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New product Announcement Letter

New product Announcement Letter. When a company announces a new service or a new product, there are many ways to publicize it. One easy way to write a product/service announcement letter. This is a sample format how to write a letter for the announcement of new product.

New product Announcement Letter

Mr. Young yak
Sweden, Australia

Subject: New product Announcement Letter

Dear Sir,

Sir, Mr. Young Yak, Chief Marketing Manager of Palls International, I, Mr. Brook with extreme Pleasure wants to notify you that our company’s new soft drink is ready to launch. We are sure that our product launch marketing ideas are going to be effective enough. The our journey of launching a new soft drink presents a few challenges; but our team devotion, hard work and passionate efforts defeat them and made our dream true .
With the success of this product we may also overcome our competitive; this product would be a useful provider of support and inspiration for growing our business. Now I want to high light the some important features of our soft drink;
1- This soft drink would be available in the market in flavors of orange, strawberry, mango and punch of fruits.
2– The soft drink would be available in bottles and cane packing’s.
3-  The price of the soft drink would be $3.00.
4– The name of our soft drink would be “ yoyos Drink”.
I am glad to share the report of our survey which we made among our valued customers. According to our survey not only are regular customers are anxiously waiting for this new soft drinks but other than our valued customers are interested in this new drink.
I look forward to meet you and discuss some other details.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Brook


Sample Declaration Letter to Staff of Eidi

Sample Declaration letter to staff of Eidi. Incentives are a matter of honour, but getting Eidi from the chairman is matter of happiness and feast. This declaration letter format is a guiding star for the searching personnel.

Sample Declaration Letter to Staff of Eidi

The Teaching, Ancillary and Clerical Staff,
Wise Brains Holster School System,
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: Declaration letter to staff of Eidi

Dear Employees,

Hailing for all us are being sent in this holy month of Ramadan by the Providence. Thank trillion times to our beneficent and ever generous God for loving us and blessing us with His countless bounties.

In virtue, we as Muslim, should try to imitate the qualities of our gracious Lord (the King of all Kings and the most powerful Deity.) this year I decided to do so and here I am going to announce the Eidi package for my lovely and dedicated team of WBHSS!

I devised a formula for the allotment of Eidi package to each individual grade wise. Kindly read the following and find your scale and package in accordance:

Teaching Staff:

Grade 1-10 will get 3 per cent on their net salary.
Grade 11-15 will get half salary on their net salary
Grade 16 and above will get 20 per cent on their basic salary.

Ancillary Staff:

The entire staff will get a cash of rupee 5000 and free ration hamper per head as an Eidi package on this Eid.

Clerical Staff:

In the category of clerical staff right from fee voucher making to accounts manager all will get a bonus of 10,000 as an Eidi package.I hope my step of giving Eidi will suffice your heart and will meet up the needs of the Eid as well. Thank you and enjoy.

3 rd June, 2017.

Sample Letter to Renew Business Contract

Sample format of Letter to Renew Business Contract.Government sector runs a number of departments under its supervision. The departments had to meet the requirements of their office and for that reason they announce tenders for different materials. The contractors after getting the tenders,wished to keep on working with the government and demands the renewal of business contract from them. Such letter is real help of such persons who wanted to have renewal of contracts.

Sample Letter to Renew Business Contract

The Health Minister,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Request Letter to Renew Business Contract

Respected Sir,

How are you? I hope you will be fine at your place. I wish you the best of mental attire and eternal peace in your life. I am Mr. Jackson Tom and I had taken the contract of surgical instruments from your worthy self in the last year. I had fulfilled the demand of 5000 surgical pairs in the shortest duration of three months.

I am efficient, trustworthy and liable person and your staff had no complaint against me. This year, I had learnt that you are going to break the order of surgical instruments once again, so, I came direct to you for the purpose of renewal of business contract with your highness.

Kindly renew the contract of business with me and I assure you that you will not be able to see faults in my given materials. Kindly do consider my words and make a favourable action. I will be brimmed with gratification If you grant me the renewal of business. Thanking in anticipation.

Yours Truly,
Mr. Jackson Tom,
Nexus Steel Mills co.
26 July 2016

Sample Letter to Renew Business Contract
Sample Letter to Renew Business Contract

Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

Sample Letter of Congratulation for Business Anniversary.This easy format of the letter can be used by people who wished to wish their loved ones for their business success. Necessary changes can be done according to requirement.

Sample Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

The Chairperson
Core Steel industries limited
Tokyo, Japan.

Subject: Letter of Congratulation for Business Anniversary

Respected sir,

I hope you will be sailing in good boat of health and gliding in air for your tremendous success in business! I am writing this letter of congratulation to you on the behalf of my staff and all of us wanted to show our happiness and sense of
achievement with you in this journey of success.

We cherished the day when we were appointed by you in this company and said us to invest the energies in this newborn company and from that day to its first anniversary you kept on our backs constantly encouraging us and bucking us up in the time of darkness. We remembered the days when we came up and down with the business upheavals. The days were hectic and trying at that time but now when we had passed those times and tasted the fruit of our efforts and patience we are feeling overjoyed and proud to some extent.

Sir, we owe you a great deal of love and respect and we, as staff, has arranged a tea party to celebrate this tremendous success. We are looking forward for your approval and coming to this party at 5:00 PM by Monday. Accept our wishes and prayers for yourself and for your family and friends as well. We love you so much.

Best Regards,
Team of Mechanics,
Executive staff,
March 4, 2016

Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary
Congratulation Letter for Business Anniversary

Business Anniversary Congratulations Letter

Dear Liam,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on the anniversary of your business. I still remember how it all started as a small startup and look at now, it’s all flourished. All credit goes to you for the input and effort putting into the business.
It is not cup of coffee to run a business, it requires proper time and attention. I am really happy for you that you took every challenge and obstacle and prove everyone against you wrong. I am impressed that you left no page un-turned to keep the worth of your words intact.


Youn Tenry

General Manager

Allied Industries.

Sample Business Announcement Letter for New Project

New Business Announcement Letter Sample for New Projects in Organizations. In the contemporary epoch the sense of struggle from new to newest is signaling from tough to toughest and for that reason projects are launched in the business arcades. This format can be used by people who are interested in opening the new projects/business and invest in the future to get the having maximum output from their business.

Sample Business Announcement Letter  for New Project

Quality Maintenance Manager,
The Woodchucks Group of Industries,
New York, United States of America.

Subject: Announcement Letter for New Projects in Organizations

Amiable Sir!

Hoping wealth, prosperity and good health towards your aura I would like to inform you with something of much importance and credit. With our unified efforts and undaunted struggles we together took this baby company to its prime first and now towards its adulthood. As by the law of nature, adult took their retirement and place hands on their up-coming younger generation.

I am feeling much excited to declare that we are on the verge of opening a new project in our Woodchucks! Many congratulations to you and your team whose toil made it possible for us to launch our new projects in the mainstream of this
industry.The Wooden tiles are the new project that we hope to launch in next few weeks.

The quality and maintenance of the tiles should be exalted and unprecedented as compared to our other companies producing the same art work. I expect Out of Box thinking style and compliance from you and yours team as well.
Congratulations once again and stay in touch with us on this new project!

Mr. John Mclain

Sample Business Announcement Letter for New Project
Sample Business Announcement Letter for New Project