Meeting request to Supervisor for Paid Leave of One Year

These three are different variations of email applications. The applications are for asking for an audience with the CEO for a paid leave of one year. These three email applications are meant to help anyone who requires assistance.
Furthermore, if there is any additional help required then the team would love to provide additional information. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via the given comment box, which you can find on this page, or the email which is also given on this page. The team would surely give a prompt response.

Easy Request Letter to supervisor for Paid leave of One year



To: The CEO

Subject: A request for a yearlong paid leave

Dear {first name},

I’m writing to inform you that I’ll be taking a one-year paid leave.
This is due to personal reasons and I hope, with consideration, you would approve my request.
There are many concerns I have in making this decision; this final concern is the stability of our current project. {Some details about project} By sacrificing an income and time commitment, I am mitigating any possible setbacks. I also believe that due to my stellar performance in recent projects and many unused leaves, I would be cashing in on those and any future leaves.

I deeply appreciate your time and consideration of my request,

“{recipient name}”

Meeting request to supervisor for paid leave of one year


New Delhi

To: The CEO

Subject: Your investments in me

Dear {{insert CEO name},

I am tremendously grateful and over the moon to have had this opportunity to work with you during my time with x company, and I can’t wait to get back to full-throttle duties. Unfortunately, motherhood has been so fast-tracked for me that neither my husband nor I anticipated it. I’ve given up too much of myself in these past few years and now sadly find myself needing a bit more from myself by way of balance, such as spending time as a spouse and soon a mother as well. In the spirit of compromise, I’d like to propose that I ask for a year’s leave, but if at all possible, be paid for TEN months next year only. Clearly, this is not standard at x company, but please consider my request. I understand that I am asking for a lot, but I do think I have shown great progress and know for sure that I could come back with a greater spirit if I wasn’t always worrying about my child.

Thank you again

Request Letter to Supervisor for Paid Leave of One Year



To: The CEO

Subject: Request for Leave of Absence

Dear Steve,

I am happy to have joined {company name} and am looking forward to building the business with my team. I have some good ideas in mind and anticipate being a valuable member of the executive team. Since joining {company name}, I have learned much about what makes your company so special by speaking with various colleagues at varying levels in the company. When I first came to XCAD I was completely untrained, and the company polished me into the diamond that I am today. I respect you and the learning environment you have created for all your employees.
At this time, however, I would like to offer you a request for one year’s leave of absence without having to worry about how it will affect my future prospects with {company name}.
Clear enough? Let me know what you think and whether or not the email is persuasive enough!

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