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Sample of Circular for No Smoking

Notice about smoking. Here are easy formats regarding stop smoking.

Sample of Circular for No Smoking

This organization has strictly prohibited the smoking in office premises. It has been said that smoking is like paying to have your life cut shorter. Smoking is harmful to health and can deteriorate the lungs. It can cause cancer which is very lethal and dreadful. No employee should be found smoking in common places of office like cafe, stairs, rest rooms lifts and cabins. We do not have smoking policy here. We do not appreciate the smoking and would take strict action against employees who would not obey the regulations. It is moral duty of each of the employee to make the environment healthier by not promoting activities like smoking. Safety of each other is a responsibility of each individual and should not be ignored in any case. This letter applies to each employee of the office regardless of their post. All employees should act in accordance with No smoking Policy.

Smoke Free Workplace

Dear All,
Smoking is prohibited during the office premises. Kindly, follow this rule to make the environment smoke free. Or else strict actions will be taken against the concern person.

Circular Regarding Safety of Automobiles by Chairman

Sample circular regarding safety of automobiles by chairman. Having own conveyance is a blessing and one should be thankful to God for this precious luxury and need. In this heat wave, where human being are affected to greater extent, the automobiles also had suffered damage. To avoid accident or any untoward situation, necessary care should be taken care of and this format can be a good help for those who take care of their vehicles.

Circular Regarding Safety of Automobiles by Chairman

The Manager,
Dena Nash Automobile Company,
Texas, United State of America.

Subject: Circular regarding safety of automobiles by chairman

Dear —————-,

Good day! How are you? I hope you will be fine and fir in your life, despite all the odds the life threw on us, from time to time. For your own health and fitness, I hope you had gotten all necessary precautions on your own or can be circulated to you by your near and dear ones. There will be very few who would suggest you on how to take care of your vehicles in this extreme summer season. Don’t worry, I am here with good news as I will tell you how to take care of your vehicle. Spare sometime and check the following things into your kind consideration. Here we go!

1- You must not fill your petrol tank to maximum, keep it up to half and leave the rest of the space for passing of air. This will save you from fire explosion in your car/bike.
2- You must check the water level in radiator and carbonator on daily base as your vehicle is consuming more water than normal. This will extend the life of your car battery.
3- Regularly get your car washed followed by car polish and spray on the plastic body parts of your interior and exterior. This will save the luster and life of your car paint.
Thank you for your valued time, patience and kind attention.

Yours truly,

Mr. Jackson Joe,
20 th May, 2018.