Sample Application for Adjustment in Electricity Bill

Sample Application for Adjustment in Electricity Bill

The CEO,
Lahore, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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Subject: An application requesting adjustment in electricity bill

Respected Sir,

Good day ! How are you? I hope you are quite aware of the current situation of the whole world and the things related to it. In our country, our valued Prime minister had announced a subsidy of 20% off in the electricity bill for two months, I got the subsidy for the previous month, but in this month no discount was given to me, I am unable to pay the bill because my pockets are almost empty as I am jobless nowadays. It’s a request to do adjustment in this bill and let me have a sigh of relief. Thank you for bearing me and giving me your precious time. Stay safe.

Yours Truly,
Andy Keon,
29th June, 2020

Sample Letter format of Requesting Adjustment
in Sui Gas Bill

The CEO,
Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Subject: An application for requesting adjustment in Sui gas bill

Respected Sir,

I hope you will be fine and safe at your place. I am a foreigner here, came to visit this city, rented a house for three months, but seldom cared about the bills, now after spending two months here, the landlady came to me and handed over this bill of natural gas. It is a correct bill, but I request you to adjust the bill in the next month’s bill so that it will be easier for me to enjoy my trip and arrange money to pay off my other bills as well. I hope you get my point and will do the needful. I will appreciate your timely cooperation in this regard. I don’t want and wish to earn a bad name for my country after leaving this city. I will be looking forward to you for a prompt action. Thankyou.

Warm Regards,

Martha Keon,
28th June, 2020

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