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Letter to Client Informing of Unpaid Utility Bills

These letter formats directed to the people who have taken accommodation at house and are living on rent that could be office worker, lawyers, and doctors. These formats by householder/Officeholder to tenant or client for informing unpaid office /house utility bills.

Letter to Client Informing of Unpaid Utility Bills

Mr Pot Puri,

Please note that I am writing this letter for informing you of unpaid utility bills. You have taken the accommodation place from us for two years now and there has been absolutely no problem found. You are a very virtuous and righteous person. I received the cheque you sent of $700 of accommodation rent. This has been specified in the appraisal that you shall also pay for the utility bills. This is my request to you to please go through the contract again for checking the details so it does not happen again. Please send me the remaining amount this week so I shall pay the bills. If there is any query that you want to discuss with me, please contact me on given number below or you can write me an email on my email address. I hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards,

Robert Singh

Sample letter to Client/Tenant Informing of Unpaid Utility Bills

Dear Mehta,

I am writing this letter in very emergency as you have not paid the utility bills. I have given you the place for office and I have received the payment of monthly rent but did not receive the amount for separate utility bills. I have to forward it to the administration, please understand that I am the moderator between the both parties. I will recommend you to go through the terms and conditions of the contract you signed. The total balance is $500 of two months. I am giving you 5 business days to make the payment. Please inform me within the days if you have any query or concern regarding the rent. You can reach me on my office number for contacting means. I hope that I don’t have to send this kind of letter again to your place. Please be punctual and vigilant in reading the contract.

Best Regards,

Morban Poch

Request Letter for Pending Salary Payment

Request Letter for Pending Salary Payment.The written format of Request Letter for Pending Salary Payment has been provided ahead. It can be used by employees/workers who have not received their pending salary amount yet. Mention the reason for which you are requesting, and write in a humble way.

Request Letter for Pending Salary Payment

Mrs. Eva Kim
Project Director,
Falcon’s Association.

Subject: Request letter for Pending Salary Payment

Respected Madam,

It is stated with due reverence that, I have not been issued the cheque of my two month salary i.e. November & December till now. I left the organization a month ago because of my marriage, and as per company’s policy I informed the management a month before my resignation. Moreover, I have fulfilled all the requirements and obtained clearance letter as well. It is requested that please issue my pending salary, because I have to go out of station in couple of days. I hope that you will consider my request on priority basis. I shall remain grateful. Thanks and regards.


Name: ———-
Contact: ————–

Request Letter for Payment of Pending Salary

The HR Director,
Standard Norm Bank.

Subject: Request letter for Pending Salary Payment

Respected Sir,

It is stated with respect that, I have been a diligent employee of this organization and was working here from 2015 to 2017, a span of three years. I was on medical leave with pay for the last two months and I have applied for it through the proper channel. Unfortunately, for my treatment I am getting out of country and for this purpose I resigned the job. I want to request that please provide me with the pending salary of last two months which I didn’t receive on account of my poor health. Please make sure the working on it should be as soon as possible because my flight in within few days. I shall be extremely obliged. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,

Roham Hamar

Application for Requesting Pending Salary

Respected Sir,

This letter is to inform you that I have been doing internship in this organization for two months and due to my dedication and passion towards the work. CEO of this company allotted me job for the receptionist. It has been two months to my job as a senior receptionist but my salary of two months is still pending. I have gotten this position by passing all requisite tests and interviews. It is my humble request that please issue me salary cheque. Please consider my application and resolve my issue. I will be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours Truly,


Sample Request Payment Letter

Pending Payment Letter. Sample letter format of requesting balance/on hold payment. Payment request letter. Customers who prefer black and white in their lives and calculated in their mindset. Such persons demand on hold payment from their respective bank accounts.

Letter for Requesting Payment

The Manager,
Elite Bank private limited,
Texas, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting balance/on hold payment

Respected Sir,

With due humility and respect it is to state that, I am Mr. Desai Shoran. I am holding a bank account number 0981-7899044467752 of this bank from last three years. Excellent services have been provided to me from your end in the last few years.

The reason I am writing this application is that I want on hold balance statement of my account so that I can pursue the on-going project of mine with ease. I am filing a return and it is required by tax practitioners. Kindly provide me the required statement as soon as possible, but within 15 days. I will be very thankful to you for this act of goodness.

Yours truly,

Mr. Desai Shoran,
3 rd November, 2017

Requesting Credit Limit Increase Letter

Sample letter format of requesting increase in credit limit. Increase  credit card limit is necessary when one is in need of huge sums and for financial investments. This format is a good nut for those who enjoy the words of proposals in writing an application.

Request Increase of Credit Limit

The Operational Manager,
State Bank Private Limited,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Requesting increase of credit limit

Respected Sir,

I have a business account in your branch and am obliged to enjoy all the services provided from yours end. Staff work and attending customers is perfect. The reason I am writing this letter is that I want to increase my credit limit of daily basis. I am running a business and there are many expenses that occur daily. Currently my limit is 2lacs, but my day to day expenses have been increased so
I want you to increase my limit to 10lacs. Kindly approve my request. I will be very thankful to you.

Yours Truly,

Ms. Tina Taro,
3 rd November, 2017.

Sample Legal Letter for Payable Pending Bills

Sample legal letter for payable pending bills. Legal proceedings are vital in carrying out the financial matters in a crystal clear streamline and no body wishes to approach the court for settlements of the issue, but negative attitudes demands its application and compel the person to implement it on the guilty. This format can help out the individuals seeking for legal letter.

Sample Legal Letter for Payable Pending Bills

Mr. Dickers Hawkins,
Coffee Beans Associate Company,
Austin, United States of America.

Subject: Legal letter for payable pending bills

Respected Sir,

It is to certify that Mr. Tom Hey had delivered pure and dry coffee beans in packages of 500 quantity on 30 th August, 2017 to above stated company in care of Mr. Dickers Hawkins, who is the legal owner of this company. According to the contact duly signed by both the parties, it is stated that the buyer will come up the desired and settled price of $700000.00 for the packages. In the treaty, it was also noted down that the consignee is liable to pay extra dollars in case the fixed amount is not handed over to him on time. The date of handing over the Demand Draft was 30 th September, 2017 and the aforestated amount is still in pending.

In the light of law, Mr. Dickers Hawkins is now by rule should pay the amount in ten days from this date, otherwise strict legal action will be carried out against you. We suggest your prompt compliance with this treaty so to avoid further summons of the court regarding this matter. With this letter, all the necessary documents are attached as solid evidence on the part of Mr. Tom Hey. We will approach you after ten days in connection to this matter of payable pending bills. We expect positive words and attitude from you now onwards.

Best Regards,
Mr. Martin David,
Legal Lawyer from Finance Court,
1 st October, 2017.