder: Submission of Outstanding Documents

Hi [Contractor’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing to remind you about the pending submission of the following documents for our ongoing project:

[Documents List]

We appreciate your hard work and understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise. However, timely document submission is crucial for project progress.

Could you please provide an update on when we can expect these documents? If you encounter any challenges or need assistance, feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Looking forward to your prompt response.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Company]

[Your Contact Information]

Request Letter to Contractor for Urgent Submission of Documents

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Company] [Date]

[Contractor’s Name]

[Contractor’s Company]

[Contractor’s Address]

Subject: Urgent Request for Submission of Documents

Dear [Contractor’s Name],

I trust this letter finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention the urgent need for the submission of certain documents related to our ongoing project, [Project Name], as outlined in our contractual agreement.

The following documents are required for review and processing, and their prompt submission is crucial to maintaining the project timeline:

  1. [Documents List]

The original deadline for the submission of these documents was [original deadline], and as of [current date], we have not received them. This delay is causing disruptions in our project schedule and may have broader implications for the successful completion of the project.

In light of the urgency of the situation, we kindly request you to expedite the preparation and submission of the required documents. If there are any challenges or unforeseen circumstances preventing timely submission, please communicate them to us as soon as possible.

The new deadline for the submission of these documents is [new deadline], and we appreciate your immediate attention to this matter. Your cooperation in this regard is vital to ensuring the smooth progress of the project.

Please send the documents to [specified email address] at your earliest convenience. If you require any clarification or have questions regarding the required documents, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your prompt action in this matter, and we look forward to your timely response.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Company]

[Your Contact Information]

Sample Business Announcement Letter for New Project

New Business Announcement Letter Sample for New Projects in Organizations. In the contemporary epoch the sense of struggle from new to newest is signaling from tough to toughest and for that reason projects are launched in the business arcades. This format can be used by people who are interested in opening the new projects/business and invest in the future to get the having maximum output from their business.

Sample Business Announcement Letter  for New Project

Quality Maintenance Manager,
The Woodchucks Group of Industries,
New York, United States of America.

Subject: Announcement Letter for New Projects in Organizations

Amiable Sir!

Hoping wealth, prosperity and good health towards your aura I would like to inform you with something of much importance and credit. With our unified efforts and undaunted struggles we together took this baby company to its prime first and now towards its adulthood. As by the law of nature, adult took their retirement and place hands on their up-coming younger generation.

I am feeling much excited to declare that we are on the verge of opening a new project in our Woodchucks! Many congratulations to you and your team whose toil made it possible for us to launch our new projects in the mainstream of this
industry.The Wooden tiles are the new project that we hope to launch in next few weeks.

The quality and maintenance of the tiles should be exalted and unprecedented as compared to our other companies producing the same art work. I expect Out of Box thinking style and compliance from you and yours team as well.
Congratulations once again and stay in touch with us on this new project!

Mr. John Mclain

Sample Business Announcement Letter for New Project
Sample Business Announcement Letter for New Project

Job Application for Production Manager

Sample Job Application for Production Manager. In any organization or factory the post of production is of key nature that unlocks the door of development and finance on the companies. This letter can be used by people who wanted to avail the chance of getting job as production manager.Easy format of  job application is here.

Sample Job Application for Production Manager

The Manager,
Mahindra Steel Company Pvt Ltd

Subject: Application for job of Production Manager

Humbly stated there is a vacancy in your company for a Production manager. The requirements of the job needs manager having experience of at least 5 years from a reputed company. I have worked in Ram Sugar Mill for about two years and left the company because of meagre salary package they were offering against day by day increasing inflation rate in our country.

I am very well aware of the needs and dynamics of this jobs and fully aware of Production Cost, Production Line and the crucial Production Order. I had maximum links that you know plays very grave role in this field. I am eligible according to the requirements of the job as published in the advertisement given by you in the newspaper. On that basis I want to apply in your company as a production manager.
I am fully aware by the nature of the work and can handle all the serious matters easily and fairly. By appointing me, I assure that you will get a punctual and hardworking person as obvious from my Experience letter copy. All the mandatory documents are attach with my application for your kind view. Thank you and do consider my strong points in this regard.

Yours Truly,
Mr.Mindra Gorg
Cell No: 111111111
January, 7, 2016

Sample Job Application for Production Manager
Sample Job Application for Production Manager

Job Application Letter for the Post of Project Manager

Format of Job Application Letter for the Post of Project Manager. Can also be used as a cover letter for the job of Project Manager. You can use is as per your requirements. An easy template to be used.

Sample Job Application for the Post of Project Manager

Dear Sir,

Subject:  Application for the Post of Project Manager

Reference your advertisement for the subject post I represent myself as a candidate for the same. I am exercising my capabilities as Project Manager for a reputed ISO certified IT consulting company in Pakistan.

During 8+ year of my project management experience, worked for the following multi million (Rs. ) worth IT projects, handling project documentation, liaison with the client, operations, vendors and coordination.

Islamabad Serena Hotel (Security and Traffic Management System).
Lakpass Tunnel (ETTM System for 8 Lanes Toll Plaza)
Production of AFDCD (Army Device) for Pakistan Army.
CMPak (Paktel), countrywide alarm system installation project.
DCO Office (Security and Surveillance System).
ETTM for AXS Pakistan (Kohat Tunnel).

I assure you of my hard work and dedication if an opportunity is bestowed.
Yours truly,

Mansoor Sadiq



Sample Resume for Project Director

Sample Resume for Project Director. can be used  for project manager and project officer after necessary changes.  A template CV that can guide you to write up your own resume. Easy format is given below:

Resume for Director Project Sample


0300-5147789, e-mail: khokhar709@gmail.com


Render devoted services in various fields of expertise with zeal, zest, dedication, commitment and burning desire in the pursuit of excellence


To acquire a senior position in Professional Organization, work beyond the call of duty with utmost devotion encompassing futuristic requirements and contribute immensely, continuously and untiringly towards Growth & Development thereby elevating the organization to a topmost position and ensure maintenance of supremacy


  • Academics
  1.   M. Sc
  2. B. Sc (Engineering)
  3.  B. Sc
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Quality Control and Management


  1.      Post Graduate Diploma in Database Management
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in System Engineering – MCSE
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in CIW Designer
  4. E-Commerce (Oracle)
  5. JSP
  6. Management Information System
  7. Web Services
  8. Basic Computing and Office Automation
  9. Hardware A+

 Courses / Training

  • Courses / Training  on  following:-
  1.   Strategic Planning and Management
  2.  Project Management
  3.   Monitoring and Evaluation
  4.   Strategic Vision and Policy Formulation
  5.   Operational Management
  6.   Infrastructure Development
  7.   Stakeholder Analysis and Management
  8. Planning and Development
  9.  Technological Innovation and Development
  10. Customer Relationship Management
  11. Client and Value Added Services
  12.   Human Resource Management
  13.    Training and Development
  14.    Organizational Growth and Development
  15.    Performance Management
  16.    Productivity in Organization
  17.    Financial Planning and Management
  18.    Leadership and Quality Management
  19.    Business Administration
  20.  Scheduling, Forecasting and Budgeting

 Foreign Training / Courses:

  • Strategic Planning and Management from USA
  • ICT Planning and Management from Sweden
  • Project Management / Monitoring and Evaluation from USA
  • Quality Administration and Management from USA
  • Good Governance from Thailand


  • Vast and practical experience of both project management and project delivery
  • Highly effective, results-oriented, driven and qualified professional with proven ability to direct, develop, plan, lead manage and solve difficult problems in stressful environments
  • Excellent knowledge of strategic and managerial aspects of multifaceted organizations with relevant experience
  • Strong interpersonal, communication, organizational, analytical, influencing and leadership skills
  • Team player communicating openly, directly and diplomatically
  • Proven high level of commitment, dedication and devotion
  • Self motivated, self starter, partnership building with decisive execution and business acumen
  • Professional research, monitoring and evaluation approach of modern dynamic enterprises

 Honors and Awards:

  • Winner of All Pakistan Declamation Contest
  • Winner of SAARC Declamation Contest
  • Representation of the country in International conferences, seminar and meetings
  • Presentation of papers / articles in International workshops

Professional Competence and Hallmar


  • Project Director
  • Director Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Deputy Director Projects
  • Project Manager

2. Experience, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Good Governance in the 21st century
  • Planning and Development of ICT, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Implementation, Delivery, Operational, Administrative, Resource Management and Technical Infrastructure. Providing leadership and vision for making a difference anpursuit of excellence for the organization
  • Responsible for the overall management and control of resources required to provide an efficient and cost-effective ICT, Project Management, Monitoring & Evaluation,  Planning, Development, Operational, Implementation, Delivery, Financial, Procurement, Technical, Resource Management and Administrative platform, which is continuously responsive to changing business environments and user requirements
  • Conducting organization design and development initiatives, implementing change models and developing organization structures while proactively driving ongoing optimization efforts
  • Facilitating high team performance through diagnosis of issues, definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Elaboration and introduction of measurement indicators, monitoring and reporting on achievement of results
  • Contributing to the design of quality and development and providing guidance to support its implementation
  • Establishment of the structure for Project Management, M & E, Operations, Delivery, Implementation, Technical, and Administration
  • Continuous analysis of strategies and policies, assessing the impact of changes and making recommendations on their implementation
  • Ensuring that policies, procedures, and practices remain pertinent, innovative, progressive and consistent to mission, values and organizational objectives and aligned to strategic framework
  • Leading the development, implementation, and tracking of the comprehensive project management, technical, ICT, development, delivery, administration, resource management, training, organizational operating plan and performance management system, including developing and monitoring timelines and performance benchmarks
  • Strategic Vision and Policy Formulation
  • Providing direction for the development, design, and systems integration across multiple platform  from the definition phase through implementation
  • Ensuring that the business of the project is conducted in an efficient manner by supervising and monitoring project implementation. Further ensuring that timely decisions on corrective actions are made and implemented
  • Ensuring that an effective and participatory M & E system is established in as decentralized a manner as is possible and would be effective
  • Coordinating project strategy with key stakeholder to ensure an updated and shared understanding of the strategy and information needs
  • Managing the Project, M & E, ICT, Planning, Implementation, Delivery, Operational, Technical, and Financial teams through the development and implementation of systems, processes, procedures, team meetings, individual supervision and appraisal of team members
  • Preparing and revising the M & E plan and system by seeking stakeholder inputs in order to implement these plans with the full commitment of all the organizations involved in the project
  • Establishment of shared vision of the project so as to achieve objectives in given time lines

Continuous analysis of corporate, project management, development and delivery strategies and policies, assessing the impact of changes and making recommendations on their implementation

  • Research and development in order to gain a thorough knowledge of latest trends, techniques and technologies
  • Working with project staff to set up and ensure compliance with terms of reference, schedule, budget and agreed project procedures and quality standards
  • Using a strategic and hands on approach for management and coordination of project management and development activities across the organization
  • Deployment of Global ICT / Project Management Programs including Performance Management and Organization Design Initiatives
  • Advise to senior management on ICT, Project Management, M & E, Technical, Implementation, Delivery, Operational, Financial and Administrative matters / infrastructure for growth and development suggesting proactive and remedial measures for continuous improvement
  • Directing and supervising the day-to-day operations of the project, guided by the project documentation, providing necessary amendments to ensure smooth performance
  • Mobilizing relevant technical assistance in a timely manner, with clearly demarcated responsibilities that are based on the participatory and equity principles of the project
  • Formulation and implementation of strategies, policies, procedures, rules  and regulations
  • Monitoring systems usage and performance to ensure that  resources are used efficiently and that the resource usage does not exceed those available
  • Presenting the M & E plan to the relevant approval bodies in a timely manner for review and approval
  • For each service provider contract, ensuring that detailed specifications are prepared in a timely, objective, fair and transparent manner, including the M & E responsibilities and administration of terms and awards
  • Ensuring that all contractual obligations are adhered to and making necessary contracts and efforts to ensure that implementation meets project targets
  • Negotiating approval for changes to the project strategy and processes with funding agencies and cooperating institutions
  • Regularly apprising staff and providing feedback and support to enable them to do their jobs in efficient manner
  • Signing implementation agreements with the partners, defining the modalities for implementation, M & E and delivery. Further ensuring that participatory M & E and learning initiatives are specified in terms  consistent with the  direction / design of the project
  • Developing close working relationship with all project participants and stakeholders
  • Ensuring easy public access to M & E reports and data and making sure that they are widely distributed
  • Preparation of PC – 1, necessary related documentation and reports  / returns
  • Submitting required analytical reports on progress including indications of planned actions and financial statements well in time and to the relevant bodies with assistance from  M& E staff
  • Encouraging staff to report frankly on fieldwork, highlighting problems and possible solutions plus lessons learned. Rewarding innovation in critical reflection and learning
  • Planning of and participation in key reflection moments, in particular, the project reviews. Establishing and maintaining good working relations with relevant ministries, government, public / private sector organizations as well as other higher level stakeholder groups
  • Controlling the budget and safeguard against project funds and assets misuse
  • Making all efforts to engage key stakeholders in important external evaluations to ensure an understanding of locally perceived impacts and problems
  • Ensuring that all evaluation studies needed to gain timely and relevant insights into emerging areas of concern are undertaken. Making sure that data is shared with all those involved in decision making and follow up on the implementation of  decisions
  • Supporting external teams in ways that foster a joint learning process that identifies how the project could be improved further to achieve impact
  • Problem solving, conflict resolution and establishment of good working relationship amongst stakeholders and organizations
  • Planning, development, and management of project infrastructure
  • Assisting the management to lead on behalf of local / regional expressions of interest, capability statements, proposals and contract
  • Assisting the management and other units in the development of a sustainable capacity
  • Interaction and coordination with authorities concerned for regulatory affairs, financial management, services, policies and procedures
  • Scheduling, forecasting, budgeting and financial management
  • Working in close collaboration with public sector, private sector and corporate sector authorities and organizations for regulatory infrastructure, planning and development, policy formulation and resource management
  • Overseeing the creation, collection, collation and maintenance of data onto IT systems
  • Maintaining and providing data for all necessary requirements, preparation, reports, decision support systems and on need basis
  • Implementation of  ISO 9001Quality Management System

Experience with USA:

  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Planning and Development of Project, M & E, ICT, Implementation, Delivery, Operational, Administrative, and  Technical Infrastructure
  • Ensuring that, in general, project management arrangements comply with the project financial terms and, in particular, the provisions of these terms are fully observed in the design of project
  • Collaborating with staff and implementation partners on qualitative monitoring to provide information for ongoing evaluation of project activities, effects and impacts
  • Building Process Tools, Collateral Materials and Presentations to support project  management Initiatives and Roll Out
  • Financial Planning and Management including cost benefit analysis
  • Designing the framework for the physical and process monitoring of project activities
  • Guiding staff and partners in preparing their progress reports. Together analyzing these reports in terms of problems and actions needed
  • Reviewing monitoring reports, analyzing them for impact evaluation and identifying the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation

Fostering participatory planning and monitoring by training and involving primary stakeholder groups in the M & E activities

  • Joining external supervision and evaluation teams by screening and analyzing monitoring reports as well as by furnishing direct personal knowledge of the field situation
  • Project presentations, work plans, milestones and timelines
  • Organizing refresher training for project and implementing partner staff, local organizations and primary stakeholders
  • Planning for regular opportunities to identify lessons learned and implications for the projects next steps
  • Formulation and implementation of  strategies, policies and procedures
  • Cost control and periodic review plans
  • Bench marking and use of best practices
  • Grants, contractual and procurement  management
  • Preparation and up-dation of TORs
  • Management of foreign funding worth millions of  $US
  • Project growth and KPIs
  • Feasibility studies and reports
  • Assessment,  analysis and measurement

Management Information System Training through  Ministry of  Science  & Technology   I appeared in  All  Pakistan Open Entry Test for selection and subsequent   training   in  Management Information System. I was among the 35 candidates who qualified from all over the country. Upon completion of training I was among 14 students who passed the final examinations

Membership Member  of   Professional   bodies, committees and   various  clubs  including Resource Management Foundation, Rotary Club, International Forum of Telecom Experts, and Project Management Institute USA. Sports Good Player of Cricket and Tennis. Played under -19  Cricket for Pakistan Cricket Team. Captain of Army and Inter Services Cricket Team.

Career Summary Possess vast, relevant and practical experience including international experience of 17 years in Strategic Planning and Management, Good Governance, Leadership for Organizational Excellence, Organization Design and Development Initiatives, Organization Growth and Development, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Administration and Management, Project Planning / Approval and Implementation, Project Delivery, Technological Innovation and Development, Project Review and Impact Assessment, ICT Management, Customer Relationship Management, Research and Development, Customer Support Services, Performance Indicator Gap Analysis, Strategic Vision and Policy Formulation, Infrastructure Development and Reforms, Operational Management, Resource Mobilization, Implementation of Timelines and Milestones, Proposal Evaluation and Scrutiny, Formulation and Implementation of Strategies / Policies / Procedures / Rules and Regulations, Stakeholder Analysis and Management, Developing Leadership, Governance and Management, Operations Support System, Service Performance Management, Problem Management, Customer Experience Management, Fault Management, Inventory Management, Business Support System, Benchmarking for Optimum Performance, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships, Resource Planning and Management, Performance Management, Resource Allocation and Distribution, Coordination and Liaison with International / National Stakeholders, Risk Assessment and Management, Contingency Planning and Proactive Measures, Management Tools and Techniques, Resource Development, Conformation and Adherence to International Standards, Developing Guidelines / SOPs and Checklists, Progress Reports and Documentations, Use of Best Practices, Quality / Standards and Productivity, Business Administration, ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Feasibility Studies, Cost Benefit Analysis, Operation and Management of ICT Networks, Performance Appraisal and Management, Procurement Planning and Management, Inventory Management, Communication Strategies, Human Resource Management,  Training and Development, Legal and Regulatory Issues, Grants and Contractual Management, Organizational Growth and Development, Capacity Building, Coordination and Liaison, Development of Superior Workforce, Network Planning and Management, Report Writing, Performance Benchmarking, Presentations and Briefings, Analysis and Assessment, Internal and External Audit, Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis, Financial Planning and Management, Scheduling / Forecasting and Budgeting, Administrative Planning and Management, Management Information System, Planning and Development, and number of related fields. Held post of Project Director, Director Monitoring and Evaluation, Deputy Director Projects, Deputy Director ICT, Project Manager, and others. Served with strong strategic vision, dedication, commitment, ability to achieve added results in regulated environments and a burning desire in the pursuit of excellence. Always endeavored to work beyond the call of duty with utmost zeal, zest and dignity. Achieved sustainable and high impact results in Organizations through Professional Competence, Leadership Skills, Good Governance and Management Philosophy, remaining within bounds and by developing team spirit. Last but not the least; I want to be the part of exciting and dynamic team of FATIMA GROUP OF COMPANIES so as to take joint strides in the pursuit of excellence.






















Sample Cover Letter For Project Manager Position

Sample job application/cover letter for project manager position. This is easy template for cover letter.You can use this format after necessary changes.

Job Application Letter For the Post of Project Manager

Dilshad Hussain Shah
345-D, Al-Rehman Gardens, Sagian Bypass Road (Adjacent NaanSukh), Lahore-PAKISTAN
Mobile: +92-321-9406766,
E-mail: dishad hussainl@yahoo.com

M/s. Aptama (Pvt.) Ltd.
13km, Ferozepur Road,
Lahore – 54660, Pakistan
Tel:- +92 42 3544444-5

Subject:- Employment Opportunity for Position as “Manager Projects”

Dear Sir,

This is in reference to the subject employment opportunity with your esteemed organizations.I would like to take privilege to inform you that I have nineteen plus years of experiences while working with National and Multinational organizations.

During my working tenure, I have been worked as General Manager and was responsible for Strategic planning/ Corporate Vision, Performance & people management, Business Operations Management, Profit and Lost / Fiscal Management etc. Apart from the above, I was also responsible for Procurement & Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Logistic Management, Inventory Control, subcontracting, negotiations, Sales and marketing (Local and International), Export Businesses, Distributors Network and other associated Commercial Activities etc.
I have been travel at Japan (Haneda, Harikata, Tokyo, Kyoto, Narita), Thailand (Bangkok), Dubai (UAE) and Afghanistan (Kabul), for business dealings.

During my employment with Jaffer Brothers, I have been worked on Expression of Interests, Feasibility Studies,Tendering, Pre-qualifications from contract Management to award of order till completion.I have also been worked under foreign Grant Aids/Funded projects with collaboration of Foreign and local partners. In the resultof my achievements, company has provided me outstanding achievement award during year 2010.

Since I have well diversified experiences gained during my professional business experiences so feel confident
that I have the ability and exposures to work as a team member of your Organization if the management /
interviewing panel decide to hire and avail my services. Therefore feel pleasure to enclose herewith my detailed
resume for your kind consideration and evaluation.
Please do let me know should you require any further information about my qualification or experience. I will
be more than happy to respond.
Meanwhile, thanking you and looking forward to your valuable comments.

Kind regards,
Nadeem A. Mughal.

Job Application Letter For the Post of Project Manager
Job Application Letter For the Post of Project Manager

Sample Resume for Project Manager

Sample resume for engineer/Administration job/ Project manager or multiple jobs.You can change necessary information and use it. Easy format of CV.

Sample Resume for Project Manager Engineering

Group Captain(Retd)



 Major General (Retd)



Address :                               H# 330-A, Street 16, G-10/2, ISLAMABAD

Telephone:                           (051) 2100345

Cell:                                         (0336) 7823333

E-mail:                                   kashimfehdi508@yahoo.com




Date of Birth:                         8 March, 1958

Nationality:                            Pakistani

Religion:                                  Muslim

CNIC Number:                     61101-2408684-3

Passport Number:               AN 5176843

Date of Issue:                        11 Oct 2017


Educational Qualifications:

  • BSc (Mech Engg)                 FACULTY OF ENGG,                                               1980
       (Present UET Peshawar)
  • BSc (Hons) War Studies      PAF AIR WAR COLLEGE,                                         1995                                                    KARACHI UNIVERSITY
  • Executive MBA (HRM)         PRESTON UNIVERSITY,                                         2011                                                    ISLAMABAD CAMPUS
  • MS (Engg Management)      ABASYN UNIVERSITY,                                             2014
    ISLAMABAD CAMPUS                           


Professional Qualifications:

  • Adv. POL Quality Control Course                   Attock Refinery Limited, Morgah         1981
  • Quality Control/Aircraft Insp Svcs                   College of Aeronautical Engg, PAF    1983
  • Industrial Radiography                                                PINSTEC, Nilore                     1985
  • Management Short Courses                                      NIPA, Lahore                           1988
  • Senior Command & Staff Course                              Air War College, PAF              1995
  • Helicopter Maintenance Course                                 PAF Base Peshawar              1997
  • Senior Engineering Management Course      College of Aeronautical Engg, PAF    2003


Seminars/Workshops Attended:

  • Six Sigma, Concept, Tools and Implementation Workshop
  • Project Management Professional Workshop
  • Organization Development & Leadership Seminar




Maintenance & Technical Engineering Officer                                                 (Jan’81 – Jul’08)


Worked on different field assignments and held various Command/Staff appointments during tenure of service; retired from active duty in July 2008 in the rank of GROUP CAPTAIN, after completion of normal tenure of service.

Held important appointments as follows, but not limited to;

Officer Commanding Engineering Wing PAF Academy Rislapur

Chief Engineer (ARG), F-6RF, PAC Kamra

Director, Technical Services, F-6RF, PAC Kamra

Director, Weapon System Management Chinese-II, AHQ

Director, Aerospace Ground Equipment, AHQ

Deputy Chief Engineer, AMF, PAC Kamra

Deputy GM (Technical)                                                                                        (Dec’08 – Jun’09)

M/s IKAN Engineering Services, Islamabad

Was responsible for ascertaining spares & services requirements of Pak Army, Navy and PAF, carrying out International market survey for the same and providing support to the three services. Ensuring timely fulfillment of PAF orders thru the existing RRC.

Project Director (Air Force)                                                                                (Sep’09 – Aug’10)

M/s United International Technologies, Islamabad

As Project Director (PAF), was responsible for ascertaining future spares & services requirements of PAF, and suggesting the best possible solutions. Also was instrumental in finalizing BOA between PAF and M/s Rockwell Collins, USA

Visiting Faculty                                                                                                        (Mar’12 – Jul’13)

Federal Urdu University of Arts Science &  Technology, Islamabad

Taught Engineering Mechanics to BEE students of 2nd Semester

Technology Consultant                                                                                       (Jan’14 – Jun’14)

COMSATS Technologies, Islamabad

Handled different projects related to Solar Power.






Type of Experience Job Description
Human Resource Management As Director Technical Services at F-6 Rebuild Factory, PAC Kamra was responsible for selection of technicians, their training and deployment.

As Officer Commanding Engineering Wing, PAF Academy Risalpur was responsible for training & deployment of over 5000 engineers and technicians,


As Chief Engineer(ARG) was responsible for around 2000 work force looking after their training & deployments
All through my service had been responsible for training, management and deployment of personnel under my command.

Training Control Management As Directors at Air Headquarters, was responsible for the training of officers and technicians of the Weapon System and Equipment being managed by my directorates.


As Director Technical Services at F-6 Rebuild Factory, PAC Kamra, was responsible for selection, induction,  training and deployment of civilian technicians, Arranging seminars, training courses and visits and Skill Training of technicians.


As Chief Engineer at F-6 Rebuild Factory, was responsible for practical training of newly inducted technicians and managing lecture & training programs for engineers and technicians


As Officer Commanding Engineering Wing, PAF Academy Risalpur, was responsible for the Theoretical and Practical training of technicians for their Qualifying Exams and for their Skill enhancement



Quality Management As Asstt Director Quality Control at Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, PAC Kamra was responsible for entire quality control activities of the factory.

As Senior Monitor Quality Assurance, at PAF Base Samungli was responsible for implementation of all policies related to Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
As Quality Advisor to Commander, Civil Defense Aviation Command, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was responsible for planning and implementation of Quality Control and Quality Assurance policies all over the command advising the Commander CDAC for all quality related matters.

Supply Chain Management As Director Weapon System Management (Chinese-II) at Air Headquarters was responsible for procurement of spares and services and management of USD 5 Mil annual budget.
As Director Aerospace Ground Equipment at Air Headquarters was responsible for procurement of Aerospace Ground Equipment, General Engineering Machines and other allied equipment worth PKR 200 Mil & USD 5 Mil annually.
As Logistics Advisor to Commandant CDAC, Saudi Arabia was responsible for all logistics matters including procurement and budget for the entire Civil Defense Aviation Command, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Was also responsible for finalizing and signing of the Annual Maintenance & Spares Contract with M/s Kawasaki Helicopters, Japan


Type of Experience Job Description
Research & Development As Director Aerospace Ground Equipment at Air Headquarters, Islamabad managed R&D / Indigenization of Aerospace Ground Support Equipment through Ministry of Defense Production, Dte Gen Munitions Production, MVRDE, Shaheen Aero Traders and other major Public & Private sector Engineering Setups for a period of over one year.
As Asstt Director Industrial Engineering at Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, PAC Kamra managed modifications, improvements and change orders in parts and components of the production aircraft.

Structural Repair



As Chief Engineer, Aircraft Rebuild Group at F-6 Rebuild Factory, PAC Kamra was responsible for the overhaul of all Chinese origin aircraft of the PAF; manufacturing of aircraft windshields and canopies, electrical looms and high pressure hoses and pipes. In-Shop & On-Site Structural repair of occurances damaged aircraft was a major part of responsibility

As OC Engg Wing at Risalpur, all structural work on SLEP and Wing Spar modification aircraft was done under my supervision
As DCE Assembly Plant at Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, PAC Kamra was responsible for the manufacturing and assembly of Mushak Aircraft, including its Fuselage, Wings, Control Surfaces and Electrical Looms along with other major & minor components. Ground and Flight Testing, Acceptance by users and follow-up / after sales-service. Structural Repair of damaged Mushak aircraft. On-Field recovery of Mushak aircraft. Specialist advice and support to PAF and Pak Army Aviation.
As Incharge Ground Engg Squadrons at PAF Bases, was responsible for Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Aerospace Ground Equipment, Air Conditioning Equipment and Specialist vehicles. Was responsible for structural repair of damaged aircraft. Carried out structural repair of a bullet-riddled C-130 aircraft and Mirages after barrier engagements


As Director AGE at Air Headquarters, was responsible for Repair & Overhaul of Aerospace Ground Equipment , Specialist Vehicles and Power Generators

Industrial Management During my TEN years at Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra was fully involved and responsible for Industrial Management at various levels and different shops / sections. This experience involved managing industrial shops, workers and materials. It also involved repair and maintenance of different machines (both heavy and light)


Man-Management and Training of the workers was an essential product of Industrial Management.



Type of Experience Job Description
Engineering Management As Officer Commanding Engineering Wing, PAF Academy Risalpur was responsible for all engineering activities on the base. These included but were not limited to all engineering matters related to the maintenance, repair and operations of aircraft, vehicles, ground support equipment, communications and weapons.
As Director Weapon System Management (Chinese-II) at Air Headquarters was responsible for engineering management of aircraft and allied equipment of Chinese origin.
As Director Aerospace Ground Equipment at Air Headquarters was responsible for engineering management of all Aerospace Ground Equipment, Power Generators and General Engineering Machines in the PAF.
As Senior Engineering Officer of a Fighter Squadron was responsible for the management of flying operations and 1st line maintenance of the squadron aircraft and allied support equipment.
As Incharge of Aircraft Engineering, Ground Engineering and Control Squadrons of different PAF Bases, was responsible for the management of all engineering activities of the squadron to provide management and maintenance support to the operational activities of the base.

As Incharge of different backup support engineering shops was responsible for all engineering back-up to support flying operations.

Special Projects Management At Civil Defense Aviation Command, GCDA, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia complied and vetted complete Quality Control & Quality Assurance Manual.


At Civil Defense Aviation Command, GCDA, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia complied and vetted complete Supply Chain Management Manual.


At Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, PAC Kamra managed & supervised construction of

Assembly Plant Hanger

K-8 Aircraft Hanger

At F-6 Rebuild Factory, PAC Kamra managed & supervised renovation of Aircraft Rebuilding Hangars


Programme Management At Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, PAC Kamra planned, coordinated and managed the participation of the factory at Indonesia Air Show ’86 (IAS’86)

At Aircraft Manufacturing Factory, PAC Kamra planned, coordinated and managed the participation of the factory at Asian Aerospace ’88 (Singapore Air Show)

At Civil Defense Aviation Command, GCDA, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia planned, coordinated and managed complete Maintenance, Quality and Logistics Support for Hajj Safety / Security Operations between 1997 – 2000


Activity Location Year
Participated in Indonesia Air Show IAS ’86.
Took part as an Exhibitor, for both stall display and Aircraft Static display
Jakarta; Indonesia 1986
Involved as team member of Mushak Re-Engining Programme to install a super Turbo-Charged Teledyne Continental Engine AMF, PAC, Kamra 1987
Participated in Asian Aerospace ’88 (Singapore Air Show). Represented company as an Exhibitor, both Stall display and Aircraft Aerial & Static display Changi International Airport
Participated in Sino-Pakistan K-8 Jet Trainer Aircraft co-development project during Jigs / Fixtures and Tooling Design phase China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (CNAMC),
Hongdu, Nanchang,
Peoples Republic of  China
Team member of A-5III aircraft Cockpit Upgrade Programme PAF Base Peshawar 1992
Review and Revision of Technical Trade Manuals for PAF technicians PTTS Kohat 1992
Induction and commissioning of Trilectron Ground Power Units and Training of PAF Maintenance & Technical Team PAF Base Masroor 1996
Member of Base Commander’s team for smooth conduct of Inter-Squadron Armament Competition-1996 PAF Base Masroor 1996
Compilation of Quality Manual for Civil Defence Aviation Command CDAC, GCDA

Riyadh, KSA

Revision of Logistics Manual for Civil Defence Aviation Command CDAC, GCDA

Riyadh, KSA

Involved in the initial studies of FT-5 Life of Type Extension (LOTEX) Programme to increase service life of the fleet by an additional 10% F-6RF, PAC Kamra 2005




Commendation Certificate from the Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force
Commendation Certificate from the Director General Civil Defense, GCDA, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Achievement Certificate from Deputy Chief of Air Staff (Operations) upon successful conduct of Inter-Squadron Armament Competition-1996


Skills & Competencies:

  • Management, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills along with profound engineering skills.
  • Fluency in English, Urdu and Persian languages along with regional languages like Pushto and Punjabi.
  • High expertise in computers, especially MS Office, Adobe Photoshop & Corel Draw

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