Security Appeal for Wedding Function

Security Appeal for Wedding Function. It’s the state responsibility to provide a security to civilians. The security is for their life, money, property and safety from other harms. This is a written sample format letter to request the metropolitan police authority for security during the wedding reception.

Security Appeal for Wedding Function

Metropolitan Police Authority.
City crook, Canada.

Subject: Security Appeal for Wedding Function

Dear Metropolitan Police Authority,

I am writing this letter to avail my right as a civilian protection under the section of S345. Sir, I am thronging a wedding reception of my son at Sunday 27.07.2018, timings are 4.00 pm and the venue is Royal he church crook city, Canada. I want to request you to please provide us security during this wedding reception. My some foreigner business colleagues are coming to attend this reception I want them to be save here during the event.
Can you please provide me a estimated total cost to the Metropolitan police of their contribution to the security of the Wedding reception – not only on the day but the all other security requirements prior to the event. Can you also confirm if extra charges were made available to cover these extra costs also? Please inform us how I can pay the charges, the source of payment and the method. Also inform me that have I submit them advance or may I can deposit them after the ceremony.
Please also provide me your plan how would you secure my function and with how many police officer’s. Hopefully, you would do your best to provide security to my VIP guest. I am proud of your services; I know you are best force world widely. I would be anxiously waiting for your reply and your positive response from your side. Thanking you in advance.

Yours Faithfully,
Tamper tom

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