Circular of Leave without Intimation

Sample letter format of a circular of leave without intimation. Circulars are meant to remind or give me news to be followed in the near future or it is given to warn the persons for their certain actions. These easy formats are regarding the taking of leaves without intimation.

Circular of Leave without Intimation

Greetings! How are you? We hope and pray the goodness for you in your lives. We are one and together we run the system as our company’s motto brags! We are caring and believe in the weaknesses or the emergencies of our workers which they face in their respective lives but it is to intimate that no further leave will be entertained if got without prior intimation to the governing body. If the same act is repeated in future please think of yourself as not a part of this system!

Best Regards.

Circular of Leave without Intimation for Teachers

Good day! We hope you all will be satisfied in your lives and departing the true essence of knowledge in its true spirit. Teachers are the backbone of all educational institutions and we are mindful of their hectic routine and mental pressure. Granting and taking of leaves is a common activity and is valued everywhere, but without intimation to the high ups is not a good thing and will not be entertained in positivity in the near future. Your healthy compliance in this connection is required by the administrative staff. Thanks.

Circular of Leave without Intimation for Students

Greetings! How are you all? Young minds are fresh and receptive in their nature for their brains are like blank slates on which anything good or bad could be written or imprints upon. Teaching is a river which flows into sea and knows no reverse path so we recommend you not to take un-necessary leaves and especially without intimation to the teaching or administrative staff. We hope you will take care of this reminder in the future. Wishing you days filled with knowledge and wisdom to be imparted to you by your teachers!

Best Wishes,


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