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Request Letter to Sponsor a Sports Day

Request Letter to Sponsor a Sports Day. In order to organize any function by welfare, it is needed to provide detail goals and aims to the other financial sponsor. This is a sample written format to sponsorship of Sports Day. Sample letter to sponsor an event.

Request Letter to Sponsor a Sports Day

The HR manager
Nestle Internationals

Subject: A request letter to sponsor a sports day

Respected Sir,

It’s a humble greeting to you, we expect that everything would be pity fine at your side. Sir, as you know I am running welfare for children with special needs from last few years in this town. I am providing them best services in this organization, some other experts has joined me in making my dream into a reality. The progress of our children is no doubt very smooth and persistent, we are happy that we are useful is making them independent in their lives as much as we can.
Sports are very important for our mental health. It gives us energy and motivation both at a time. It improves co- ordinations in our body. Sports are only one thing that everyone loves to participates in it.Sir, we want to organize the sports day for these children with special needs. As you know this welfare is completely nonprofit organization, we have no budge to finance this event. I would like to request you to sponsor this event for 200 children with special need. The estimated amount to organize this function is approximately $4500 no doubt it would be followed by gifts and lunch boxes. You can also arrange lunch boxes for our staff members and supporting staff who are around 60.
Please make sure to inform us about it timely, it would help me making arrangements accordingly. I would be waiting for good news from your side. Talk to me if you have any other suggestion or plan for this sports day. Thanking and anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Welfare for Children with Special Needs.

Appreciation Letter for Sports Teacher

Sample Appreciation Letter format to Sports Teacher for Winning International Awards. It is said by famous people that “APPRECIATION IS KEY TO SUCCESS” The moment we appreciate someone he starts gliding in the sky of success! Schools do take care of their staff and appreciate them when they compete with foreigners and came as winners. Appreciation letters are used in educational institutions to encourage their teachers for even better to best show up! This  format can be used by institutions who wanted to encourage their staff on performing well.

Sample Appreciation Letter for Sports Teacher


Ms. Suneeta Marshel!

It is a matter of immense pleasure to have you in our Institution. You won us tremendous chain of awards nationally and
internationally as well! We appreciate your efforts in giving others what you learnt and absorbed in your whole academic career. Teachers as mentors are rare sight nowadays, but you proved the old maxim ‘Teacher lit herself like a candle to
brighten up the way for her students.’

We had seen you sweating in the bare bold sun and not frowning even for once on the mistakes your students as sportsman do and repeat! It is highly appreciable. We always show us your perfect stance and never came running to us in complaining about the rout and pout of your students or any other linked scenario.

As a token of acknowledgment, we put forward this piece of paper turned into Appreciation Letter just because of your own self efforts and winning attitude. You are marvelous and keep on collecting good name and laurels for this school. With this appreciation we extend a cash of Five Thousand towards you.We wish you happiness and good will for your future.

Best Regards,

Dr. Donald Andrew,
7 th December,2016

Job Application for Sports Teacher

Sample Job Application for Sports Teacher. If any person want to apply for the position of sports teacher also known as games teacher he/she have to write a job application first showing the skills and qualifications he/she have. Easy format of Application is provided below can also be used as cover letter for sports teacher.

Job Application for Sports Teacher

The Principal,
Cambridge School System.

Subject: Job Application for Sports Teacher

Respected Sir,

With keen enthusiasm I am eager to apply for the position of Sports Teacher vacant in your institution about which I come to know through a well founded source. Cambridge School System is one of the renowned institution in country and to be a part of this team would be phenomenal enough for someone. I am Graduated from British Learning and as I had interest in Games and Sports I did diploma in respective field. Apart from this, since my school I have been a brilliant player of cricket and badminton. I find sports to be the most crucial element in life of a student and to teach this subject with all my efforts is my greatest passion.

In my recent job in ABC I am coach of Badminton Team which have got the First Prize in National Competition. I believe my prowess are able to guide students about sportsmanship and its significance. Being versatile teacher, I am able to teach games at primary level too. I consider my qualities eligible to apply for the post and I appreciate if you will provide me with a chance to serve your institution.

My enclosure contains my resume and certificates which will add details about my experiences. I hope that you will be heedful regarding my application and a chance of interview would be worthwhile. for any other queries you may feel free to contact me. Thanking you for your time and consideration.


Sheena Patel.
Contact: 000-4344-44.

Job Application for Sports Teacher
Job Application for Sports Teacher