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Application for Bill Installment

These are sample application formats for installments of utility bills like electricity, gas, water, cleaning, etc. Application for Bill Installment of electricity.

Application for Bill Installment

The Sub Divisional Officer,
Delhi Electric Company,

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that I am a proletariat, belong to a working class of society. I earn my bread by giving 20 hours to two different jobs. It is very difficult of me to pay electricity bill in one installment. Therefore, it is my request to you to please convert my full bill into three installments so I can easily pay it. With all different responsibilities on my head of big family, it gets very hard sometimes to go on with daily life. As my daughter’s marriage is also approaching soon so the burden on me is already very much. I am doing everything to make my family run. I hope you address my request as soon as possible. Your cooperation would be very beneficial for me as my financial status does not allow me to pay bill in one go. Kindly, process my application soon and don’t put it in hold. I will be very thankful.

Mr. Ayeushman Kapoor,
Bill reference No.03018

Application for Bill Installment Sample

The Sub Divisional Officer,
Delhi Electric Company,

Dear Madam,

I am Mr. Jetoi Khanna from Delhi district. I work as a government employee in a regular government firm. I am the sole earner of bread in my family. I do not have sufficient amount of money to pay my electricity bill in one installment.
Therefore, it is my plea to you to convert my bill into three installments. My employment of government is the only job my whole family is depended upon. In the current situation of high inflation rate of everyday good has made things more strenuous. I do not have any assets to protect myself or my family from the collapse of this precarious financial situation. Sometimes we have hand to much situation and the existence seems burdened. I am just explaining that how difficult is for the poor to sustain in the world of today, where everything is very expensive and out of hands. I expect cooperation from your side.

Thank you.
Mr. Jetoi khanna,
Bill reference No.03018

Application for Bill Installments

Dear Mam,

This is notify that, i am not able to pay my full bill due to some financial problem. Kindly allow me to pay my bill in 3 installments. I will be very thankful to you if you would understand my problem.

Thank you in advance.



Sample Legal Letter for Payable Pending Bills

Sample legal letter for payable pending bills. Legal proceedings are vital in carrying out the financial matters in a crystal clear streamline and no body wishes to approach the court for settlements of the issue, but negative attitudes demands its application and compel the person to implement it on the guilty. This format can help out the individuals seeking for legal letter.

Sample Legal Letter for Payable Pending Bills

Mr. Dickers Hawkins,
Coffee Beans Associate Company,
Austin, United States of America.

Subject: Legal letter for payable pending bills

Respected Sir,

It is to certify that Mr. Tom Hey had delivered pure and dry coffee beans in packages of 500 quantity on 30 th August, 2017 to above stated company in care of Mr. Dickers Hawkins, who is the legal owner of this company. According to the contact duly signed by both the parties, it is stated that the buyer will come up the desired and settled price of $700000.00 for the packages. In the treaty, it was also noted down that the consignee is liable to pay extra dollars in case the fixed amount is not handed over to him on time. The date of handing over the Demand Draft was 30 th September, 2017 and the aforestated amount is still in pending.

In the light of law, Mr. Dickers Hawkins is now by rule should pay the amount in ten days from this date, otherwise strict legal action will be carried out against you. We suggest your prompt compliance with this treaty so to avoid further summons of the court regarding this matter. With this letter, all the necessary documents are attached as solid evidence on the part of Mr. Tom Hey. We will approach you after ten days in connection to this matter of payable pending bills. We expect positive words and attitude from you now onwards.

Best Regards,
Mr. Martin David,
Legal Lawyer from Finance Court,
1 st October, 2017.

Sample Apology Letter for Error in Billing

Sample  apology letter for error in billing. Customer care centers are constructed in every big and organized shopping mall in order to facilitate their customers. Any type of issue related to any product can be catered there in time for prompt and further procedure and error in billing is one such issue. This format can help the persons who faced this bewilderment after reaching the home or seeing the bill.

Sample Apology Letter for Error in Billing

Cataula Fordham’s Company,
California, United States of America.

Subject: Letter of apologize for error in billing

Dear Teddy,

It is to inform that I want to apologize for some errors in your bill and I have received your letter in which you mentioned that you had purchased an entire stock of football kit including socks, joggers, football, net, gloves, jumpers, shorts and the shirts. We had recently offered flat 50% sale on the all sports items and you purchased the things from our sale week and the other household things which you have added out of the sale items. I have gone through the whole list of items provided by you and inspected the issue by myself. I even notify that issue to my high ups for timely action so that other customers like you would not face such problem in future. According to my inspection, everything you mentioned in the letter of complaint was right.

I am really sorry for this inconvenience ad assure you that it will never happen in the future to come and not only with you but with all the customers. There was some issues in software due to which your bill was made on fixed prices rather on sale price tags. Our system read them as whole and couldn’t differentiate between the sale and the actual priced items. We apologize for this mistake. Kindly come to our customer care and kindly bring your bill receipt. If any unpleasant state encounters you feel free to inform us via text message on 098-765542- 900-00. Thank you.

Mr. Cruise Ted
26 th August, 2017