Overdue Payment Reminder Letter Sample

This is a reminder that your payments are overdue. It will be appreciated if the amount be paid before the extended due date. If the requirements are not met, it might lead to the suspension of the services. If you have any financial problems and are unable to pay the bill, kindly contact us to reach a payment agreement.

Overdue Payment Reminder Letter Sample

Dear Mr. Fahad Ali,

We wrote to you earlier this month to remind you of your overdue payment of invoice number xxxxxx. The amount that you must pay is $3000. The due date for payment was October 5, 2020. Now it has been more than a month and we have not heard from you. You have also ignored the payment and reminders. You are requested to pay the amount within 7 days. If you have any financial issues kindly contact me so we can arrange a payment plan for you. I can also make you pay in the form of installments if that is convenient for you. But in case, you do not pay the amount or do not contact us, we will have to cancel your membership. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Moreover, contact me to discuss your payment options with me. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Payment Reminder Letter Format

Dear customer,

We are writing this letter to remind you of the overdue payment of your Wi-Fi bill. Your payment of Rs. 2500 was due last month. It seems that due to some reason, you were unable to pay the amount in time. We have now given you an extension of one week to pay the bill so that you keep using our Wi-Fi service. We request you to visit our nearest office and pay the bill as soon as possible. You can also use the bank payment service. If you are still unable to pay before the due date, contact me so we can plan a payment method for you. Your failure to pay the bill will result in the suspension of the service. If payment has already been made, please provide us with a picture of your stamped payment slip. We would appreciate a prompt response from you. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

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