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Request Letter to Sponsor a Sports Day

Request Letter to Sponsor a Sports Day. In order to organize any function by welfare, it is needed to provide detail goals and aims to the other financial sponsor. This is a sample written format to sponsorship of Sports Day. Sample letter to sponsor an event.

Request Letter to Sponsor a Sports Day

The HR manager
Nestle Internationals

Subject: A request letter to sponsor a sports day

Respected Sir,

It’s a humble greeting to you, we expect that everything would be pity fine at your side. Sir, as you know I am running welfare for children with special needs from last few years in this town. I am providing them best services in this organization, some other experts has joined me in making my dream into a reality. The progress of our children is no doubt very smooth and persistent, we are happy that we are useful is making them independent in their lives as much as we can.
Sports are very important for our mental health. It gives us energy and motivation both at a time. It improves co- ordinations in our body. Sports are only one thing that everyone loves to participates in it.Sir, we want to organize the sports day for these children with special needs. As you know this welfare is completely nonprofit organization, we have no budge to finance this event. I would like to request you to sponsor this event for 200 children with special need. The estimated amount to organize this function is approximately $4500 no doubt it would be followed by gifts and lunch boxes. You can also arrange lunch boxes for our staff members and supporting staff who are around 60.
Please make sure to inform us about it timely, it would help me making arrangements accordingly. I would be waiting for good news from your side. Talk to me if you have any other suggestion or plan for this sports day. Thanking and anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Welfare for Children with Special Needs.

Invitation Letter to Parents from School

Sample format of invitation letter to parents from school on Annual Sports Day.Celebrations are always a feast to cherish and if it comes to annual sports day then the saga of enjoyment and thrill captured both the child and the parents! Such events are part and parcel of any educational institute and are encouraged worldwide. Such format can be used by schools who wanted to impart an impression on their stakeholders.

Sample Invitation Letter to parents from School

The parent of Mr. Joes Scarlet,
Cascades school of highs,
London, United Kingdom.

Subject: Invitation letter to parents from school on Annual Sports Day

Respected parents,

We are honoured to have your son as a precious gem of ours school and we are also delighted to have such esteemed and valuable parents like you in our school. With your cooperation, trust and confidence we are what we wanted to be in the starting years of this school! Without your concern and contribution, our baby school will not have known to this adult hood. We humbly appreciate your prestigious self in our school.

This time is high fever time of sports in almost all the schools and we are feeling proud enough to announce that we had also dared to arrange our very first Annual Sports Day which is a cocktail of mixed and varied games and performances. We want your presence in the scenario to make the event even greater.

We hope from the depth of our hearts that you will definitely enjoy the efforts that our young students and teachers had put in to inspire you. Kindly do come. Thankyou.

Ms. Shonale
14 th May, 2016