Employment Confirmation Letter Sample

Employment Confirmation Letter Sample. If any employee has applied for studies abroad or for any internship or training program as per requirement of the organization he/she may apply for the employment confirmation or verification letter. Company may issue the letter showing employee’s designation, aptitude etc. Format is provided below.

Employment Confirmation Letter Sample

To Whom It May Concern

This is certify that Ms. Amna Shah is a full time permanent employee at Rehman Foundation and she has been working an ‘Educational Psychologist since August 2012.We are happy to hear that she has been selected USAID scholarship and leaving our institute temporarily for higher education program for next two and half years.

Ms. Amna has discussed USAID scholarship requirements with us and we gladly, upon her request, are committed to provide her a platform for five years as a commitment bond to work within our organization where she will be able to share her international educational learning and practical experience with us after the completion of her studies. We wish her best of luck to successfully complete her higher education.

If you have any question regarding Ms. Amna Shah’s employment, please feel free to contact us.


Mr. Abdul Rana
Rehman Foundation.

Employment Confirmation Letter Sample
Employment Confirmation Letter Sample


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