Sample Encouragement Letter for Success 

Sample Encouragement Letter for Success in competition. Encouragement is most needed in our life for a better being as it give enough energy to propel oneself in life and climb the stairs of success with ease and pride. This format can be a help in molding the thoughts of many inform or written script so they can get benefit out of it.

Sample Encouragement Letter for Success

The Freelancer Writer,
Allied Aster Voice of Truth Papers,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject:  Encouragement letter for success in competition

Respected Sir,

Greetings! Have a good day ahead sir. I am Joe Jackson, the new principal of the Allied Dreams School. I am here to forward my request to you to write few encouragement letters for the success candidates who appeared in different sports in the Olympiad Competition. The reason behind this request, is the idea of encouraging them and making them able to go higher and find newer ways and challenges for them. In short, I want them to
prepare themselves for life! Nothing is better than life which throw unexpected and mighty challenges on human beings and they have to face it, but I want my students to face it with smile and courage.
Please keep my above mentioned mind set and scribble few formats for me for different sports like physical activities, declamations, pottery making, decorating, and singing and so on. Please inform me as soon as you finished with jotting up your work as I will be waiting. Please contact me through my Assistant on the contact number published with format styles overleaf.
I will be brimmed with gratification on your timely cooperation and dispensing the written material to my office. Thank you for your time and kind

Best Regards,
Mr. Joe Jackson,
20 th June, 2018.

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