Request Letter to Surgeon for Discount on the Surgery Charges

If you got your surgery done by a surgeon or are getting ready to get one done but the cost is way more than what you can afford and the surgery seems very expensive and you feel like asking for a discount. We have provided you with some sample letters that you can easily use to ask for a discount on your surgery cost/hospital bill by just modifying these sample ones. Leave that in the comment section if you have requests for any other request letter.

Sample Request Letter to Surgeon for a Discount on Surgery Charges

Dr. Shankar Panday
Care Hospital
G Gardens, Chennai, India

Subject: Request Letter Provide a Discount on Surgery Charges

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am scheduled to get my mastectomy done by you. As a cancer patient, I have been using my life savings for my treatment as there was little to no help from any health authority for me and I spent almost all my money on chemo sessions and medications. You have been following my whole journey and are well aware of my situation right now. You being my surgeon for this major surgery is very relieving that I am in your expert and wise hands and I will be trusting you with my life and,y health. You have helped me a lot in beating cancer and now I would like to request monetary help. You are very aware of my financial position right now. Kindly wave off half of the surgery charges for me. you know this surgery is extremely needed and I can not delay it anymore. Unfortunately, I couldn’t arrange all the bills and charges the hospital is demanding/. kindly wave off half the bill so that I can get my surgery done. It will be a huge favor and just another humane deed you will be doing for your patients. Thanks.

 Geeta Verma

Easy Request Letter to Surgeon for a Discount on Surgery Charges

Dr. Mukesh Khanna
Doctors Hospital
55D Adil Colony, Mumbai, India

Subject: Request Letter Provide a Discount on the Surgery Bill

Dear Sir,

I am writing you this letter to request you for a discount for my surgery that I got done from you 2 weeks ago. I am very satisfied with how my major heart surgery was performed and my life was saved. I am very grateful that I got to live more with my little kids and can recover and hope for life to be better again now. You performed the surgery with care and constantly cheer me up before and after the surgery. I am very glad that I am on the road to recovery. But as you know that due to I being sick I was unable to be at my job for last 3 months and was battling for my life. I lost my job and the savings were spent on the advance and medicines and treatments/tests that I was getting. Your team has been demanding the rest of the bill from me and I understand that I need to pay the amount but right now I could not arrange any sum of money even after trying. I had no health insurance as well. the amount that needs to be paid is ?65,000. Kindly have half of the amount ad I will pay the rest. I can only afford to pay ?30,000. For now. Kindly provide me with a discount and I will be very thankful for this godly gesture.

Arun Batra

Request Letter to the Surgeon for Discount on Surgery Charges

Dr. Rekha Batra
Life Hospital
56F, Chennai, India

Subject: Request Letter Provide a Discount on Hospital Bill

Dear Doctor,

I got my kidney stones removed from you through surgery a week ago. I paid the advance and then go my surgery done. I had no idea that the bill will accumulate to ?150,000 with all the medicines and stuff. I understand that such procedures cost much but this is way more than what I can afford. The bill seems very unfair. I would like you to give me a discount as a middle-class person I got my treatment done but this is way more than the expected bill. We live on average wages and this is very expensive. Kindly provide me with a discount so that I can pay the rest of the amount easily. I will be grateful. Thanks.

Ranbir Khanna

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